Do You Need a Degree for an Entry-Level Job in Technology?

Entry level job in technology

Did a degree matter when it comes to getting an entry-level job? Did a degree say how much you can earn in your first job? Those questions are for the people interesting in joining the tech industry.

The importance of a degree is a contentious concern in tech. University says that having a degree is necessary if you want a job, but on the other hand tech industry embrace their workers who don’t have any formal degree. So, if you have the skills, you can land a job without any college degree.

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that he needed people to work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications at Tesla, and he didn’t mention anything about the graduation degree. He didn’t care about their education. They need a person who knows all the fundamentals skills or who can do the job.

When we analyze technology jobs, we see that most open positions request a BA. It’s a piece of good news for those who want a job in technology because it means you don’t need any advanced degree. But those who don’t have any degree have to make some extra efforts to prove that they have what’s it takes to do a job.

Now, the question of an hour is how much they can earn with or without a degree? Well, with a degree, you will earn more money but not that much money.  Check out this chart for more clarity:

What Entry-Level Tech Jobs Pay

Entry-Level Tech Jobs Pay

According to the report, 2020 saw significant growth in salary with some of the nation’s tech hubs, including Charlotte(13.8%, to $99,961 ), Detroit(7.7%, to $90,110), and Houston(7.1 %, to $99727).

If you don’t have a degree and are not even planning to get one, you can rely on entry-level tech jobs. If you are good with coding, add the link to your work resume (Github repo) and application materials. If you are good with making cool apps or websites, you have to show them as an example. They will test your skills on different levels, but if you are good, you can crack this and succeed.

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