The Growing Demand of Ethical Hackers

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The Growing Demand of Ethical Hackers


In the present tech-filled generation, there is always a need for protecting the most sensitive and private data about customers, employees. There has been a considerable number of data breaches in the past years.

It is stated that 56.18 % of data is stolen or lost through social media and stand top among all the industries in total, and it is noted that every day about 6.4M records, every hour about 269,553 records, every minute about 4,493 records and every second about 75 records are being stolen.

To manage all these data breaches and protect oneself or an organization from being hacked increase the demand of Ethical Hackers, especially White Hat hackers.

Personality traits/skills required for an Ethical Hacker

  • Interested in staying updated with the latest developments in the world of computing.
  •  Ability to work with details and very keen observation.
  •  Adaptable and patient, ability to take on challenges
  •  Very curious to know about how things work.
  •  Problem-solving, analytical and logical thinking.
  •  Integrity and sincerity
  •  Resourceful and creative.
  •  Proficiency in programming in C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby; web applications such as Microsoft .NET and PHP; operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux; Assembly language; TCP/IP protocols such as SMTP, ICMP an HTTP

The Scope of Ethical Hackers

Internet security and networking are the two fastest-growing industries where ethical hackers can find employment. Ethical hackers are hired to find any vulnerability that might exist in a network and to fix them. They can join the government as well as private organizations as cyber-security experts.

IT firms are the main recruiters of ethical hackers. They can also be required by financial service providers, airlines, retail chains hotels.

In addition, government agencies such as various wings of the military and law enforcement, defense organizations, forensic laboratories, detective companies investigative services offer challenging roles for ethical hackers.

Some skilled hackers work for investigative agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Information.

The field of ethical hacking will see exponential growth in the coming years as the world is moving towards a digital economy and the growing industries in every sector are going to need cybersecurity specialists in the form of ethical hackers to keep their systems safe and out of the reach of black hat hackers.

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