The Importance of a Citrix Certification for Your Career


Citrix has been offering a range of virtualization and cloud computing solutions for more than three decades, including the workplace, networking, and analytics sectors.     

The organization offers a variety of Citrix certifications with clear routes in order to satisfy client needs and close the skills gap. This article goes into greater detail on what it takes to get Citrix certified and discusses a potential substitute.


Ed Iacobucci established Citrix Systems, Inc., a global software firm, in 1989. Massachusetts and California are home to Citrix’s affiliate businesses. Additionally, it has sub-division hubs in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and India. There are already 330,000 businesses worldwide using its services.

Systems provide person-centered services that enable remote work by providing safe data and apps on any digital location, object, or network. They provide networking, servers, desktop, virtualization, and software as a service (SaaS) as well as cloud computing technologies. They provide important certifications in a range of Citrix specialties.

Networking, Enterprise Mobility Management, and Desktop Virtualization make up the three primary Citrix certification topic areas. Citrix also provides credentials for enterprise file sync and share (also known as Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing and EFSS), which enables businesses to securely share and synchronize important files, videos, photos, and documents from a variety of devices with clients, business partners, and current employees.

The ability to install, configure, and operate applicable Citrix Digital Workplace or Networking solutions in challenging enterprise cloud and networking environments is demonstrated by a Citrix certification. Citrix Certified Associate, Citrix Certified Professional, and Citrix Certified Expert for Virtualization or Networking are the three degrees of experience available on the fundamental certification path for Citrix.

The Citrix certification path includes credentials for Citrix ShareFile, Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix XenServer, and Citrix SD-WAN, as well as for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Citrix Cloud or Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. With IT professionals who work for Citrix solution providers, there is now the Citrix Certified Services Delivery Professional credential.

The Citrix certification program offers Proficiency and Skill digital badges, which IT professionals can display on their resumes to demonstrate their familiarity and expertise with a variety of Citrix products and solutions, in addition to credentials that call for candidates to pass certification exams. For these badges, only pertinent Citrix eLearning courses and evaluations must be finished.

All Citrix certification tests are given by PearsonVue, and you can take them at a nearby Pearson VUE testing facility. A candidate’s home or workplace may be used to administer some Citrix certification tests. The tests are online and are being proctored in both scenarios. The examination fees for the Citrix certifications are $300 for the Citrix Certified Expert and Professional tests and $200 for all other examinations. 

Candidates for and holders of Citrix certifications can check the status of their certifications as well as publish their credentials to approved third parties using the web-based Citrix Certification Manager tool. The Citrix Certification Manager also keeps track of candidates’ performance on self-paced online certification courses and Citrix certification examinations.

What Does Citrix Certification Mean?

An IT expert who has obtained a Citrix certification has proven they have the skills necessary to manage and administer relevant Citrix products in a difficult networking and cloud environment. The five main areas covered by the certifications are enterprise mobility management (EMM), enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS), networking, and cloud.

An IT professional’s decision over which certification to seek is influenced by a number of elements, including their interests and long-term career objectives. The right tests can aid IT, employees, in moving up the corporate ladder and earning incentives for showcasing their technical expertise.

Three levels make up the Citrix certification ladder: Citrix Certified Expert, Citrix Certified Professional, and Citrix Certified Associate (CCE). 

All of the Citrix certification examinations are given by Pearson VUE. Some certification exams can be done at the candidate’s workplace or home, however, IT professionals must take the majority of these tests at their nearby Pearson VUE testing centers. An approved proctor supervises the online exam in both scenarios.

Citrix offers digital badges that IT professionals may include in their resumes to show experience with various virtualization and networking technologies in addition to the credentials that call for candidates to complete certification exams. However, unlike certificates, obtaining digital badges merely requires IT professionals to pass the pertinent Citrix e-learning courses and exams.

Citrix Education Statistics

TechValidate Statistics state that:

  • Within three to six months or less, 86% of the IT organizations polled acknowledged the value of their Citrix training.
  • 91 percent of clients who obtained certificates concur that receiving specialist Citrix training has significantly improved their career chances and roles.
  • The same 94 percent of Citrix Education customers agree that formal training is an important component of implementing the most recent software solution.
  • 64 percent of Citrix clients acknowledged that, in the absence of proper Citrix training, they would be sluggish to deploy and utilize this cutting-edge Citrix technology.
  • Additionally, 97 percent of the IT organizations questioned agree that they would enroll in an additional Citrix training session if given the opportunity.
  • With Citrix training, they were able to get more value out of their Citrix products, according to 94 percent of surveyed IT organizations.
  • The demand patterns in the IT job market are accurately and succinctly analyzed by IT Jobs Watch.

The Importance of a Citrix Certification for Your Career

Citrix certifications are essential for enhancing your professional standing in the quickly expanding IT industry and presenting you with a wide range of opportunities, especially in the data and technological innovation sectors. Citrix certificates are now generally accepted by businesses and IT specialists as a way to satisfy client demands and fill skill gaps. Citrix certifications have also shown to be excellent in providing competitive and effective solutions because they are considered vital credentials.

Citrix Certifications have emerged as the gold standard for a flourishing career among aspirant technologists as well as for marketability, productivity, effectiveness, and competitiveness among businesses. Therefore, it is evident that there is a huge need among IT professionals for certificates. Evidently, there is a high demand for Citrix expert professionals, therefore starting a career in Citrix is currently a good idea.

1. Acquire sophisticated knowledge and abilities

With a Citrix certification, you can be sure that you have all the necessary and important skills and knowledge to do your work well. Candidates can give competent output using the Citrix apps and delivery platform with the help of the available Citrix certificates. Professionals that possess a crucial Citrix certification are given precedence when applying for jobs in the IT industry.

2. Important Certificates

Holders of a Citrix certification can advance their careers significantly using the latest virtualization technologies. This is mainly due to the fact that trained IT professionals can develop thorough technical skills in important areas including desktop, app, and server virtualization and cloud computing. On the other hand, these experts have the immediate and direct ability to manage a variety of jobs.

Numerous businesses strongly favor candidates with credentials like Citrix certifications because they may result in future training costs for the business. This kind of certification is recognized worldwide. Therefore, regardless of where in the world they are, potential candidates can quickly become hired in addition to getting opportunities.

3. Exciting Career Possibilities

Opportunities for both aspiring professionals and working professionals have grown significantly. The IT industry offers some of the best paying certifications, including those from Citrix. In addition to earning an average income of $80,000 to $95,000, these qualifications increase the likelihood of landing excellent employment possibilities. Additionally, certification serves as proof that certified candidates have attained the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise, and they should be compensated fairly.

4. Verify a Proficiency Level

The goal of all Citrix certifications in cloud computing and virtualization is to understand how a business needs and IT professionals’ needs are changing. Administrators, resellers, commercial enterprise partners, and individual consultants can rely on the certification to confirm that you have acquired all the necessary abilities for the position. It takes into account the quality of the product or service related to the widely respected Citrix Platform. Citrix-certified aspirants and IT specialists gain advantages and incentives from the firm as a form of acknowledgment and motivation for their experience and accomplishment.

5. Increase Job Diversity

Unless you have a Citrix certification, it can be difficult to stand out among a throng of competitors. By earning the Citrix certification, you can prove that you have the technical know-how and practical experience necessary to start a successful IT career. The certification training approach is also an excellent manual for working on a variety of networking, virtualization, cloud computing, and other platforms.

Additionally, Citrix certificates enable professionals to narrow their expertise and become experts in a certain area. Some of these careers include those as a Citrix Reseller, freelance consultant, administrator, business partner with Citrix, etc.

In summary, Citrix certifications not only open up incredible employment opportunities but also help to fill in the skills gaps in the market.

More about Citrix

Citrix is rising to fame all around the world for its commitment to the quality of its goods. Because of this, businesses urgently needed someone with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, install, and troubleshoot Citrix systems. The ability of Citrix-certified candidates to diagnose problems and finish projects quickly was noted by decision-makers. Additionally, certifications assist businesses in avoiding talent shortages and satisfying client demands. Due to the growing demand for Citrix-certified individuals to answer any questions about Citrix products,

Numerous career chances have now opened up for Citrix-certified workers, and businesses have begun to invest in certifications to enhance the abilities of IT specialists and help them achieve their objectives.

Citrix enables you to:

  • By combining information, apps, and data into a single, personalized experience, you can enhance the way people work. You can also boost productivity by automating processes and optimizing workflows.
  • Reduce security risk by using a zero-trust strategy to safeguard all applications and data. Your business can securely grant employees access to what they need by utilizing single sign-on choices and role-based access.
  • DaaS, workflow automation, and the capability to display all apps and actions in a contemporary, consumer-like experience may modernize IT.
  • By giving every user a quick, safe, and dependable experience, you can improve the user experience.

Citrix Virtual Desktops: Their Pros and Cons

1) Security


It offers quick updates to the main hub that safeguards computers from fresh security risks by applying the most recent patches, fixes, and maintenance. Because the data is not stored locally, automatic delivery guarantees conformity to the strictest regulatory standards for many enterprises prevents loss and theft and allows users the freedom to work from anywhere they choose.


Networking issues on the server, or in the worst scenario, a crash, might have an impact on a number of users or even departments. We want redundancy of the central data for this reason alone because if the server goes down, the entire operation would halt, adding more work, time, and expense.

2) Cost-effective


Because enterprises only need to manage one central location or server, virtual desktops significantly minimize the time and expense associated with desktop management and support for migration, deployment, maintenance, updating, etc.


Numerous servers, virtual computers, and networking will be managed by workers who will be paid well because of their high level of expertise. In contrast to its competitors, who provide an affordable desktop environment or an upgrade to the platform as a service (PaaS), like Microsoft, Citrix has a more complicated and expensive setup and continuing charges.

3) Remote access and mobility


Today, working remotely is a common practice. With virtual desktops, users can access their desktops from anywhere in the world, with all of their unique user preferences, settings, and files, on any device, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and computers. This greatly increases productivity.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service Since the ROI for desktop-as-a-service are long-term economically, clients must make decisions for the future and must consider this as a long-term investment to reap profits despite the shifting technical market. Due to this, it is still thought that Citrix only dominates the desktop virtualization market.

Citrix Certifications and Courses:

1. Getting Started with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service on Microsoft Azure:

Previously known as the Moving XenApp and XenDesktop Service on Microsoft Azure, this certification program. It is a certification program that equips applicants to deploy desktop apps and virtual apps from Citrix in the Microsoft Azure setting. Version 7.13, the most recent version of the program, is the basis for this training course.

Candidates for this course should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure as well as expertise in managing and deploying Citrix desktop and virtual apps.

2. Certification Training for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration on-premises and in Citrix Cloud:

This five-day certification course is lengthy. It is an instructor-led course that is perfect for educating businesses and individuals who want to move to Citrix Cloud and want to learn about setting up, configuring, and managing Citrix virtual apps in an office setting.

3. Manage Citrix Endpoint Management Certification Training:

It takes three days to finish this certification course. This Citrix online course is designed for IT professionals who want to sharpen their abilities and gives them a thorough overview of Citrix Endpoint Management, which includes tasks like managing users, apps, and devices. The architecture and general communication flow of Citrix Endpoint Management are also covered in this training session, along with how these components can be altered to suit the needs of various enterprises. For professionals that desire a deeper grasp of Citrix Endpoint Management, implementers, and IT administrators, the Handle Citrix Endpoint Management curriculum is advised.

4. Citrix ADC 12. X Essentials Certification Training:

The Citrix NetScaler Essential training course was the previous name for this training and certification program. Citrix has developed a three-day training course to assist candidates in better understanding load balancing, high availability, and Citrix ADC management. It was built on the framework of Citrix ADC 12. X, the most recent version. System Administrators, System Architects, and System Engineers are the ideal candidates for this training course.

There are no necessary prerequisites for ADC 12. X Essentials training course. Citrix advises participants to read the ADC Introduction resource bundle, which is accessible on the Citrix e-learning platform.

5. Citrix Gateway 12. X Certification Training:

The Citrix Netscaler United Gateway Training course was the previous name for this training program. For people and companies who want to learn more about setting up and administering Citrix Gateway features, this is the ideal choice. Candidates will get knowledge of handling your remote access requirements for desktops and applications while taking this certification course.

Citrix vs. VMware

Although VMware clearly dominates the virtualization market, Citrix does have a devoted enterprise following. According to the firm, Citrix products are used by 100 million people across 400,000 organizations and 99% of Fortune 500 enterprises.

As opposed to VMware, Citrix focuses on a smaller number of specialized market segments that take advantage of its strengths in connection. For instance, Citrix and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership, so Citrix’s virtual app and desktop products are fully compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure cloud environments.

However, your specific situation will determine whether you want to pursue a Citrix certification path or, for example, a VMware certification path.

The Citrix certification is probably not for you if you work for — or would like to work for — a company that has a significant VMware investment. However, Citrix certification will be a fantastic choice if your company already utilizes or is considering adopting Citrix, particularly in conjunction with Azure and Office 365. It might also be a good idea in that situation to take a joint Microsoft/Citrix certification strategy.

How Much Does a Citrix Certification Cost?

Exams for the level credentials of Citrix Certified Professional and Citrix Certified Expert cost $300, whereas exams for other Citrix certifications, such as Citrix Certified Associate, cost $200. Any prices you pay for associated training, self-study, and practice are also included in the cost of your overall Citrix certification.

It should be noted that Citrix certification examinations are covered by VA Education Benefits, making U.S. military veterans eligible to receive partial or full reimbursement for the exam fees related to Citrix certifications.

Citrix Recertification and Renewal

After passing the pertinent Citrix certification exam, credentials are good for three years. Holders have two options for recertification through the Citrix Recertification Program. Professionals who have earned a Citrix certification and whose certifications have not yet expired can renew them by:

taking and passing the required instructor-led training courses for their specific Citrix certification (s).

taking and passing the most recent Citrix certification test for every Citrix credential they currently hold.

For those whose Citrix certification has expired, recertifying requires passing the relevant test as well as all lower-level certifications. For instance, a person whose Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE – V) certification has expired must complete the CCA – V, CCE – V, and CCE – V+ tests.

Citrix Certification Salary and Career Information

The relative market position of Citrix to VMware and Microsoft can be seen by looking for job postings for certified IT experts on the job portal. The employment chances for those who possess their certification badges greatly outweigh those of those who possess Citrix credentials. This also raises the likelihood that there may be a relative shortage of Citrix-certified professionals, which would increase businesses’ willingness to pay.

For illustration, let’s contrast the CCA-V certification with the VCA starting cert offered by VMware. There are ten times more job vacancies for the VCA than for the CCA – V, however the CCA – V earns an average Citrix certification income of $81,600 USD, which is $50,000 more than the average for the VDA, which is $52,800. At the Professional level, VMware’s VCP displayed 20 times as many job vacancies, but average pay was about 10% lower ($82,500 vs. $88,400 USD) than the Citrix certification salary received by CCP – V positions. The average salary provided for Citrix Certified Professional – Networking positions was $97,300.

The forecast for Citrix Certified Experts is even more promising, with the data revealing average salaries of $89,300 for CCE-V and $100,500 for positions requiring a Citrix Certified Expert – Networking.


You can gain stronger and more advanced computing skills with the help of Microtek Learning’s top-notch Citrix-authorised training courses. You will be guided by Citrix Certified industry specialists using cutting-edge training materials and programs. As a result, efficiency and dependability share the same framework.

Whatever you’re looking for, Microtek Learning is an enriched hub for all. Whether you’re interested in onsite Citrix XenServer classes, XenMobile, XenApp, or NetScaler training, Microtek Learning offers just the best for you in stock.

A number of Microtek Learning’s Citrix certification training courses are fantastic for developing a targeted profession in the relevant fields of networking. We can assist you with developing additional networking and visualization abilities, which are essential for you to effectively participate in and support Citrix solutions.

The best thing about learning from Microtek Learning is that you can select from a variety of training options, including blended-live, private on-site, instructor-led online, and live classroom training.

We make sure that the Citrix training courses modules are in-depth and thorough to offer you all the required information since we realize that in the era of digitalization, a candidate needs to have a strong understanding of the subject being presented to them.

Get the top lab-based online Citrix training classes from the most amazing & qualified instructors, and take advantage of the best resources for the training programs we offer.

Our devoted team offers direct access to training subjects, video demonstrations, and private on-site instruction on related themes. It motivates you to advance in the arena of competition and strives to mold your career ambitions.

Microtek Learning specializes in offering IT technology training and certifications that will help you ascend the career success ladder. IT professionals can receive advice from our knowledgeable educators on how to sharpen their practical abilities and enable success in their daily life. We are happy partners with EC-Council, ISACA, and PeopleCert, as well as a Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix channel partner, to mention a few. As a result, we can provide you with accredited training that will help you increase your knowledge and give you a competitive advantage. We provide training that enables our students to flourish in their careers with the most recent technologies and goal-driven methodologies. Functional training, live counseling sessions, and other features in our specialized IT training programs help you establish a solid position. What are you still holding out for? Given the shifting nature of the business world, now is the ideal time to improve your IT skills.

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