AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification




About the Certifications

This AWS Solutions Architect- Associate is designed for professionals working as Solution Architects and having one years of hands-on experience in fault-tolerant, reliable cost and scalable distributed systems on AWS.

Skills validated by this Certification

  • Efficiently validates your understanding of how to deploy and architect protection and robust applications on AWS technologies.
  • Elaborating about a solution by utilizing fundamental based architectural design principles as per the customer needs.
  • Provide execution guidance built on top observes to the association throughout the working of project.

Who Should Attend?

This certification is intended for Solution design engineers and Solution Architects. Although, if anyone having in-depth interest in cloud architectures can sign up for this certification.

Skills Measured

  • Recommended knowledge of Amazon Web Services and AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials.
  • Required minimum one year hands-on experience designing accessible, reliable cost, scalable distributed systems on AWS.
  • Good hands-on experience in utilizing network, storage and other database AWS services.
  • Hands-on experience with AWS management and deployment services.
  • Capability to define and identify technical need for AWS based application.
  • Capability to identify about AWS services that meets within a technical requirement.
  • Good understanding of best practices for reliable apps and building secure applications on Amazon Web Services platform.
  • Knowledge of basic fundamental architectural principles building on AWS.
  • Good knowledge of network technologies as these are relevant to AWS.
  • Understanding of the AWS global infrastructure.
  • Good knowledge of security tools and features as AWS provides information relevant to other traditional services.

Certification Latest Updates

The amazon web services certifications are valid for three years. In order to maintain the AWS status, you must be required to intermittently validate your continual expertise by certification renewal.

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification Courses

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