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Introduction to Microsoft project 2016 equips you to enter and organize the line tasks diligently, work with resources, create project calendars, and create basic reports without any hassle. For new aspirants in the tech world, this course polishes their fundamental skills necessary for working the program. We line up the Microsoft Project 2016 course such that it allows users to create and manage basic projects, work on a project calendar, and effectively use the resource sheet for project resources.

With this technical training course, students can learn to access project 2016 user Interface and recite the creation of Projects exclusively. It can generate better business or job prospects with an amplified online learning experience. Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016 focuses on imparting instructor-led online training primarily to amateurs in Microsoft Project, our Enterprise' training adds value to the company workforce.

This training is designed based on the objectives of the course variant 55180A.

Who should attend this course?

The primary audience for this training are new students who want to sign up for this Microsoft Project training. Additionally, professional’s regards to any field or students can participate in this program.

What you will learn

  • Creating essential reports for your project
  • Managing and creating simple projects.
  • Managing and entering tasks.
  • Managing and adding project resources as per the project sheet.

With Microtek Learning, you’ll receive:

  • Certified Instructor-led training
  • Industry Best Trainers
  • Official Training Course Student Handbook
  • Pre and Post assessments/evaluations
  • Collaboration with classmates (not available for a self-paced course)
  • Real-world knowledge activities and scenarios
  • Exam scheduling support*
  • Learn and earn program*
  • Practice Tests
  • Knowledge acquisition and exam-oriented
  • Interactive online course.
  • Support from an approved expert
  • For Government and Private pricing*

* For more details call: +1-800-961-0337 or Email: info@microteklearning.com

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This module explains how to identify the components of a project and map a project. It also explains the sample projects used throughout this course.

  • Project Components
  • Mapping a Project
  • Exercise: Mapping a Project
  • Sample Projects Used in This Course
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify components of a project.
  • Map a project.
  • Understand the sample projects that are used in this course.
  • This module explains how to get around in Microsoft Project 2016.

  • Starting Project
  • The Ribbon
  • Exercise: Understanding the Ribbon
  • The Backstage View
  • Exercise: Open and Save a Project
  • Exercise: Enter Project Information
  • Tour of the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Exercise: Add and Delete Commands from the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Basic Formatting
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Start Project 2016.
  • Understand tabs, groups, and commands on the Ribbon.
  • Hide the Ribbon.
  • Enter project information.
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Use basic formatting in Project 2016.
  • This module explains how to work with Calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Project Start Date
  • Exercise: Set the Project Start Date
  • Creating a Project Calendar
  • Connecting a Calendar to a Project
  • Formatting the Timeline to Match a Custom Calendar
  • Exercise: Create and Link a Project Calendar
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • How to set a project’s start and finish dates.
  • Change a project calendar.
  • Format the timeline of the Gantt chart view.
  • This module explains how to work with tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  • Creating a Task
  • Entering Durations
  • Exercise: Enter Tasks and Durations
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Exercise: Set a Task to Manual Scheduling
  • Milestone Tasks
  • Exercise: Add a Milestone Task
  • Linking Tasks
  • Exercise: Link Tasks
  • Adding Notes to Tasks
  • Exercise: Add a Note to a Task
  • Add a Calendar to a Task
  • Exercise: Add to Your Map
  • Exercise: Practice of Topics covered in Lessons 1 to 4
  • This module explains how to create and work with resources.

  • The Resource Sheet
  • Exercise: Enter Work, Material, and Cost Resources
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Exercise: Assign Resources to Tasks
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Add resources to a project.
  • Assign resources to tasks.
  • This module explains how to manage a project using Microsoft Project 2016.

  • Viewing a Project
  • Reviewing and Making Adjustments to a Project
  • Exercise: Review the Project
  • Setting a Baseline
  • Viewing the Baseline
  • Exercise: Set and View a Baseline
  • Recording Progress
  • Exercise: Record Progress
  • Reporting on Projects
  • Exercise: Create a Report
  • Sending Data to Excel
  • Exercise: Send Data to Excel
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Use different way to view a project.
  • Review and make adjustments to a project.
  • Set a baseline.
  • Update a project.
  • Create and format reports.
  • Send data to Excel for analysis.


    I was sceptical at first whether to enrol with Microtek Learning or not, however, I am glad that I did- I got everything that was promised (maybe more). The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable and with his effort and mine, I was able to clear the exam with ease! Keep up the good work everyone.



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    I'm really impressed with the storytelling skills of the instructor. She makes the session exciting by keeping things simple and easy to understand.

    Prince N.


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    I was recommended the ITIL 4 Foundation course by an IT professional who had completed the same course at Microtek Learning. The training gave me a thorough understanding of service management that I felt I could take back to my job as an IT Project Management and apply it to improve the value of products and services.

    Marsh George


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    • Duration: 2 Days
    • Enrolled: 1365
    • Price: $ 1150
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