Enhance the productivity of your employees by utilizing Microsoft Skills with Microtek Learning

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Enhance the productivity of your employees by utilizing Microsoft Skills with Microtek Learning


Microsoft-certified professionals have been proven to be 90 percent better at their job in their work and 60 percent better at their job than those who are not certified. They can make use of technology through the creation of secure and efficient solutions. Teams who have been trained and certifications perform better professionally and in terms of organization.

How do you ensure greater employee productivity, and ensure that their training provides the maximum rewards? The answer is to choose an all-inclusive, complete training partner. Microsoft Learning Partners are experts in ensuring that your staff has the knowledge and skills needed to face today's demands and future challenges by identifying skill gap to filling them in and making sure they are up to date.

The Microsoft has officially acknowledged Microtek Learning as the Winner of the 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Education and Training worldwide. The recognition is a huge boost for us as the No.1 Microsoft Learning Partner among the more than 3,900 nominees from more than 100 countries.

Microsoft Learning Partner - Microtek Learning Success Story

Being the Microsoft's Gold Certified Partner, Microtek Learning has assisted in the creation of innovative learning organizations at work by creating a smarter workforce, facilitating the implementation of changes and encouraging expansion. Here's one of our stories of success:

Many organizations counts on Microtek Learning to continue to climb higher within the Microsoft Clouds

Many organizations has been able utilize innovation to lower its operational costs, and has become one of the only two large U.S. organization to be profitable last year revealing profits of over $18 million in the quarter ending March 2021. This is achieved through the organizations determination to boost employee productivity and to promote a culture of continuous learning which is built on the base of partnership and collaboration with Microtek Learning.

Over 5,000 plus companies were supported through Microtek Learning in 2021-22 with Microsoft training and certifications.

How Microtek Learning Help Increase Employee Productivity?

Microsoft Learning Partner helps organizations discover learning opportunities that meet the exact requirements and outcomes they require to get from the program. A group-wide learning program helps people achieve their objectives, boost their performance, improve the productivity of employees and their engagement and help them move forward in their career. This is precisely the kind of thing that Microsoft Learning Partner - Microtek Learning does. We ease the burden on your and your team through managing trainers across multiple locations, making sure that the curriculum is aligned and coordinated, as well as monitoring and managing the progress of the program.

Microtek Learning has helped over 80 percent of Fortune 1000 firms and helped more than 14,000 companies and 150,000 professionals meet their goals through an experienced and skilled experts in learning with vast knowledge in the field. Through the official Microsoft education offered with Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), Microtek Learning fills crucial knowledge gaps, boosts productivity of employees, and allows for seamless implementation, deployment, and consumption.

Microtek Learning Microsoft Training features that help boost productivity for employees include:

* MCT – Microsoft Certified trainers

* Interactive sessions with real-world scenarios

* Microsoft training using official courseware

* 180-day access to a vast virtual lab

* 365-day access to instructor-led class recordings

* Access to Learner Portal

* Free repeats are available.

You can get 24/7 priority support


Microsoft Learning Partner - Microtek Learning is a complete solution to help create an experience that fulfills the specific business goals of your company by enhancing employee productivity. We provide you with one source, a real partner who has the ability to organize and provide all the services your team requires and help you understand the larger process and the individual experiences within it. Therefore, become part of the achievement as well help your team start with this Microsoft Skilling journey with Microtek Learning now!

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