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20483: Programming in C# Training


Visual Studio



Course Description

20483: Programming in C# Training is developed to help professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to build Windows application with the help of C# language. This technical course teaches the foundations of the C# program structure, implementation details, and language syntax. Check out the Enterprise Training program, which is perfect for organizations and companies. It introduces the various technologies and techniques employed by enterprise applications and modern desktop. Throughout the course, students will learn to create classes, implement, and define interfaces, and use generic collections. It helps in utilizing inheritance to build a class hierarchy, create generic classes, and extend a .NET Framework class. From building a graphical user interface with XAML to integrating unmanaged libraries into a C# application, this course covers all the essential elements.

This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant 20483C.

  • Describing features and core syntax of Visual C#.
  • Creating methods, handling exceptions, and describing large-scale applications’ monitoring requirements.
  • Implementing essential elements and the basic structure of the desktop application.
  • Creating classes, defining, and implementing interfaces, and creating and using generic collections.
  • Using inheritance to extend the .NET Framework class and to create hierarchy class.
  • Using input/output file and streams to read and write data, and serializing and deserializing data in various formats.
  • Creating and using entity data models to access databases and using LINQ for data query.
  • Using types in WCF Data Services and System.Net namespace to Access and query remote data.
  • Using XAML for building GUI.
  • Using asynchronous operations and tasks to Improve throughput and applications response time.
  • Integrating dynamic components and unmanaged libraries into a Visual C# app.
  • Examining types metadata using reflection, creating, and using custom attributes, generating code at runtime, and managing assembly versions.
  • Using asymmetric and symmetric encryption to encrypt and decrypt data.
Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for developers having C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Java or Visual Basic programming experience and they understand core concepts of object-oriented programming. The course is not recommended for people new to programming but those familiar with the programming environment and want to further their skills.

Course Details
  • Start Date: May 03, 2021
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Skill Level: Foundation
  • More Schedules: Click
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1547
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