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Overview of Google Analytics & AdWords


With Gen Y completely dependent on technology for everything in their life right from ordering food, shopping for daily essentials, fashion and every other item that is available online, businesses have started buying and selling online to make profits. With competition being tough from all ends, today most of the companies have created their own website to promote their wares. All said and done, just the creation of a website without any marketing is not going to be enough.  To understand just how your website, you need to know the number of people visiting the site and completing a transaction like registering self on the site or buying something from your company. This tracking concept is termed conversions. However, a conversion does not always mean sales, sometimes it can be considered a stepping stone towards a sale. To keep track of conversions we now have many tools like Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Ads etc. 

Google Analytics

To put in simple terms, it is a platform provided by Google to look into your website traffic. At end of the day, every Social media marketing activity is going to bring results to your website only. Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you an idea about your website like how many people visit your website and out of them how many are your actual followers who affect traffic, which is the most popular pages of your site, about your content etc. They are nothing but lines of JavaScript code that is connected to your analytics account and are inserted in your website to keep track of various activities about visitors to the site. 

How do you track conversions with Google Analytics?

  1. The first step is to create a Google account if you do not have one.
  2. Just as you use the Google Drive or Google email accounts, you need to sign in on the Google Analytics account.
  3. Once you have signed in the Analytics account, the next step is to fill in details of your website like Website Name, your URL, Your Industry code and Time Zone (Country based).
  4. Next tracking method needs to be chosen i.e. you would like the conversion rates of your website or mobile phones.
  5. After you put in all of your details, the user needs to create a Tracking ID by clicking that option on the screen.
  6. The last step is to accept the terms and conditions of the Google Analytics.

Once the above steps have been carried on, the user can see the new tracking ID as well as the Analytics tracking code in their Analytics account.

How to set up conversion Goals with Google Analytics?

Once we track the conversions, companies also need to learn to set up goals with Google Analytics certification training. Now, what are these conversion goals? They allow you to check total user communications on your website i.e. conversion goals are set when the user performs an action like downloading a form or clicks any button on your site. You can choose four different types of goals descriptions –

  1. Destination – This goal is chosen for the pattern in which you want to view your page wise conversions or screen wise conversions.
  2. Duration – You can come to know details of time spent by each user on any page of your site.
  3. Pages/Screens per session – You can know the user time on a single page or screens on the website.
  4. Event – All information about user downloading any data from the site or submitting any details will be provided here.

After the description, Goal details need to be filled in and submitted to create a conversion Goal.

Benefits of Google Analytics Training

Learning Google Analytics is proving to be beneficial for entrepreneurs as well as individuals. It proves to be successful for a business due to the following factors

  1. Free of charge – You need not pay for this service, no matter whatever facilities you choose from the options given.
  2. Info on visitors – When combined with SEO, it is the most effective marketing tool. It gives information about the visitors like their locations and also keywords that are most frequently used to access your websites.
  3. Individual Page access is more – It gives you details about any single page that is being hit several times or about several other popular pages, in particular, depending on the people choice.
  4. Details of what user is searching on your website – In case of numerous visitors going through your sites, but no conversion happening, companies get to know what their website is lacking and can rectify the problem to actually make the visitor convert into leads
  5. No Maintenance required – As it is a facility offered by Google, they take care of enhancing the facilities offered. 

For an individual willing to learn Google Analytics

  1. People want to make a career in the field of Digital Marketing.
  2. Marketing professional working online wanting to furnish their skills through latesct technologies
  3. Digital Marketing professionals can help businesses attract the crowd.

Along with this, you will learn to create real-time, audience, acquisition and behavioral reports and track your campaigns. Talking about analytics, you must also check out our compilation of Google Analytics certification and training

Google AdWords

Your website is ready and launched in the markets and you want to know the conversion rates. Apart from Google Analytics, we have another tool knows as AdWords or Google Ads. The main differences between the two are that Google Analytics is a free platform and AdWords is a paid one. It is an advertising tool that helps advertisers bid on their keywords and these advertisers have to pay for each click on the keyword. Google helps you by showing the keywords that are actively searched to help conversions. Users are shown ads on their screens with the keywords they have been searching to attract them towards your site and increase traffic. 

How does AdWords work in conversion tracking?

To set up an AdWords to your website,

  1. You need to sign in the AdWords account through Google account.
  2. Next User will have to select Conversions you want to track like a website, app, phone calls, and
  3. import (this allows to take phone conversations from various other sites),
  4. Choose a conversion name and category for which you want this conversion for like Purchase/Sale, Sign up, Leads, View a particular page or something else specific.
  5. Last, since it is a paid form, you need to add value for each conversion you have added.

How to install Conversion tracking pixels

Once the above steps are completed Conversion tracking pixel needs to be installed to your site and we have two types

  1. Global Snippet - that can be placed on all pages of your website and it remains the same on all pages even on pages where there are no conversions.
  2. Event code - that is used to track all types of conversions to report back to you with full details. Changes as per what you need to track. If you want to track different types of conversions event code is best as it creates unique codes.

Benefits of Google AdWords Training

AdWords has brought about huge benefits for companies and brings in faster results for generating profits and it has recently introduced many new features that would bring in results in the long run.

  1. Helps brand awareness – AdWords make people aware of you as a brand. Your brand is advertised when people search for using keywords. Since they are search ads, it appeals to people in a better way.
  2. Target larger Audience – Since Google keywords are used in these ad campaigns, they reach a wider audience irrespective of locations, time, language.
  3. Works faster than an SEO – Irrespective of SEO and Google Ads using search engine strategies that generate more leads, AdWords works much faster as it focusses on various keywords at the same time and visibility factor is more.
  4. Remarketing -     You might have had customers who have just been browsing your sites, without creating traffic. Remarketing is a way to attract those people with their previous search keywords.
  5. Measure the money spent- Normally companies spend lots of marketing without keeping a track of the same. However, AdWords allows you to keep track of your expenditure on marketing due to cost based on the number of clicks.

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Benefits of linking Google AdWords and Analytics 

Linking AdWords and Analytics help advertisers in lot many ways since it provides useful data for ad campaigns. Google Analytics as we have discussed helps us to keep track of information of people who use the websites and Google Ads emphasis on getting more users to the site. While businesses use both they can analyze various things like conversion rates of ads with analytical data.

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