AWS Developer Associate Certification




About the Certifications

This AWS Developer - Associate authenticates technical expertise in maintaining and developing applications on the AWS platform.

Skills covered in this certification:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts of AWS uses, services and hands-on practices with AWS architecture.
  • Validate efficiency in deploying, debugging, and designing cloud-based application utilizing AWS.

Who Should Attend?

This certification is intended for professionals having an Intermediate level of experience as Software Developers.

Skills Measured

  • Minimum two or more years of hands-on experience in deploying and maintaining an AWS cloud-based application.
  • Familiarity in one of the HLL programming language.
  • Deep understanding of core AWS utilization, basic concepts, and services for AWS architectural practices.
  • Efficient in debugging, developing, and deploying cloud application utilizing AWS.
  • Capability to utilize AWS services likewise AWS CLI, SDKs and APIs to write about the applications.
  • Capability to identifying key modules of AWS services.
  • Learning about common AWS responsibility model.
  • Learning about application lifecycle management.
  • Capability to utilize CI/CD pipeline for deploying the application on AWS.
  • Capability for user interaction and utilization with AWS services,
  • Capability in applying fundamental basic knowledge of cloud-native applications for writing codes.
  • Know how to maintain, author and debug code concepts on AWS.
  • Efficient in writing code for serverless apps.
  • Brief-knowledge of the utilization of container in the advanced process.

Certification Latest Updates

The AWS Developer - Associate is valid for three years. Professionals need to renew their certification before it expires. Renewal of certification supports an overall value of previous AWS training. The recertification for AWS symbolizes that you have the latest AWS skills, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on practices.

AWS Developer Associate Certification Courses

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