6 Reasons Why You Should Be Microsoft Azure Certified

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Why Microsoft Azure Certification

Cloud computing is redefining the way we do business. According to the recent report by the year 2020, the IDC (International Data Corporation), investments in cloud computing can hit around $203.4 billion. Therefore, we cannot undercut the exponential growth witnessed by the cloud arena in the modern era. The three names Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform are the notable players in this arena that have made a mark with their unique offerings. Today, cloud technology has been widely acknowledged by analysts and companies in the current market. So, the requirement to pursue certifications in the Cloud Platform is observed in high demand.

Among all, Azure has put its place at the forefront of this rising trend, making the certification and training courses wonderful option for both persons and large, small, and medium corporations.

Microsoft Azure is the most updated weapon and acts as the forefront of this growing trend, making its certification and training the perfect choice for both corporations and individuals. In short, Microsoft Azure certifications are the most demanding ones in the current cloud computing opportunities market.

What is Microsoft Azure? What You Need To Know

Formerly referred to as Windows Azure, it is the second-largest cloud service provider. It offers a bunch of solutions, counting storage, compute, networking, and analytics. It is completely compatible with free or open-source technologies and even offers tools that support each sector -- counting e-commerce, finance, IT, healthcare, government, retail, and other Fortune 500 companies.  As a top-level cloud computing platform, Azure also functions as an online portal that can be effortlessly handled and access a range of resources and services that Microsoft offers.

Individual users, Companies, and IT employees love MS Azure for uncountable reasons; mainly it is one of the most adaptable cloud platforms available.

Are Azure Cloud Certifications Worth It?

Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, predicts that around “80% of all enterprise (and mission-critical) workloads will shift to the cloud-based technologies by 2025”. In reality, the exponential growth of cloud computing is outpacing the entire IT industry growth. The chief reason behind the rapid acceptance of cloud computing is due to its ease of access and cost-effectiveness. It is no secret that Azure is gaining popularity and has turned out as the most reliable and confided cloud platform in the industry. Microsoft Azure competes directly with other cloud platforms from Google and Amazon and has managed to build an admired reputation among users.

Not just an organization can gain benefits by opting Microsoft Azure; however, can significantly increase a person’s chances of getting employed in the cloud domain. Regardless of the experience and training, an applicant with Azure certification can make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is what you will get after getting certified:

  • A massive number of opportunities in the market
  • Supreme crossover capacities
  • Grounded knowledge and skills

What Stats Say?

The prospects for Azure certified applicants have multiplied drastically in the past few years, on account of the growing demand:

  • According to Microsoft, over 1,000 new users are signing up for MS Azure every single day. It means that 365,000 new enterprises are adopting MS Azure yearly!
  • Azure has got official recognition from the government of the UK.
  • 80 % or more Fortune 500 companies is grabbing benefits of Microsoft Cloud, yet, undoubtedly MS Azure draws the brightest position.
  • Because of Azure, commercial cloud revenue of the leading Microsoft company has jumped by 104%, with an annual run rate of USD 6.3 billion in returns
  • MS Azure is being used by more than 57% of companies that comes under Fortune 500 companies.

Statistic of Public CLoud Adoption 2017 vs 2016

Do Azure Cloud Certifications Expire? 

Yes, Microsoft has changed its certification plans in the last few decades. Now all the Microsoft Azure certifications expire, within 2 yrs—which is even shorter than Amazon’s AWS now,”

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Top 6 Reasons You Should Get a Microsoft Azure Certification

1. Highly Efficient Cloud Computing Tool

Microsoft Azure is a highly effective cloud computing tool and is equipped to handle most of the traditional tasks to design, deploy, and manage platforms. The effectiveness of a cloud platform like MS Azure is best determined by answering the subsequent questions:

  • Does it support the Ops part of Dev/Ops?
  • Does it add worth to a great app development project?
  • Does MS Azure with PowerShell console integration?

Microsoft Azure is overall a great platform meeting all these requirements require for the satisfaction of millions of customers worldwide.

2. Offers Flexibility Career Options

When pursuing a career in cloud technology, Microsft Azure certifications play a significant role and provide flexible career options. The career path in Azure has so much more in store than one could even imagine! As companies have already moved their work process to cloud computing, folks will get ample opportunity to build a great career in this field.

The job roles like AI engineer, cloud administrator, security engineer, developer, solutions architect, DevOps engineer, and data engineer are immensely demand a cloud computing certification now. Cloud Computing delivers a massive range of rewards to the certification holder. After earning a Microsoft Azure certification, you can easily choose a career in managing, developing, and executing cloud in distinct sectors like banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, or government. 

3. Liable for Lucrative Salaries

One of the core reasons to consider MS Azure certification is that as an azure certified professional, you would be liable for better salary and recognition. According to the ZipRecruiter top recruiter agency’s salary report, the average Azure Developer remuneration is estimated at USD 132,148 annually. Whereas, the average Azure Architect Salary is around USD 148,772. As per Neuvoo.com, on an average the Azure security engineer’s salary can be the US is $136,500 yearly or $70 per hour.

4. A Valuable Asset For any Company

With proven expertise and experience in Microsoft Azure, you could be a very vital asset for any company.  In short, the type of cloud certification supports the advantage of profitability from the Azure platform. Moreover, using the pay-as-you-go feature, you can support and aid your company to manage IT costs and extra other set-up costs.

Comparing to other cloud offerings, Microsoft Azure delivers a comprehensive association between the cloud and on-premises data centers, chiefly SMEs can take advantages of hosting their business infrastructure completely on the cloud.  Adding up Microsoft Azure certification in your experience could aid you to keep pace with current technical roles and requirements. 

5. Leveraging the Compatibility with .NET Platform

Microsoft wanted to offer a value-added cloud computing solution for their users where their present apps and also the modern age app can function jointly hand in hand with solo cloud, i.e. MS Azure. The Azure certification could easily support compatibilities with the .NET platform and hence, can be highly advantageous for developers and IT managers.

This is one of the core advantages that Azure can offer but not their competitors like AWS, Amazon, and other vendors. You can also check out Microsoft Azure support to run varied open-source technologies like Java, PHP, and Linux. Thus, it is a great choice to learn this skill through training and also understand the exceptional solutions that are offered by the Azure cloud platform. Just by upgrading your skillset and earning certification you can implement new procedures in the development phase and build highly secure and safe apps.

6. Improved Security Standards

You can gain access to improved security offerings with the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification. Microsoft Azure delivers one of the high-tech security protocols and tools referred to as SDL (Security Development Lifecycle). It guarantees complete safety and protection for the Azure’s apps and hosted services.

Azure Cloud by Microsoft has also achieved an ISO 27018 certification (the international standard for cloud privacy), for cloud confidentiality. Therefore, companies are focusing on developing their apps and other business facets, rather than worrying about the data and user’s security on Azure. Hence, getting the Azure certification can help you become a market leader in cloud computing. You can easily learn about all the security measures and protocols for the protection of critical data.

What are Azure certification courses offered by Microtek Learning?

To align certifications with the most modern trending job roles in the field and make the certifications more industry-centric, Microsoft crafted role-based Azure certifications highlighting on the different job roles in the cloud domain such as Cloud Developer, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Solutions DevOps Engineer, and Cloud Architect. However, there are a series of examinations to gain the utmost skill set and credentials in this sector.

Microtek Learning is a renowned technical training & certification provider that offers industry-based, well-structured training courses in Azure certification. As Microsoft's Trusted Learning Partner, Microtek Learning helps you thrive in the rapidly growing world by empowering your critical skills gaps through MS azure learning courses and certifications.

Why Microtek Learning for Azure Certifications?

  • Global Delivery Capabilities
  • Good partnership with Microsoft
  • Unmatched services
  • Access to customize and multiple training methods
  • Boosts organizational ROI
  • All Certified Instructors

Complete Overview of Azure Certification

Microtek Learning with well-designed Microsoft Azure technical training courses offers deep insights into Azure fundamentals, developing MS Azure and web services, executing infrastructure solutions, and operationalize Cloud-based Analytics solutions. Check out the latest role-based Azure Certification path.

1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Suggested Training

Explore the Examinations

2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

4. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Suggested Training

Explore the Examinations

  • AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  • AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design
  • Readies students for both AZ-300 and AZ-301

5. Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

6. Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

7. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

8. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

9. Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

10. Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

11. Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty

Suggested Training

Explore the Examination

These training courses will guide you to clear the respective Azure certification examinations and put you one step closer to become an expert in the Azure cloud platform. To know more, you can also check out Azure training course at Microtek Learning.

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Flaunt your expertise with Azure Certification

In a nutshell, the rising demand for MS Azure in the cloud computing field is sure reasons to opt for MS Azure certification. This certification can create a solid portfolio if anyone seeking for growth and better career opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an Azure certification, flaunt your expertise, and give your career a new edge through a certification recognized by the industry. Check out Azure Training courses now!

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