How To Build A Career In Cybersecurity?

With identity theft, ransomware, and email phishing schemes all on the rise, cybercrime is undoubtedly on the rise. Every 14 seconds a firm was the subject of a ransomware assault, and as businesses continue to digitise, attacks are only predicted to increase in frequency.

The importance of cybersecurity certification has been highlighted by the rise in the frequency of cyberattacks on businesses, government facilities, and people. With a projected 4 million cybersecurity jobs vacant in 2023, demand for a workforce has been expanding faster than supply can keep up due to the increase in cybercrime and growing dependency on the digital world.

Making a decision about your job path is difficult because it affects your entire future. The cybersecurity industry is one that is thriving and developing swiftly. It provides excellent job security, interesting and fulfilling work, and competitive pay. Learn more about the benefits of a career in cybersecurity by reading this article.

Four Good Reasons To Think About A Career In Cybersecurity

1. Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals Is Extremely High

There is a constant need for highly skilled people in the fast developing industry of cybersecurity. According to Cybersecurity Ventures (2019), there is a remarkable 0% unemployment rate in the cybersecurity industry. Information security analysts are expected to see a 33% increase in employment between 2020 and 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2022).

The fact that there is a skill shortage is concerning, but there is also good news for job hunters. If any college student asked me what vocation would best promise 30 years of steady, well-paying employment, I would say “cybersecurity,” in the words of Alec Ross, senior counsellor for innovation at the U.S. State Department.

2. A Job in Cybersecurity is Available for Everyone

Working with cables and wires in a basement is a far cry from the information technology and cybersecurity vocations of today. People interested in a career in cybersecurity have a wide range of options, including social engineering, penetration testing, digital forensics, ethical hacking, and information security, similar to how doctors can specialise in neurology or cardiology.

Jobs in these fields span from entry level to the C suite, and each of them requires a unique skill set and set of specialised knowledge. You can hold the positions listed below and others with a cybersecurity degree or certification:

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that today, virtually every industry—including banking, hospitality, government, and education—needs cybersecurity specialists. Employers in a wide range of industries are looking for qualified cybersecurity personnel as businesses increasingly move their activities online. Working in that industry as a security professional is a terrific option to pursue both your interests if you’re passionate about cybersecurity and another field.

3. Cybersecurity Work Is Challenging and Rewarding

You will have the opportunity to use your critical thinking abilities as a cybersecurity professional to find solutions to complex issues that affect the real world. You can also look for jobs that let you work with cutting-edge, innovative technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The fulfilling and interesting nature of cybersecurity work is the reason for the industry’s exceptional worker satisfaction statistics. A staggering 96% of respondents said they were satisfied with their role and job duties, and 87% said they were happy with their pay, according to the 2020 Cybersecurity Professionals Salary, Skills, and Stress Survey.

What Makes a Great Cybersecurity Professional?

Furthering your education in cybersecurity is an excellent method to refine your talents and get into this industry if you already have a background in coding, a working knowledge of online applications and system administration, or a talent for spotting network breaches.

The following are some other indicators that you’d make a fantastic cybersecurity professional:

  • You are detail oriented. You will find it simpler to evaluate and analyse data as a result.
  • You enjoy difficulties. Every day, new cyberthreats emerge, posing a tough and thrilling environment.
  • You excel at maintaining organisation. Professionals in the security field must be exceedingly methodical.
  • You’re interested. Successful cybersecurity professionals are motivated by a passion for the industry and a desire to keep learning and growing.

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