Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Earn a Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, has grown significantly in recent years. Businesses love Azure’s hybrid adaptability, which means a lot of IT professionals are required to earn a Microsoft Azure certification. The top 10 benefits of obtaining a Microsoft Azure certification are revealed in the following paragraphs.

1. Career Flexibility

You can choose from a variety of career paths if you have a certification for Microsoft Azure training. You can work as a developer, a cloud architect, or  a solution architect. The qualification enables you to work in a range of industries and locations.

Due to the advantages they receive in terms of networking, storage, and computing, businesses across all sectors are moving to the cloud. You can get employment in a variety of professions in sectors including healthcare, entertainment, and banking with a Microsoft Azure certification. Additionally, there are numerous certified Azure professionals employed in nations such France, United States, UK,  and others.

2. Pleasant Salary Package

An authentic Azure certification demonstrates that you possess specialized technical abilities as opposed to general skills. Compared to other technical professions, certified cloud specialists are likely to enjoy greater reputation.

The average annual income for Azure Developers is predicted to be $136,768. An Azure Architect makes an annual income of $152,879 on average. By completing extra courses and elevating your Azure professional status, you can increase your compensation.

Keeping in mind that compensation can vary among nations and businesses, the average annual salary for an Azure specialist can range from $40,914 to $172,170.

3. Quick Learning Procedure

For certifications, Microsoft Azure offers a clear learning methodology that promotes rapid learning. It’s not necessary for you to master every Azure tool. Other simple-to-learn tools include Hadoop, Eclipse, and Xcode. As a result, new users may get acclimated to the platform and utilize Azure services without any difficulty.

You can use online textbooks, video tutorials, university courses, and other study materials to prepare for the Azure certification exam. The best way to learn practical information, nevertheless, is through experts.

4. Reduced IT Costs

Azure offers thorough cloud infrastructure interoperability between data centers. The whole infrastructure of small and medium-sized organizations can therefore be hosted in the cloud.

You may lower IT expenses in your business as a certified Azure specialist by efficiently expanding and managing hosted assets. In addition, skilled personnel can cut expenses in crucial areas including power usage, the designing of new software, and the upkeep of information security systems.

5. Higher Security Standards

Microsoft Azure certifications open the door to more robust security options, such the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). For your Azure applications, SDL guarantees total security and protection. Azure is also regarded as a legitimate and trustworthy cloud provider by the European data protection authorities.

Azure has privacy-protecting measures that are in line with the ISO 27018 international standard. Organizations can now concentrate on development and other business-related factors without worrying about security thanks to the standard. You can protect your data with the knowledge you get with the Azure certification.

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6. Evidence of Commitment

It exhibits your capacity for commitment because you have to go through a lot to become certified in Azure. You must enroll in a course, do your homework, and pass all of the examinations in order to receive a certificate. This suggests that you are committed to advancing your career goals over time and that you have the ability to devote time and resources to reaching a goal.

Among the traits that employers most value are commitment and determination. Your certification may make you more distinctive.The Azure certification can also be helpful if you contrast how well you performed in job interviews with other candidates who have comparable work experience. Certified individuals are typically preferred by employers.

7. Support for Enterprise Agreements

The Microsoft enterprise agreement offers discounted prices for equipment and software in exchange for a commitment to a specified level of spending. In general, your discount increases as you make more purchases.

Enterprise agreements offer discounts ranging from 15% to 45%. A minimum commitment of 500 new users or devices is required for corporate organizations. You can find employment with a business that benefits the most from this agreement as a certified Azure professional and take use of the cheaper tools and services.

8. Professional Growth

Every day, there is more demand for Azure services. A strong foundation for professional development is provided by many certification types. For solution experts and developers, these certificates cover a variety of topics. More than six million governmental organisations also use Azure cloud services. This implies that you are also eligible for employment with a government agency.

9. Enhancing DevOps Skills

Candidates who already have some foundational understanding of Azure are eligible for a DevOps certification from Azure. For the Azure DevOps engineer expert certification, there are two possible applications.

The candidate must hold an associate-level certification in either Azure administrator or Azure developer. Beginners must pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test first. You cannot, however, automatically get certified as a DevOps engineer after passing the certification requirements. Gaining experience is a prerequisite.

10. Increasing your capacity for artificial intelligence

Professional Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers are in extremely high demand, and this demand is rising incredibly quickly.This has resulted in a considerable demand for AI engineers that are accustomed to working on Azure.

To become a certified Azure AI engineer, you must complete a certification exam that assesses your knowledge of Azure and AI. The test should be taken by skilled AI developers who want to build AI solutions on Azure. The certification exam will assess your knowledge of speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, and bots.

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An excellent motivation to earn an Azure certification is the rising need for careers in cloud computing. Additionally, it may open up more favourable job prospects for you in other fields and locales. The certificate also provides a variety of professional development opportunities that can assist you in reaching your objectives. You should now have a better understanding of whether you require an Azure certificate or not.

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