9 Benefits of Using Training Videos for IT Companies

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9 Benefits of Using Training Videos for IT Companies

In this digital era, video-based learning is becoming increasingly popular. Many companies, especially IT companies use this video training as an effective medium for improving their human resources through training and development programs.

Training videos are targeted training content used to increase employee knowledge on a specific topic. This method is proven to help improve the quality, consistency, speed, and effectiveness of employee training.

So, this modern way of learning has not only saved costs but also upskills employers. There are many more benefits of training videos that can improve your employees' skills and help your company grow.

Here is a list of nine advantages of using training videos for IT Companies:

1. Training videos simplify a complex concept

The delivery of video-based material is more comprehensive because it is equipped with narration, text, and images. These three elements can make your employees more quickly understand a concept or technology skill. 

Especially if you are a company engaged in IT, many complicated terms and concepts of modern IT technology are difficult to explain. For example, the idea of blockchain technology is not easy to understand for most people. 

You can include cryptocurrency videos in your video based-learning to simplify the complex concept and give you more compelling visuals for memories. The brain perceives better when it combines sound, images, and text. So it's easier to remember and understand. 

2. Videos keep cost-effective 

Video-based training and learning are more cost-effective for all parties in many ways. Employees can learn to improve their skills independently by watching presentation videos, tutorial videos, and explainer videos from YouTube for free.

In addition, the company does not need to spend a lot of money to hire trainers or experts and prepare offline properties. Employers also don't need the time and cost of transportation to go to the office.

So, this training video is proven to be able to improve your skills without having to spend a lot of money. You can also save the material for viewing by the next generation without losing consistency in material, content, effects, animation, etc.

3. Training videos engage better

It's no secret that videos are a great way to engage with your employees. It is because videos convey material in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

According to research, 75% of employees enjoy training with videos more than other methods such as reading books or web articles.

In short, if you want to improve the skills of your employees efficiently, you must use a way that is more memorable, fun, and easy to digest. One of them is through video training.

4. It is highly accessible

Imagine how difficult it would be if you had to collect a hundred employees at one time and in one place. Therefore, training videos have come by to save your businesses in having a more efficient and effective training and development program. 

Training videos give you easy access to materials anywhere and anytime. So even with 100 employees, you can still organize and provide materials evenly without spending time and money.

5. Videos boost work productivity

Without using video training, it may be difficult for your employees to divide their time with the work they must complete on the same day. It can reduce the productivity of your employees.

Therefore, video training provides a more efficient solution in providing material without delaying or disturbing your employees' work. How could it be?

Leveraging video for a training program that allows your employees to stay at home without bothering their work activities. They can watch videos whenever they have free time, meaning no work time is wasted.

6. It increased retention

Beside it's good for your on page SEO, when you invest in providing training programs for your employees, you will expect that they learned and remember the materials clearly. Unfortunately, according to a study, employees tend to forget the materials that they received from the training. 

However, it comes up differently when you deliver the material with videos. Employees tend to memorize it easily through engaging visuals and easy-to-digest explanations.

7. Videos can be easily shared

In addition to the effectiveness of training videos in delivering material and being accessible, videos are also very easy to share. 

After you use your training video to deliver the material in the program, you can share it on social media as interesting, informative, and useful educational content. It can also be another way to engage with your customers besides using product videos

So, they will effectively reach employees and people outside your company. It also gives many people the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the long term.

8. Videos are memorable

This is one of the most important features when you learn to use quality training videos. Whatever you are learning becomes easier to remember and lasts longer in your brain's memory.

This video-based learning with high-quality graphics tends to encourage your brain to remember what you see and learn more. This is very useful for those of you who are trying to improve your work skills.

In addition, you can also repeat it repeatedly as needed. This can certainly help you remember certain material more easily.

9. It offers constructive feedback

When you provide training and development programs, providing feedback to employees at the end of the program session is an important thing to do because it helps employees gain new knowledge and skills.

You can provide constructive feedback and positive affirmation opportunities to your employees through interactive training videos. How does this method work? You can prepare various scenarios that are relatable to your audiences, and after that, a series of questions follows. 

If your audience gets it right, you can appreciate it and add a little bit of your perspective. On the other hand, if they answer incorrectly, then you need to provide feedback so that the audience gains new knowledge.

This is believed to be an effective way of exploring the potential of your audience and helping it to grow. So, if you don't or have not used training videos, you'll more likely to lose this opportunity to help your employees grow.


Training video benefits are almost endless. You must use training videos to train your employees because training videos offer engaging visuals and easy-to-understand explanations which tend to keep the materials memorable to the employees. 

This is something you have to invest in to experience the many benefits mentioned above. So, it's time to use a new method to help your business grow by improving your human resources.


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