Which Cloud Certification Suit You The Best For 2022?

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Best Cloud Computing Certification in 2022
  • Cloud computing has become an essential part of the world today. In this era, it is hard to find a system today that does not depend on cloud services.

  • Workflows in companies and organizations are built completely or partially on it as it is proving to be sustainable, scalable, and profitable to the businesses.

  • As per the research from Cloudwards, every year there is about a 35% increase in cloud services and infrastructure globally.

  • There are various cloud services in the industry today which are providing the cloud infrastructure into the real world. Among all the cloud providers Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud are some of the eminent cloud service providers in the industry today. 

Microsoft Azure is one of the booming cloud platforms globally. It provides services like Machine Learning, DevOps, Blockchain, and networking. This product is highly useful for individuals who want access to Microsoft services and products.

AWS or Amazon Web services are the most used cloud platforms globally which provide about 165 services. Some of the services which it provides are Storage, Data Transfer, and EC2 to millions of customers worldwide. Amazon web services are designed to serve security-sensitive organizations and focus on Cloud Security.

Google Cloud provides a combination of services that are available in AWS and Microsoft Azure. It provides services such as Networking, Storage, Database, and operations. It is a cloud service that is provided by Google. It provides services like IoT, Machine Learning, networking, and storage

  • As cloud services are highly secure and scalable many organizations are on the lookout for professionals who are skilled and certified in Cloud Computing. 
  • But when you are beginning your journey as a Cloud professional, it can be overwhelming to choose the right certification as per the industry requirement. 

In this article, we have tried to showcase a few Cloud Computing certification training which you can aim for in 2022 and take your first step towards a Cloud professional.

Cloud Computing

Some of the certifications are listed below from Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

1. AWS Associate:

Any individual, who is willing to start their journey with AWS Cloud services, can opt for this course. It is a foundation level course that gives an overall understanding of the AWS cloud services.

You get a clear idea about cloud management and security. Also, you understand various work roles related to the cloud services present in the industry which are in demand.

2. AWS Solution Architecture:

AWS has designed this certification to develop a skill for solution architecture. Solutions architecture is responsible for deploying web applications and securing them. Skills that help design and build cloud-based solutions are explained in the certification course. This certification also gives detailed learning about migrating the existing work from on-premises to the cloud.

If an individual who is already having knowledge or any work experience with AWS cloud services can opt for this certification.

3. AWS Certified Developer:

This certification is for developers who are having prior knowledge and experience in AWS services. AWS Developer courses help you build cloud native applications along with deployment. It teaches the core services and architecture as well. This is one of the toughest certifications as compared to Associate and Architecture. It prepares for scenarios where you need to develop and set up a solution, maintains the workflow as per the company requirements, and monitors the cloud infrastructure of web applications.

If you have experience with software development this course can opt which will surely boost your career prospects.

4. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers alongside AWS. It is a flexible cloud service that can be beneficial from a start-up to a big company. The Azure Fundamental course proves to be a foundational base while making you understand the basics of cloud services.

This certification is a beginning for individuals who want to begin their careers as in Microsoft Azure. The foundational course explains the concepts of cloud computing along with explaining the Azure cloud subscriptions.

5. Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate:

The Azure Admin Associate certification is for individuals who are into IT support and operations. It gives a great insight into administrator services like implementation, management and monitors cloud services like storage and security.

This certification can also opt by System Admins to enhance their career opportunities.

6. Azure Solutions Architecture Expert:

This is an advanced course and suits best to experienced developers, programmers, and DevOps engineers. On completion of this certification, you acquire skills to design and implement Azure Cloud Solutions.

You can avail of the AZ-303/AZ-304 course for Solutions Architecture.

7. Google Associate Cloud Engineer:

This cloud service has been now used by many startup companies as it has the potential to work with Machine Learning and Big data.

Completing the Associate Cloud Engineer course will help with deploying web applications and monitoring operations. You also gain knowledge to configure access and security.

8. Google Professional Cloud Architect:

This certification is similar to AWS Solutions Architect.

Acquiring this certification will provide an important role in the organization where one can design, develop, deploy and manage web applications.

9. AWS Sysops Administrator:

This certification can be acquired by individuals who is having at least one year of experience in AWS services. A Sysops Administrator looks after the services required and controls the data flow.

Sysops Administrator certification suits best for people with IT support backgrounds and for the ones who work as System Admins. It is inclined towards infrastructural service.

10. AWS Architect Professional:

This certification can be noted down as an expert level certification.

It is having a great demand in the cloud market and is highly recommended to professionals having expert cloud knowledge.

It teaches designing and deployment of scalable web applications of the AWS servers.

Which one to choose?

  • This is the list of all the possible certifications you can acquire from some of the best cloud providers in the market. It only depends on your choice now, whether you are interested in Microsoft Azure, 
  • Amazon Web Service, or Google Cloud. As Cloud computing itself is so much in demand in the current digital world, getting certified and finding your expertise in any of the courses will surely be beneficial.
  • Plus it totally depends on what type of organization you are aiming for or what they are expecting from as an expert. There are multiple companies and organizations that work on multiple cloud services in sync as per the client's requirement.
  • So having knowledge of more than one cloud service provider can always come in handy and be beneficial from a careers perspective.

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