Custom Courses at Microtek Learning Solutions

Microtek is the world's best providers of IT Training courses. Microtek enables students to learn on their own terms. Our trainers have extensive onsite experience and bringing this experience into the classroom enables students to learn real world solutions, enabling them to deal with real world problems.

Including IT Training courses into a current project allows the instructor to customize the material based on the project executed. This allows flexibility in training that matters rather than general concepts or examples that may not be applicable to the current situation or project. In brief, Microtek offers its students with customized courses so that they can manage their classes with other important tasks that they might have.

Our training courses are designed to give our students the training they need in the most effective and efficient manner possible. These customized courses take place wherever you might be at your own convenience. The training utilizes your training space along with the equipment required for it, provided by you. We will customize a course for you that is lecture based, hands-on, or a combination of both.

At Microtek, we offer a variety of training modules and delivery styles that provide distinctive solutions tailored to our client's specific learning requirements and budgets. With Microtek's e-learning platform, our clients can have the following benefits: