7 Reasons Why Cybercriminals Are Targeting Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is no doubt one of the vast industries in the market and it is not vital for its life-saving services, but it is also one of the leading industries in the capital. So, it is evident that everyone would lay their eyes on the healthcare industry. Do you know that healthcare organizations are now increasingly prone to online attacks?

Yes! You are reading it right. The healthcare industry is at risk today. The cybercriminals are now threatening day-to-day work. They are targeting the confidential patient data to manipulate them. And use them for their profit.

According to the latest news report, the healthcare industry’s cyber attacks have increased by 45% since January 2021. It also noticed that ransomware, botnets, remote code execution, and DDoS attacks. 

Further, the primary reason why the healthcare industry is being the easy target is, healthcare staff have no time to educate themselves about cyber fraud/online attacks. Many of the healthcare industries are also using an outdated system. And these outdated systems are easy to hack. So, this is why most of the healthcare organization becomes an easy target for cybercriminals.

However, there are many more reasons that state why healthcare is being targeted. Here in this study, you will learn about why healthcare is becoming the new target.

1. Patient Information Is Very Precious

As you must be well conscious about the new fact that data is the new precious thing, and many well-known digital players are making hardcore profit by selling these data. So, when it comes to data, hospitals have a plethora of it. Now, you must be querying how hospitals become an enormous well of data. 

Well, hospitals are sitting on the mountain of data. They have data like medical records, social security numbers, credit card details, and many more. Isn’t it a treasure for hackers? All the online fraudsters seek for these data to sell them in the black data market. They are also using the credit card details to apply for credit card loans or to buy items.

This is one of the significant purposes why online cybercriminals are targeting healthcare sectors.

2. The Healthcare Industry Indulges A Broad Attack Surface

Another reason why the healthcare industry is now disposed to attacks is its broad attack surface. Well, that implies the hospitals have numerous devices where you can find data. For example, a bank has only one device to steal the data: a computer. But when it comes to hospitals, you get various equipment and devices that make it easy to steal the data.

Hospitals use devices like dialysis machines, heart rate monitors, digital pacemakers, mobile applications, and many more, so bypassing any devices will offer you access to all the data. So, this is why hospitals are one of the major targets of cybercriminals.

3. Healthcare Industry Using Outdated Systems

Next on the list is the outdated system. Yes! Using outdated systems is another major reason why they are under attack. The report that shocks the most is about 76% of the hospitals still using windows 7 systems.

Well, most of you must be aware of the fact that Microsoft would not be providing any security patches for windows seven now. So, using these outdated systems will make you more exposed to cybercriminals. And the worst part is most healthcare organizations are not updating their systems in fear of service disruption.

4. Limited Training Opportunities

This is also a primary reason why healthcare is at risk. Although all the medical staff are well-trained in healthcare, they lack awareness about cybersecurity. If you want your healthcare organization to be safe against attacks, you need to train all your staff.

All medical staff operating behind devices must understand phishing, social engineering, and many more. Further, the medical staff must get extra training to know everything about cyber threats. But as you know, most hospitals always focus on their core operations. And that is saving lives. So, they don’t get enough time to get training.

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5. Remote Accessing Of The Data Opens Up The Channel For Cybercriminals

Working with teams is what a hospital is known for. Several teams synchronize with each other to exchange patient reports and offer adequate treatment. And these patient reports are precious as they include valuable data in them. Further, to offer seamless service, the teams in hospitals access data from remote.

That means they exchange the data via computer programs. And as these programs are outdated, the data can be easily stolen during the transition. You can conclude that less security and remote access are a major reason why the healthcare sector is at risk.

6. The Digitization Of Health Records

No doubt digitization of health records is one of the most revolutionizing inventions. It helps a patient to get treatment for disease seamlessly. With digitization, now patients don’t have to run here and there with their medical reports. However, digitization of data is also beneficial for cybercriminals. 

As online criminals are more active with digital data, they haunt a place with more digital data exchange. And hospitals are the banks of digital data. They share patient information with doctors and practitioners to offer easy treatment. By using these opportunities, the cybercriminals steal digital data. So, this is why healthcare firms are prone to cyber-attacks.

7. The Medical Staff Doesn’t Want To Disturb Their Convenient Work Practices By Learning New Technology

As you know, most healthcare firms are using outdated technology, and the reason behind it is that medical staff don’t want to learn about new technology. Well, most of the healthcare staff are more comfortable in using what’s comfortable for them. And they don’t want to switch to new technology. Further, hospitals are also thinking switching will disrupt their work.

So, this, as a result, is making the healthcare industry more prone to data theft. So, you can say this is also one of the primary reasons why the healthcare industry is an easy target.

Keeping it short, these are seven primary reasons why healthcare is an easy target for cybercriminals. Further, healthcare industries are the most vital part of society. Any problem can cost lives. So, every healthcare firm must adopt new technologies along with their life-saving services.

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