Course Update: WS-050T00: Migrating Application Workloads to Azure Training is no longer available


Microsoft declared that the WS-050T00 Migrating Application Workloads to Azure course would be retired soon. You can take this course until January 31, 2022.

About WS-050T00 Training Course

This training course helps you understand how to migrate workloads and assets to the cloud, particularly the Azure platform. Professionals will learn how to evaluate the on-premises circumstances in practice for migration cloud. Along with this, you will also learn how to observe and optimize Azure workloads to maximize ROI – return of investment and usage of Azure services to operate your apps, data, and virtual machines.

Duration of this Course

2 Days (Lecture & Labs)

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About Re-certification

This certification has twelve months of the expiry date. If you take the renewal test during the last six months of the certification period, you can recertify yourself. The renewal test is free, and if you can’t do so by any chance, you have to start from the beginning and retake all the required exams to earn the certification.

What are the Prerequisites for WS-050T00?

  • Professionals must know storage systems, virtualization, Procedure system, networking, cloud infrastructure, and Azure IaaS infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of technologies (on-premises) like virtualization, VMs – virtual machines, virtual hard disk, and virtual connectivity
  • Knowledge of configuring networks such as DNS – Domain Name System, TCP-IP, VPNs – Virtual Private Networks, the technology of encryption
  • Knowledge of Active-Directory includes domains controllers, forests, Kerberos protocol, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
  • Stability and disaster recovery such as backups

At WS-050T00 Course Completion

  • At every stage of Migration, determine the appropriate tools & services.
  • Help you choose the resource and technology needed for each step in the process of Migration.
  • Learn and evaluate applications that will be transferred to Azure
  • Usage of app mapping & changes to obtain a complete image of an environment’s healthiness
  • Use of Azure and on-premises migration 

Who should attend the WS-050T00 course?

It is for professionals who are accountable for creating, controlling, and executing the instalment of on-premises credentials to Azure or imitating VMS Azure to Azure location.

WS-050T00 Curriculum

1. Deploy, evaluate, and migrate to Azure

  • Cloud Migration- Corporation encouragements, plans, and results
  • Examination and Discovery

2. Preface to Data-Migration

  • Data-Box of Azure
  • Migration of Data-base

3. An Overview of Data Migration

  • Summary of Azure Server Migration
  • Agentless Migration with the use of VMware
  • Agent-base Migration with the help of VMware
  • Secure workloads of Migrates
  • Data-center are using Migration Factory

4. Azure backup and recovery management

  • Summary of Azure Backup
  • Execute Azure IaaS Backup
  • Recover your site from Azure-to-Azure
  • Application of Disaster-Recovery

Note: WS-050T00 Migrating Application Workloads to Azure Training will be retiring on January 31, 2022.

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