Is CND v2, the next step for IT administrators?

CND v2

COVID-19 has quivered every industry to its core and cybersecurity was no exception. Though, professionals have now adapted to the work-from-home culture but, initially, this trend had given a window of endless breaching possibilities to the hackers. Recent reports suggest that cyberattacks in 2020 have amplified twice as compared to 2019, due to loopholes in the safety of the work done on personal laptops and computers. On these platforms, data is exposed to numerous vulnerabilities, and to combat this is, companies throughout the world are shifting to a secured segmented network.

Ever-increasing need of Cybersecurity

Leaks and breaches increased up to 93% in 2020 in Northern America alone. Such breaches can cost millions of dollars and resources to recover. An IT or a network administrator’s skill cannot come in handy during such crucial times and that’s when enterprises choose to consider professionals and officers who have updated their knowledge through various certification programs, who can help them to omit such unforeseen situations.

Having this as their root point, EC-Council, very recently announced CNDv2 (Certified Network Defender v2) where a first-hand experience would be given to the professionals on fundamental technologies. Profound knowledge of network safety operations and technologies would be provided during the certification.

What is CND v2?

Exclusively based on the analysis and structure presented by the NICE (National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education), CND v2 has made changes in the domains according to the recent market trends. The certification would enable the candidate in all vital areas of network information as well as security. Taking a step further from the traditional cybersecurity slant of “Protect and Detect”, in this certification, candidates would be taught on the comprehensive model of “Predict, Protect, Detect, Respond.” Following are some distinguished features of this certification:

  • More effective and a proactive approach to the fundamentals of threat intelligence
  • Has an extreme focus on cloud security and IoT
  • Incorporates knowledge on latest technology like SDN (Software Defined Network) and Kubernetes.
  • Special emphasis on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Includes lab-intensive programs so as to get a first-hand experience
  • An upgrade to mobile safety measures

The “Predict, Protect, Detect, Respond” Ideology

The novel ideology formulated by the EC-Council is all set to create a benchmark in the cybersecurity industry. When it comes to the first stage of predicting, the candidate is taught about risk and vulnerability assessments. Analysis of various arenas is also taught. Following this, they are taught to protect various types of securities like configurational, architectural, and defense. In the third stage of detection, the candidate is taught about traffic monitoring, log management, and monitoring along with anomaly detection. The fourth stage of response features insights on incident response, forensic investigation, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Additional Objectives of CND v2

Apart from the other mentioned features, the following are some other objectives of the comprehensive CND v2 certification course:

  • Learn about novel network attacks and their respective defensive strategies
  • An in-depth knowledge would be imparted on network security controls and also administrative, perimeter, and technical security
  • Learn the concepts of data classification, masking, destruction, and retention
  • Would be given an opportunity to master on the wireless security network
  • Become skilled at continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • You would be taught to execute threat assessments and a detailed analysis of the cyber attack
  • Candidates would be taught to identify the vulnerable areas in the network security and their testing
  • Risk management, assessments, avoidance, prevention, mitigation, and acceptance would be taught in detail
  • Learn monitoring and analysis of anomaly detection
  • Have a deeper understanding of forensics investigation methods
  • Get first-hand knowledge on the process of incident management response
  • Core requirements of virtualization and its safety would also be highlighted
  • Scrutinize and analyze logs in order to identify suspicious activity

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Eligibility for the CND v2 certification program

If you are working as an IT or a network professional, CND v2 is the course for you. This course will surely help to give much-needed momentum to your stagnant career. Apart from professionals, students, self-taught hackers, and professors can also opt-in for this course. To be eligible for this course a candidate has two options:

  • Attend a training course in network security exclusively by EC-Council


  • You must have at least two years of working experience in the IT domain. If you are eligible, just have to submit the eligibility form along with a fee of $100, which is non-refundable.

Career Prospects

On average, IT administrators earn approximately $60,513 per annum. But CND v2 guarantees a whopping hike in your salary. It not only adds to your skill but will also make you more experienced in your field and will keep you updated. After taking up this course you can apply as a security operator, network engineer, network defense technician, cybersecurity engineer, network security administrator, and security analyst.

The Ultimate Gamechanger-CND V2

CND v2 is the only program in the world that is exclusively built for the work-from-home experiment. The course is designed to help the cybersecurity professionals in your enterprise to win the war against the data breachers, just by sitting at home.  It comprises the latest technologies, techniques, and tools that will deploy a practical approach to learning. The course includes around 20 modules where a much wider range of trending topics are covered. The exam is for four hours and has 100 multiple-choice questions. As compared to CND v1, the updated version has approximately double the number of labs where the candidates can clear the doubts about the core and other underlying technologies. So, invest your time and money smartly and remain in demand by taking up the latest CND v2 certification course, which will surely be the highlight of your resume. 

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