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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is gaining popularity, with 24% of the demand in the Second Quarter of 2023.>

The demand for Azure experts in the IT markets has increased in popularity. Most organizations need Azure administrators, artificial intelligence specialists, programmers, and highly skilled individuals to increase productivity.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-performing platform, offering cloud services, analytics, networking, and storage.  It’s like an effective computer network.

Importance of certification in Microsoft Azure

Before we dip into the best Microsoft certifications, let’s note the certification’s importance shortly.

Showing the Azure certifications that you are good in many things like data analytics, AI, cloud infrastructure, and more. You will have a strong understanding of Azure concepts, tools, and best practices.

Azure talent is a demanding skill that increases market value with Azure training and certification.

When you get your Azure training certification, you can get the desirable positions in the organization.

Top Microsoft Azure Certification with Training Programs

Azure Fundamentals [AZ-900]

This certification is for people who are just starting with Microsoft Azure and need to gain much knowledge. You will learn about cloud computing, Azure services, security, and how to figure out how much it costs.

The AZ-900 examination comprises approximately 40 to 60 questions, which must be answered within a timeframe of 85 minutes.


  • Your fundamental knowledge of cloud computing can be strengthened with AZ-900 certification. Also, starting with Azure basic AZ-900 is an excellent way to start before getting the associate-level certificate. 
  • Having received Microsoft Azure fundamentals can assist in identifying the specific topic that piques your interest. To become a Master of It, you should choose it as your specialization.
  • Certified in Azure A-900 helps you learn more about cloud computing and make your company more secure because you know the latest features.
  • After completing the fundamental certificate, you can unlock the associate-level certificate. But before you can move on to the associate-level exam, you need to have clear fundamentals, which can be gained with a fundamentals certificate. 
  • Clearing this certification makes your journey easy in landing a high-paying job.

Job And Salary Range

With this certification, you will choose your career in 

  • Azure Administrator
  • >Cloud Support Associate
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Support Engineer

Global Knowledge reports that people who got the Azure Fundamentals certification made an average salary of $126,653.

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Microsoft Azure Administrator [AZ-104]

This certification helps you learn how to use Azure resources like virtual networks, storage, and virtual machines. It teaches you how to set up, manage, and keep track of them.

The AZ-104 exam has 40 to 60 questions; you must answer them in 120 minutes.


  • Users can improve their management of virtual machines, networks, storage, and other resources within their cloud environment by utilizing AZ-104. This improves efficiency, reduces costs, and makes people more productive.
  • The authentic AZ 104 training demonstrates that you possess specialized technical abilities instead of broad abilities. People who know much about cloud technology will probably get a better reputation than other technical people. 
  • The high degree of security offered by AZ-104 is another plus. The platform has robust security features like firewalls, encryption, managing identities, and detecting threats to keep your information private.
  • The AZ 104 exam teaches you how to be a cloud or an architect. The certification also allows you to work in various industries and locations.
  • AZ-104 helps businesses become more flexible by making digital changes faster and simpler.

Job And Salary Range

The salaries can vary based on skills, location, and company size, but the average annual salary for an Azure administrator with AZ-104 certification ranges from $70,000 to $120,000.

Azure Developer Associate [AZ-204]

Suppose you have at least one year of experience developing cloud solutions. In that case, this certification exam will teach you how to design and build solutions for enterprises using Azure cloud services, such as applications as a service.

The AZ 204 exam lasts 120 minutes and contains 40–60 randomly selected questions in various application scenarios, programming codes, and true/false.


  • The AZ-204 certification is for developers who want to learn more about Azure. After receiving this credential, you can apply for jobs requiring these skills. The salaries for such positions are very high. 
  • This certification covers the following skills: deploying ARM, implementing Azure RBAC, and building AKS clusters.
  • 95% of Fortune 500 enterprises use Microsoft Azure services, which means there are several job opportunities in the market.
  • The need for Azure experts is increasing as more and more companies shift to Microsoft Cloud. With Microsoft Azure Certification, you can show that you are an expert.

Job And Salary Range

ZipRecruiter shared that the average Azure Developer Associate makes about $138,264 annually. This is a very high salary in the IT industry.

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Azure DevOps Solution [AZ-400]

The Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution Training is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to design a DevOps strategy. This technical course covers much information, such as dependency management, continuous feedback, and application infrastructure.

AZ-400 examination has around 40 to 60 questions, which you must answer in 150 minutes.


  • Design a DevOps strategy
  • Implement DevOps development processes
  • Implement continuous integration
  • Implement continuous delivery
  • Implement dependency management
  • Implement application infrastructure
  • Implement continuous feedback

Job And Salary Range

Azure DevOps professionals entering the field can start with an average annual salary of $117,000, while those with more experience earn up to $160,000 annually.

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Even if you don’t get the perfect job, it’s essential to take Microsoft Azure training style=”color:#0e101a”> to show recruiters and companies that you care about your career. Having considerable Azure certifications makes you more appealing to employers.

In conclusion, investing in Azure training and certification is an excellent choice for people who want to learn new technology, skills, and careers in cloud computing.

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