Microsoft Azure - A Data-Driven Globally Adopted Culture for ITSM

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Azure globally adopted for ITSM


Microsoft Azure is the ever-expanding set of cloud services developed to help the organizations meet out the critical business challenges of competitive IT services where the best quality at the least cost matters the most. Azure provides the freedom to build, manage and deploy the diverse applications on a global network incorporating the user’s favorite frameworks and tools. A recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey report states that the businesses, who embrace the data-driven culture, usually experience up to 4 times improvement in the customer satisfaction and revenue performance. The much-needed features of Azure make this cloud services platform a must-embrace facility for the growth oriented IT sector businesses. As of today, Microsoft Azure is one among the top 20 IT Management Software products.

Overview of Azure Features:

  • Build websites with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js
  • Migrate applications & infrastructure
  • Deploy & run Windows Server & Linux virtual machine
  • SQL Database
  • Virtual Network
  • Caching; CDN
  • Mobile Services; Cloud Services; Media Services
  • Business Analytics; Hadoop


Eight Azure Benefits That Make It a Preferred Choice for Worldwide IT Businesses:

Before going ahead to decode the business benefits of Azure, let’s have a look over the Microsoft - the cloud market leader:

  • Microsoft is one among the five Cloud market leaders providing Platform-as-a-Service[PaaS], Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] and Infrastructure as a service [IaaS].
  • Microsoft Azure was named as the leader in Cloud IaaS MQ for the 4th consecutive year.
  • Microsoft leads by sharing worldwide market of over 17% (Forbes).
  • Microsoft Azure adoption increased from 43% to 58% @ 35% CAGR.
  • Microsoft is the biggest earning enterprise-cloud vendor among the seven top enterprise-cloud vendors -Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Google (2018-19).


The Azure benefits are business-centered and unique. Some of the most experienced and hailed Azure benefits are:

  1. Apps management: IaaS helps the organizations to build, deploy and manage the apps in an easy way.
  2. Flexibility: It gives the freedom to choose the functionality as per requirement.
  3. Agility: It is fast in deployment, operation and scalability; therefore, businesses get competitive advantage. Infrastructure and applications over Azure are agile.
  4. Compliance: The data storage is completely in compliance with the latest regulations aligned to privacy and security.
  5. Security: Azure data storage is secured by the spy-movie environment.
  6. Analytics Support: It has a built-in support to analyze the stored data that delivers insights to help the organizations manage Machine Learning, SQL services, Stream and Cortana Analytics.
  7. Disaster Recovery: The robust disaster recovery capabilities of Azure make it the most trustworthy cloud service platform.
  8. Regular Updates: The real-time updates are automated; it helps the businesses business grow faster with the lesser carbon footprint.

Global Acceptance of Azure’s Technical Excellence: 

Azure provides the wide range of hybrid connections including caches, CDNs, ExpressRoute connections and virtual private networks (VPNs) to improve the performance and usability. It is the only cloud platform offering Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Bots, Cognitive APIs and Machine Learning capabilities. Azure offers secure ‘Identity & Access Management’ (IAM) capabilities with in-built Azure Active Directory to let the right users access the accurate information. It helps the enterprises adopt the advanced IAM capabilities to minimize the identity management cost.

Enterprises worldwide are experiencing the remarkable success with Cloud based business solutions. Businesses are redefining the way of doing business with more scalable & secured cloud-enabled enterprise applications. Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft’s Azure because it’s deeply integrated cloud services allow the businesses rapidly create, deploy and manage even the complex applications with an ease. The businesses prefer this cloud platform because its wide range of programming languages, operating systems, databases, devices, and frameworks allow them to leverage the tools and technology they trust the most.

Getting Azure Certification is a Well-Defined Learning Path:  

During recent couple of years, the traditional concept of computing passed through a paradigm shift process leading to cloud computing. More than 1,000 new customers are signing up to Azure per day; it means 365,000 new businesses are adopting MS Azure per year. Naturally, they will need Microsoft certified Azure professionals. Microsoft offers range of Azure certifications for different levels as the learning path; the aspiring Azure experts can start the journey from the start or can choose the suitable Azure exam on the basis of their qualification and experience. The lending path for Azure certification is:


Concluding Note:

There exists a ‘Microsoft Azure Government’ offering backed by the US Government. In addition, it is officially accredited from the UK government. Online course certification can increase the salary by 20 to 40 percent; just think, how much financial benefit an Azure certified professional will get. According to, a certified Microsoft Azure professional can earn up to $128,468 annually. Microsoft Azure certification path allows you shape your career as you want by taking on the instructor-led online training for the particular Azure exam. The badge for being a certified Microsoft Azure expert makes you stand out of the crowd as a winner. Adopting Azure has become a culture over the years; adopt it to grow faster.  

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