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Latest SharePoint capabilities

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint developed by Microsoft is a document/content management as well as collaboration tool which is used for intramural purposes to assist with bringing an organisation together.

SharePoint , the web based intranet comprises of a multipurpose set of technologies integrated tightly with Office 365 and as per tech giant Microsoft, SharePoint is currently being used by 78% of the Fortune 500 companies, and during years 2006 and 2011, Microsoft has sold over 36.5 million user licenses.

Why is Microsoft SharePoint so important ?

The major functions of Microsoft SharePoint are :

a) To very successfully store documents in a format which is more effective than the regular folder system.

b) It helps to get an organisation together which makes it easy for the employees of the company to receive important information that’s relevant to them, whenever they need it. 

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Training for your organisation :

Brings context around documents/folders :

SharePoint proves to be more effective than the traditional folder system method because it brings context around the folder on its own, by tracking versions of the document. So basically SharePoint is an evolving piece of information that has both a history as well as context.

The organisation can have a constant communication with all its staff :

Before your organisation gets SharePoint you must be sending group emails and then copying them to everyone. The problem with that old school approach is most of the critical information gets ignored and in some cases even lost, so the people who need it at the right might not get the information. But SharePoint brings everything to the table through its collaboration tool so that all staff can see and use the important information whenever they need it and communicate accordingly.

Stores information in a universal location :

SharePoint stores all the information in one internal place only, so be it important updates from the CEO, general warnings about customers, important meetings or events or any incident that employees needs to be aware of, SharePoint, simply posts the message and everybody gets to access it from there. So get over email and announcement boards just post it on SharePoint.

Successful collaboration :

SharePoint creates a portal through which the staff is able to connect with each other which earlier used to happen only through meetings and conferences. It gets the whole organisation around a central point where they all collaborate. This helps in fostering innovation and builds a strong creative in the company.


Implementing the software is the easiest step. What determines its successful implementation is the work that you do before the implementation. So its better you access your company’s requirements, to determine clearly what you need Microsoft SharePoint to do for your organisation because on this rests the SharePoint implementation.

Start the process with assistance from a SharePoint consultant to prepare a plan on your requirements and once it is implemented, it becomes necessary to provide your staff with training so that they can start working on SharePoint on their everyday working basis.

Determine the best SharePoint model for your organisation :

FREE VERSION - you get a free version of SharePoint while running Windows Server, although there are some limitations with the free version, so its better to consult your IT guy.

  1. SharePoint 2007
  2. SharePoint 2010
  3. Office365321
  4. SharePoint 2013
  5. Office365 Upgraded

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 with the Office 356 subscription is the latest version of SharePoint and it comes with advanced and new access features. It also provides you with new document library and a fast site collection feature for you. Preview images and videos come new with it, it has significant changes to its deployment as well.

So get yourself the best and the latest version of SharePoint and make life easy within your organisation!

You can attempt the wide range of online SharePoint courses following the most detailed syllabus for SharePoint 2019 exam:

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