Top 5 Cybersecurity Job Roles for EC Council Certified Professionals

Cybersecurity Jobs

Every organization is moving its activities online because of the rapid evolution to the cloud and a more digitized lifestyle. As a result, cybersecurity and IT professionals are highly in demand.

The most important responsibility of cybersecurity specialists is to keep online data safe. Cybersecurity jobs are complex, with many roles in government agencies, banks, and MNCs. Cybersecurity specialists protect a company’s data and network, install firewalls, create security standards, and monitor online activity. They can also detect and fix security flaws quickly.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Job Roles for EC-Council Certified Professionals

Some of the greatest cybersecurity certificates are offered by EC-Council. Following are the cybersecurity job roles for EC-Council certified professionals.

1. Ethical Hacker – An ethical hacker looks for potential security flaws in an organization’s network. They modify unprotected data to eliminate risks and improve the network. An ethical hacker’s job is to detect and remove any breaches or vulnerabilities to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to the network.

This position pays an average of US$ 103,036 per year.

The CEH v11 course from EC-Council can assist you in becoming a certified ethical hacker. This course will teach you the most up-to-date professional hacking tools, techniques, and strategies used by hackers and cybersecurity experts.

2. Digital Forensic Investigator – Forensic science includes digital forensics.  It includes gathering, researching, and analyzing digital data in order to obtain evidence that can be used in court. A digital forensics investigator looks into incidents involving unauthorized access to a company’s network and follows a digital trail to track down the culprit.

This position pays an average of $79,181 per year.

The CHFI course from EC-Council will help you become a certified digital forensic investigator. It provides a thorough knowledge of digital forensics by presenting a systematic and methodical approach to digital forensics and proof analysis focusing on the IoT, dark web, and cloud forensics.

3. Cybersecurity Network Defender – With this job role, you will be responsible for particular computer network defense activities like auditing, incident management, infrastructure maintenance, and management. You’ll also use a variety of tactics to identify and protect against criminal activity in cyberspace, as well as evaluate and respond to threats. Anyone who works in cybersecurity or network administration is qualified for this position.

This position pays an average of US$ 70,524 per year.

The CND course from EC-Council can help you get certified. This course teaches safe networking techniques, including analyzing and hardening computer systems, which are often used in today’s IT infrastructures.

Certified Ethical Hacker v12

4. Cloud Security Engineer – The knowledge of a cloud security engineer ensures the security of cloud-based systems and is essential to an organization’s data protection. It usually includes examining current cloud infrastructure and implementing new, more secure cybersecurity solutions. To prevent data breaches, these experts built up cloud server security settings. They also execute threat simulations in order to identify potential problems and vulnerabilities in the company’s cloud-based security procedures.

This position pays an average of US$ 96,965 per year.

The CCSE course from EC-Council can help you get certified. It combines cloud security principles that are vendor-neutral and vendor-specific. It also involves topics such as securing cloud services by implementing security norms and standards.

5 Chief Information Security Officer – This course creates and manages an information security system, which includes operations and rules, to protect firm communications, systems, and networks against attacks and vulnerabilities. The CISO may also manage disaster recovery and organizational continuation strategies, as well as procure cybersecurity goods and services. The CISO is also responsible for the company’s overall security, which includes personnel and equipment.

This position pays an average of $229,610 per year.

You can learn more about the CCISO course offered by the EC-Council. It acknowledges the practical skills required to advance in the field of information security management.

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