Enhance Your Team’s Security Skills With The MS 500 Certification

Microsoft 365 Security

Organizations depend on applications to create and share data in today’s fast-paced technological business world. However, in order to retain that convenience, the required security procedures and controls must be implemented. Microsoft provides tools and software for securing identities, applications, and data in small to multi-office networks. IT professionals may find the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate is the solution to managing and administering those networks.

This blog will discuss the Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification Training in detail.

MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification Training

You must pass the MS-500 Exam to earn the Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certification. IT professionals can select from multiple Microsoft certifications. The Microsoft 365 Certified track demonstrates expertise in the features and capabilities of the Microsoft Windows 365 subscription service.

This examination is for security-administrators in charge of their organization’s security posture. Anyone interested in learning how to use Azure Active Directory or other Microsoft security products is welcome to take this course and exam. System administrators and other IT administrators who want to learn more about Microsoft identity and access management, identity synchronization, password and identity protection, Microsoft 365 security, and more can take this exam.

MS-500 Exam Fees

$165 is the cost of the MS-500 exam, and there are no prerequisites for this exam. Although the certification is aimed at associate-level security professionals.

What are the skills measured by the MS-500 exam?

The Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam evaluates your technical skills in areas such as:

  • Managing and implementing identification and access
  • Threat protection
  • Information security
  • Microsoft 365 has governance and compliance functions.

Each skill area focuses on using Microsoft products that come pre-installed with Office 365. In other words, the MS-500 emphasizes the application of Microsoft security and identity solutions rather than security theory. That doesn’t imply that professional security working on a different operating system wouldn’t find it helpful; nonetheless, much of the information is specific to Microsoft.

The Microsoft 365 security administrator protects Microsoft 365 business environments actively, responds to cyberattacks, and enforces data governance and investigations. To design and manage security efforts that fulfill the organization’s legal and regulatory requirements, the Microsoft 365 security administrator works with the industry stakeholders, Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator, and other workload administrators.

To pass this exam, candidates must be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads and have an in-depth understanding of identity protection, threat protection, information security, data governance, and security management.

What is the target audience for the MS-500 exam?

The MS-500 exam tests your knowledge of Microsoft’s identity management and cybersecurity solutions at the associate level. By studying for the exam, your team will become familiar with some of Microsoft’s lesser-known and unique toolsets for authentication, sensitivity labels, and restricted access. The MS-500 is an excellent starting point for everything they need to know about data security in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Overall, the MS-500 is a great place to start for anyone looking to get certified in administration or security.

That does not imply that it is only for applicants who are just beginning out in their careers. Regardless of their profession, they can acquire an associate’s degree.

MS-500 for Network Administrator

Investing time and effort in the MS-500 certification is worthwhile for network managers. Suppose your team deals with identity management, conventional security measures, or Active Directory as a network administrator. In that case, the MS-500 is the most appropriate way to understand everything Microsoft has to offer while also earning a piece of paper that verifies their skills.

MS-500 for a Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity Engineers may find the MS-500 exam to be pretty easy due to their experience, but they should study the exam objectives carefully to see if it is something they require.

Why choose Microtek Learning for the MS-500 certification exam prep

To prepare for the MS500 Certification, Microtek Learning offers the Microsoft 365 Security Administration training. It teaches users how to safeguard their passwords, use multi-factor authentication, set up and use Azure AD Connect, use Azure Identity Protection, use Microsoft 365 conditional access, and more. The course also includes the following features:

  • Official Microsoft Courseware (MOC), Labs, and Practice Tests
  • Microsoft Certified Trainers.
  • A year’s worth of class recordings.
  • Microtek portal.
  • Learners will have 24/7 access.

As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Microtek Learning bridges crucial skill gaps. It enables efficient deployment, installation, and consumption of Microsoft products and services through certified Microsoft training offered by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs). Our Microsoft Security training can be customized according to your individual skill requirements and company objectives. The following courses are included in the Microsoft Security Skilling Bundle:

When you buy the package, you’ll save up to 70% on virtual instructor-led training and a free Microsoft Exam Voucher and Practice Test.


The MS500 Certification is an excellent pick whether your team is a network administrator looking for a change or a new security administrator. It may lead to more appropriate certifications for their IT experience later in their professions. So, begin your team’s MS-500 exam preparation with Microtek Learning right now!

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