Prince 2 Project Management: Equally Beneficial for Individuals and Organizations


PRINCE2, PRojects IN Controlled Environments is a process-based method for the effective goals- oriented project management. PRINCE2, used by the UK Government extensively, is widely recognized and used in global private and govt. sector. Available in public domain since 1996, Prince 2 offers non-proprietary practice guidance for project management. Following key features make it globally adopted project management approach:

  • Emphasis on decision justification
  • Well defined structure of project management team
  • Product-based planning
  • Dividing the complete project into small manageable stages
  • Flexibility applied for on the time project completion

Prince 2 Benefits for Project Team Members:

It provides greater control over the resources. It improves the ability to manage the business and to minimize the involved risk. It benefits the individuals seeking advanced project management skills and better employment prospects. It benefits the project managers to have better control over the project progress. It benefits the directors/executives to track the progress and profitability. PRINCE2 certification is a great asset for the career development.  The graph, created on the output of a survey conducted by AXELOS in 2016, shows that career progression, skills development and requirement of role were the top concerns for getting Prince 2 certification. 

Prince 2 Benefits for the Organization:

PRINCE2 is highly beneficial for small and large both the organizations because it is adaptable and compatible in the lines of agile. According to a survey report by, almost 80% of high performing projects were managed by a certified project manager. The survey also revealed that certified project management improves the project performance; therefore, almost 77% of IT companies use project management software. Prince 2 methodology benefits the organizations in several ways by providing:

  • Common and consistent approach
  • Controlled and well organized start
  • Well monitored middle and end
  • Regular progress reports
  • Assurance for business justification

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PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology:

When a project team starts a project, it needs answers of some questions to plan concrete like:

  • What we are trying to do
  • When we will start
  • What we will need
  • Can we do it alone or will we need external help?
  • When we will be able to complete it
  • How much it will cost

PRINCE2 is a detailed description of structured project management defining the steps to make the processes logical and organized. PRINCE2 framework emphasizes on: 

  • Organized & controlled start: Organize and plan before start.
  • Organized and controlled middle: Keep the project organized and controlled
  • Organized and controlled end: Tide up all the loose ends once the project is finished

Three Roles for Prince 2 Project Management:

  1. Project manager: Project Manager is responsible for of organizing, controlling and selecting the people for the project team. Project manager prepares a plan to guide the project team for achieving the time specific goals.
  2. Customer, user & supplier: The customer pays for the project. User uses the outcome (final product) of the project. The supplier provides the required expertise to complete the project as per expectations of user.
  3. Project board: PRINCE2 methodology advocates for a project board comprising of customer, user or someone representing the user and supplier or representative.

PRINCE2 Scope:

PRINCE2 management approach provides a common language across all the levels and for the all the stakeholders. The method explains to manage the possible risk, to manage the quality up to set benchmark, and to control the changes on the project procedures. PRINCE2 helps the project managers for controlling the impacts of made changes. When we talk about its flexibility, it allows for integrating methodologies to make the project responsive. Quality management at different stages ensures the success while the common language for all the involved professionals speeds up the processes for quick completion.  

Prince 2 Leaning path – Prince 2 Qualification & Certifications:

Getting expertise in Prince 2 is a structured path. Certifications are issued at different levels to certify the gained skills. Instructor led online training is available for individuals and corporate. The high–in demand Prince 2 certification courses include:

  • PRINCE2 2017 Foundation & Practitioner
  • PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation & Practitioner

Concluding Note:

Prince 2 qualification is respected globally as the first class project management skill. As of today, it has become the standard method for any size project management. In 2016 AXELOS PRINCE2 survey the majority of respondents accepted PRINCE2 certification valuable to their career growth. Prince 2 training is being used by the IT organizations to advance the in-house project management skills and competences. Prince 2 learning path is simple and easy to follow; the intended practitioner needs just to choose the right Prince 2 training centre.

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