Course Update: MS-040T00: Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 Training is no longer available


Microsoft regularly updates its training and certification criteria to keep up with the technology and industry trends. Recently Microsoft declared that MS-040T00 Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 Training will be valid until January 31, 2022.

About MS-040T00 Training Course

It is a replacement course for MS-300T01 & MS-300T01, which retired on August 31, 2020, and now MS-040 course is going to be retired on January 31, 2022. With this training, professionals will learn how to plan, manage, and configure the SharePoint site, and having the skills of SharePoint and OneDrive professionals will refurbish the content life cycle. Mainly this course discusses the modern structure of the SharePoint hub site.

Duration of this Course

3 Days (Lecture & Lab)

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About Re-certification

This certification has twelve months of expiry date. If you take the renewal test during the last six months of the certification period, you can recertify yourself. The renewal test is free, and if you can’t do so by any chance, you have to start from the beginning and retake all the required exams to earn the certification.

What are the Prerequisites for MS-040T00?

  • Fundamental knowledge of Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Knowledge of operating systems and mobile devices and know-how to manage these systems like Android and macOS
  • Experienced with Microsoft 365 services
  • Essential understanding of IT procedures and PowerShell

At MS-040T00 Course Completion

  • Configure the storage capacity of your site
  • Supervise the storage limit of your site
  • Install the OneDrive sync client
  • Utilization of Group Policy to handle One-Drive sync client settings
  • Execute exterior data transferring in One-Drive & SharePoint
  • Managing the details of the user profile
  • Control your audiences
  • Utilization of App Catalog to supervise custom apps.
  • Handle term groups, term sets, and terms
  • Differentiating between classic and modern search experiences

Who should attend the MS-040T00 course?

IT professionals who are interested in installing and managing Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive in their association.

MS-040T00 Curriculum

1. Plan & Configure SharePoint Sites

  • Overview of Microsoft 376 SharePoint
  • Installation of SharePoint sites
  • Operate your SharePoint sites

2. Manage and Configure OneDrive

  • OneDrive summarization in Microsoft 365
  • Install One-Drive
  • Operate One-Drive

3. Sharing and Security in OneDrive & SharePoint

  • Oversee permissions for SharePoint site
  • Supervise OneDrive and SharePoint sharing
  • Supervise OneDrive and SharePoint security

4. Manage User Profiles & Apps

  • Handling user profile
  • Handling apps

5. Plan & Configure Metadata & Business-Connectivity

  • Creation and configuration of Metadata 
  • Creation and configuration Services for Business Connectivity

6. Plan & Configure Search

  • Create a search strategy
  • Configuration of search engine 

Note: MS-040T00 Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 Training will be retiring on January 31, 2022.

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