International Data Privacy Day 2021

By: Microtek Learning


Data Privacy Day


January 28th is an international Data Privacy Day! The motive of this is too spread awareness and promote Data Privacy protection best practices.

James Carder, sheds light on Data Privacy Day is so influential:

“Data Privacy Day serves as an important reminder for organization to acknowledge their shared responsibility for cybersecurity and effective protection across the whole business.”


Chief Privacy Officer at Avast, Shane McNamee said:

"It is important not be apathetic when it comes to privacy data and to regularly look how you can stay in control over your privacy and the personal data, even on social media and apps that we use every day."


Data Privacy Tips for Individual


Are you those people who are feeling a lack of control with their data privacy? Well, there is no better day than Data Privacy Day to act and make changes to improve your personal data. Data Privacy Day choose to follow these simple steps which will make a huge difference in protecting your data privacy:

  1. Update your software: Software on devices get out-of-date over time, and old software can contain bugs or settings that leak personal data. To reduce these privacy risks, check for updates or set them to update automatically. That is way you will always have the latest version.
  2. Create strong passwords: Make sure your passwords contain uppercase and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Creating long passwords and change them on a regular basis helps you to reduce exposure to privacy risks.
  3. Avoid scams: Avoid clicking on an email that seems suspicious, provides a sense of fear and urgency to manipulate a response, or comes from an unknown sender because in cybercrimes they change a minor detail in the email or URL to manipulate targets into thinking they are credible.
  4. Enable two-step authentication: Adds an extra layer of security in case your password is stolen. Taking an extra step to login is worth it over being hacked.
  5. Do not use public Wi-Fi: By using public Wi-Fi you are making it lot easier for hackers and putting your information at risk. Always use Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  6. Review privacy policy on third-party applications: Do research and see what people are saying about policy, if you are not sure what something means. And remember that once you accept the Term and conditions, then there will be no going back and reverse the information and data.


2021 is the time to take back our privacy! We at Microtek Learning celebrate Data Privacy Day to spread awareness on how to live a secure digital life. What steps are you taking? Comment your thoughts, ideas, or tips below.

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