How to become an AWS Certified Developer?

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Become an AWS Certified Developer


Amazon is known to offer everything to its customers. An extensive array of online certifications is also proposed by Amazon, which can prove to be a booster in your professional career. Organizations all over the world are using Amazon’s cloud products and therefore, if you acquire these skills, it can benefit your IT profession. The AWS Developer course will aid you in becoming a cloud guru. With this certification, you will be able to enhance your methodological skills where you will learn to develop cloud applications on the AWS platform. In addition to this, you will also gain knowledge of the process of executing cloud security best practices.


The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Developer certification will enable you to perform cloud related tasks. You will learn how to write codes, implement application testing and security, design scalable applications and you will also develop the expertise with significant components of the AWS platform like Dynamo DB, Cloud Formation and Elastic Beanstalk. Following are the other skills that you will learn after completing this certification:

  • You will be able to recognize the salient features of the core of the AWS technologies that are used to make server less applications
  • You will be able to demonstrate expertise in deploying, debugging and developing on the AWS
  • You will be able to deploy elastic cloud solutions, in specific
  • You will be confident in basic PHP and Python code in order to manipulate the AWS environment
  • Deploying, troubleshooting and building serverless apps in the AWS, would be taught to you
  • Familiarity with the interaction AWS and use of  its features like AWS CLI, SDKs and APIs, would also be taught
  • For optimal performance, you will be able to configure AWS security
  • You will learn about VPC route 53 SDK CLI

Apart from this, the other main technologies that you will be familiar after this certification are:

  • Cognito
  • S3
  • IAM
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • KMS
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • X-Ray
  • Kinesics
  • CodeCommit
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CodePipeline
  • CodeDeploy
  • Dynamo DB

The step by step process

To become a certified AWS Developer, you need to study for the exam. Passing this certification will open avenues for various opportunities and other professional-level courses and certifications. Follow this simple guide to pass your certification exam:

Step 1: Prepare a draft for your exam. Write down about your strengths, weaknesses, and work accordingly.

Step 2: You must give special attention to understand the concepts of AWS.

Step 3: After you have the fundamental knowledge, you can then start looking for the preparation material.

Step 4: Make sure you practice well and get yourself registered before taking up the exam.

Step 5: After taking up the mock tests and practices, sit for the exam.

Training and Examination

You must sit for an exam to get become an AWS Certified Developer. But, before writing the examination, it is recommended that you undergo a special training program that is available both online and offline. During the training, candidates would be given comprehensive knowledge on developing and designing scalable web applications on the AWS framework. First-hand lab experience would also be given to the candidates to empower them with the required skills.

The examination for this certification incorporates 65 questions; which are either multiple-choice or multiple responses. You can give the test online or even at a testing center that has various locations worldwide. A total of 130 minutes would be given to you to complete the exam and it is available in languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese too.  The cost of the exam is $150 and the practice exam costs $20 additionally. You must review the exam guide on information about the competencies marked on the certification exam.

Who can take up this certification?

If you want to become an AWS Certified Developer, you must complete the AWS Technical Essentials Course first or you must possess any other significant professional experience with AWS. Apart from this, candidates who want the experience to develop applications for the cloud and those who want to learn AWS best practices must add this certification to their resume.

Recommend experience and knowledge

Before taking up this course, you are expected to have some fundamental knowledge. Have a look below:

  • Proficiency in deploying, developing, and debugging the cloud-based applications using the AWS
  • You must possess in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • You should have an understanding of the core and fundamental AWS services and their uses
  • Knowledge of the AWS architecture best practices is required
  • Understanding of lifecycle management of an application
  • You must have a command on the AWS shared responsibility framework
  • Writing codes for serverless applications should be one of your skills
  • You must be familiar with the process of development
  • Candidates must have a basic knowledge on relational and non-relational database
  • You must have an awareness with the queuing and messaging services

There are also a set of pre-requisite abilities required for this certification. You must have the ability to:

  • Use the AWS services like AWS CLI, SDKs, APIs to write the applications
  • Identify the pertinent characteristics of the AWS services
  • Operate a CI/CD pipeline in order to deploy the AWS applications
  • Interact and use the AWS services
  • Apply the basic knowledge of cloud-native applications so that you can write codes
  • Write codes using the best practices of AWS security
  • Maintain, author, and debug the code modules on the AWS platform

Perks of AWS certifications

Amazon Web Services are the dominating leaders of the cloud service providing platforms. Having an AWS certification can prove to be a feather in your cap. Read below to know why:

  • AWS certifications are the highest-paying occupation categories
  • An average salary of a cloud professional with AWS certification is 30% higher than a non-certified individual
  • You can easily validate your technical skills and brush up on your cloud knowledge
  • Once you are certified, you have an exclusive access to AWS certified community on LinkedIn where you connect with other professionals, leaders, and peers
  • On completion of the certification, you are given an exclusive Amazon certified digital badge
  • Professional with AWS certifications are given an invite to worldwide AWS conferences, events, and workshops
  • AWS certifications are largely industry-recognized and reliable

So, if you want to perform development roles and you have one or more years of experience in maintaining and developing AWS-based applications, then, AWS Developer certification is just for you. This certification will open various avenues for you and you will end up taking leading roles in your organization.

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