Ace in the AI world with Microsoft Azure

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AI world with Microsoft Azure

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is the ability of the computer to perform tasks that are typical characteristics of humans.

  • AI enables computers to learn from mass amounts of data while interacting and responding more naturally with the world.
  • With AI, computers can now see with computer vision capabilities to interpret the world visually through video and images. 
  • They can listen, translate, transcribe, and interpret written or spoken language.AI computers carry out a dialogue through chat and speech, known as conversational AI and, they can understand relationships between people, things, places, and events. 
  • It automatically enables them to detect unusual activity in a system, personalize recommendations for an individual, and much more.
  • AI had limited researchers and institutions, but with cloud AI services and tools, now every developer can leverage AI to create innovative applications that solve complex problems and enhance customer experience.


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  • Microsoft Azure Training aims to empower individuals to use AI in applications regardless of skill level and develop on your terms using tools and languages of your choice.
  • The research team at Microsoft has made significant breakthroughs in the AI category of vision speech and language. They were the first to reach parity with humans for tasks like object recognition (2016), speech recognition (2017), machine translation (2018), conversational QnA (2019), and recently image captioning (2020).


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  • These advancements are not just academic, but the customers are also taking advantage of them. Microsoft has provided industry-leading AI models that have been tested at scale and provide enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability for your most mission-critical applications.
  • Microsoft infuses AI in many products like facial recognition via windows hello and real-time transition while speaking in PowerPoint presentation. 
  • It has advanced threat detection across multiple products. Azure AI has helped create a billion PowerPoint designer slides, deliver six million personalized experiences per day on Xbox and transcribe 10 million hours of speech with Microsoft teams.
  • Azure provides an uncompromising commitment to responsible AI. Microsoft does not use customer data to train their models and, they make sure that the data privacy is always protected.
  • At every step of research Azure makes sure that they provide a stage of impartiality, clarity, security, and privacy for their users.
  • Azure provides best privacy control and AI components. They also provide the most advanced certifications of any cloud services. Along with the certifications they offer tools and resources that help you understand and control the AI product at every stage of innovation.

Azure AI portfolio has options for every developer whether they are looking for a pre-built AI model, advanced machine learning capabilities, or no-code development experience.

Azure Cognitive Services:

It provides a broad range of platform to customize AI models on the market. Azure were the first in the industry to develop AI services for the human parity in computer for vision, speech and, language.

Azure Cognitive Services has four core categories:

  • Vision
  • Language
  • Speech 
  • Decision

You can also customize AI models using your data without machine learning expertise. 

Vision Model:

Vision AI models enable your apps to identify and analyze content within images and videos embedded into your apps to help label content, extract printed and handwritten text and, recognize objects. A custom vision model can be created for a specific domain and scenario simply by uploading and labelling a few images. An example of this is GE Aviation which uses Azure Vision to convert handwritten and printed documents to digital format.

Language Model:

The language model is used to build AI model that can understand languages and create languages as per the user requirement. So that it can easily interact with bots, humans, applications and IoT devices.

 You can also translate text in real-time over 70 languages to support translations for call centers, multilingual conversational agents, and more. You can take advantage of key phrases and text to perform sentiment analysis so you can understand customer perception.    

BBC uses the Azures Language AI model to understand services to help their virtual assistant to understand user requests.

Speech Model:

It helps to combine human speech into applications and programs. It saves time by transcribing speech to text, whether you are cataloging customer service calls or creating a voice-enabled virtual assistant. Translate speech in real-time and build custom models to translate terms specific to your business. It has to leverage over 110 voices to build applications that can speak naturally or customize a voice unique to your brand.         

Motorola Solutions emergency responders gain faster access to crucial information through a voice-powered virtual assistant.

Decision model:

It enables you to make smarter decisions faster. It creates safe and positive user experiences with content moderation capabilities. The model can detect and filter potentially offensive or inappropriate images, text and, videos. Deliver personalized experiences for every user of your website or applications with models that improve over time-based on user behavior and build apps that can help you identify potential problems before they happen. Airbus uses the Azure decision-making AI model in containers to help identify potential with their satellites.

  • These cognitive services are powerful building blocks for adding AI applications. Microsoft gives access to the AI builder that provides a no-code experience to train and develop models.
  •  It is integrated into applications within the Microsoft Power Platform for solutions like chat bots and AI-powered search. Microsoft has provided an advanced AI builder which allows scenarios specific AI services such as:
    • Bot Service
    • Cognitive Search
    • Form Recognizer
    • Metrics Advisor
  • Azure Machine learning enables you to quickly, build, train and deploy machine learning models with experiences for all skill levels ranging from code to a drag n drop no code experience.
  • Azure AI provides services that empower all developers to responsibly and easily build mission-critical AI-powered solutions.
  • Microsoft is now providing the Azure AI Fundamentals Training program which gives you the foundation for the development of the Artificial Intelligence model.

Microtek Learning, a certified Microsoft Partner provides you with Microsoft certification and training along with Azure AI certification.

For acquiring this training you do not require a prerequisite certification. If you are interested in AI and want to check out various pre-build facilities with Azure, this is must-have training for you.

From a careers perspective, many companies out there are automating their daily functionality. Companies are now turning towards AI and they require individuals with AI knowledge.

So, get trained and certified with Azure AI fundamental training and open a door of great opportunities.

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