Know All About Exam MB-260: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty


Microsoft has announced a new exam called Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty, and its goal is to track customer data. If you earn the MB 260 Certification, your talent might be recognized, and you will have many more job opportunities. Clearing this exam means you’re specialized in insight development from customer profiles and tracking engagement activities to improve customer experience and boost customer retention.

Basic Skills Measured in MB-260 Exam

  • 5-10% – Plan Customer Insights solutions
  • 10-15% – Ingest data into Customer Insights
  • 20-25% – Design customer profiles by unifying data
  • 10-15% – Execute AI predictions in Customer Insights
  • 15-20% – Configure measures & segments
  • 10-15% – Configure third-party connections
  • 5-10% – Administer Customer Insights

To pass the exam, you’ll need 700 marks

The exam cost is the US $165

MB 260 Exam Prerequisites

You should have experience in Microsoft Power Platform, Customer Insights, Power Query, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, and one Dynamics 365 app. It would be a plus if you had hands-on experience with security, privacy, consent, compliance, data retention policies, and AI.

You should also be familiar with data retention, visualizations, KPIs, validation, matching, segmentation, preparation, fragmentation, augmentation, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Data Factory.

What are the benefits of taking the MB 260 Exam?

By clearing this MB 260 Exam, you’ll become a Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Associate. You should consider taking this exam for the following reasons:

  • You’ll learn how to plan client insight solutions and how to ingest data into client insight.
  • You’ll learn how to design separate client profiles using the provided data.
  • You’ll learn how to implement the AI predictions in client insight.
  • You’ll learn how to configure segments and measures.
  • You’ll be needed to configure third-party associations.
  • You’ll also assist client insight.
Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Associate

After clearing the MB 260 Exam, What Job Roles Will I Get?

Once you clear the exam, you’ll become a Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Associate.

Below are the job roles you can apply for:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Functional Consultant

Is there any other certification that can help me?

Suppose you are a professional with knowledge, skills, and expertise in developing solutions that offer insight into client profiles and tracking engagement actions to enhance customer retention and understanding. In that case, this MB-260 certification exam is a perfect choice. There are some other certifications also if you want to comprehend the subject matter:

  1. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals – CRM
  2. Dynamics 365 Fundamentals – ERP
  3. Power Platform Fundamentals

How to Prepare for the MB 260 Certification Exam?

You should work as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant on a Customer Insights Project for practical skills and knowledge. You can also become a member of the Dynamics 365 community or learn from Microsoft’s Learning Path.

You can also learn from the expert trainers through instructor-led training programs like Microtek Learning’s MB 260T00 Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Training

Why Should You Prefer Microtek Learning?

Microtek Learning is the learning platform for various certifications and exams. They are an authorized training partner with Microsoft, and they provide certified and experienced instructors to help you with real-world problems and prep you for the certification exam.

You can rely on Microtek Learning if you want to pass the certification exam in one go.

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