Why Are Professionals With CEH Certification in Demand?

CEH Certification

The two main issues that have come up in light of the massive global e-commerce and social media development are security and privacy. The importance of security has increased as the world has gotten more digitally and technologically advanced. The need for security reinforcements and knowledgeable personnel who can deliver, maintain, and constantly evaluate the vulnerabilities of these reinforcements has now been acknowledged by business enterprises and corporations around the world.

It’s possible that in the twenty-first century, cyber armies would replace guns and bullets with highly sensitive data and information extracted from the networks and servers of various corporate rivals. White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers, are professionals who help protect businesses and organizations from cybercriminals by keeping their systems and servers up to date with the latest global security standards.

The same techniques that an external, malicious hacker would use to access your servers and systems are taught to white hackers, sometimes referred to as ethical hackers. And offer insightful advice on how to strengthen corporate enterprise security in light of potential future cyberattacks. Well, let’s assume you make your home impenetrable by installing doors, locks, a security system, and a security guard, isn’t that how you protect your home? Similar to how businesses hire a team of security professionals and ethical hackers to set up the security foundation for their servers and systems, a succession of jobs is continually required that necessitate testing and penetration skills to find the flaws.

Top 7 Reasons – Why Certified Ethical Hacker Professionals are in Demand?

1. They are familiar with every sneaky move.

While earning a Certified Ethical Hacker certification is a surefire way to gain insights into the world of hacking, there are other ways to gain such insights. The EC-Council certification trains you to think like a hacker and to anticipate the behavior of a potential bad guy who is determined to ruin the systems of a business and leak sensitive data that you work in. In addition, the certification teaches one how to think like a hacker. You will acquire enough skills to beat the bad guy at his own game and come out on top by a significant margin if you get the certification. And businesses, in order to ensure the safety and security of their systems, should always employ professionals who are able to compete with malicious actors constantly at the highest level.

2. A comprehensive understanding of the tools.

Professionals with CEH training are more knowledgeable about hacking tools than uncertified people are. A licensed hacker can benefit greatly from this extensive understanding of all the available hacking tools, and the business hiring that person may also benefit greatly. The knowledge of many tools can cover all the facets of a potential attack and can greatly aid in controlling the situation, and businesses are always looking for people who are knowledgeable about all the insider secrets of their industry.

3. Understanding the exploits

The fact that qualified professionals have received training in the life cycle of exploits can work in their favor because they are able to anticipate future vulnerabilities that may arise from present activities in addition to the system enterprise’s obvious weaknesses. Additionally, this can better protect an organization’s interests and provide them with sufficient justification for endorsing a certified individual.

4. Comprehensive Skills

The CEH equips the professional with the necessary skills to deal with hacking situations thoroughly. Hacking is not a knowledge or ability specific to one field, but it does require credibility across many sectors. Along with understanding of programming languages and operating systems, one needs a variety of soft skills relevant to the field. And a certified individual is more likely to have had greater training in all those areas than an uncertified professional.

5. Attack is best defense.

The CEH course equips you with the ability to adopt an offensive perspective on the elements of the hacking environment, which is a crucial skill to have when dealing with a genuine security problem at work. The training enables you to see all security problems more clearly and offers you the power to use an attack as your best line of defense when dealing with hostile hackers. And businesses require these kinds of abilities in potential employees in order to strengthen the organization’s security.

6. Reputation of the certification or degree

Although both formal education and practical experience are necessary to become a top-notch hacker. The need for certified ethical hackers has undoubtedly increased as more and more businesses insist that qualified security specialists join their ranks. The highest level certification accessible for someone interested in a career in ethical hacking is the CEH certification, and holding it can help you get high-level employment.

7. Wider scope

The certification is acknowledged by many government agencies, giving a certified candidate a distinct advantage over other candidates vying for the same government job. There is a significant demand for qualified specialists in the investigating and forensic divisions across all industries, including the government sectors as well as the commercial sector.

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Which Jobs Are Available for Ethical Hackers?

After receiving any CEH certification or completing any CEH training course, it is crucial to understand the value of the education and certificate. Those who have obtained the CEH certification are qualified to operate in a variety of fields, including but not restricted to:

The actual list of tasks is much longer than what was displayed. In order to secure and ethically hack information at multiple levels and prevent major catastrophes, increased security concerns have demanded data protection and vulnerability research. This has led to the emergence of a number of specialized employment categories.

With our help, you’ll be fully equipped to pass the CEH v12 exam and obtain the necessary certification. If you want to learn at your own pace, you can test out a Cyber Security certification online.

  • IT Security Administration 
  • Cybersecurity Auditor 
  • Cyber Security Consultant 
  • Network Engineer 
  • Manual Ethical Hacker 
  • Network Security Engineer 
  • Infosec Security Administrator 
  • System Security Administrator 
  • Warning Analyst 
  • Senior SOC Analyst 
  • Cyber Defense Analyst 

CEH Salary & Job Opportunity

According to the Information Security Analyst’s Outlook from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is one of those with the fastest rate of growth in the nation. Information security specialists will employ 33% more people by 2030 than predicted, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The typical yearly wage for an ethical hacker is around $103,590 ($49.80 per hour).

One of the most well-known and respected cybersecurity credentials is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) designation, which is necessary for many cybersecurity employment. A CEH-certified expert must be aware of and comprehend the essential procedures, tools, and tactics used by penetration testers, hackers, and network defenders.

The Advantages of Being an Ethical Hacker

1. To better comprehend the mentality of the malicious hacker

Understanding the mindset of a hacker better may be possible through ethical hacking. As a regular target for hackers, a company’s network may be successfully upgraded and protected. Learning about this problem will enable someone to spot potential threats to the network security of an organization and to secure its most important assets.

Cybersecurity is just one aspect of this. On the other hand, network defenders are required to have it. They must identify and patch any openings that a malicious hacker might exploit to get access to a company’s network. Furthermore, the scope of ethical hacking has expanded as cyberattacks and data breaches have increased in frequency in recent years.

2. As a result of migrating to the cloud

Many businesses have moved their data and resources to the cloud due to cloud computing’s recent surge in popularity. Because of this, assaults have become more frequent and more severe over time, which has increased demand for ethical hackers. Many businesses have started engaging ethical hackers on a huge scale and paying them highly in order to provide the best security for their operations and clients as well as to prevent security breaches and data leaks.

3. Support product improvement and quality control efforts

There are many similarities between a quality assurance tester and an ethical hacker. It is a tester’s responsibility to ensure that different software capabilities function in both typical and unusual circumstances, yet security testing is frequently neglected. By offering critical input on how to increase the security of the program in accordance with industry standards and best practices, they may assist you in conducting an efficient security test.

Additionally, it helps in the development of tools for identifying and removing some typical vulnerabilities. As a result, it will help developers create error-free code and test it for coding errors.

4. Adherence to guidelines

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has introduced new rules to streamline and sanction breaches, necessitates that organizations ensure that their software and networks are free of any vulnerabilities. Students interested in careers as network defenders or software engineers might benefit from learning ethical hacking because it helps them recognize vulnerabilities and protect their employers’ networks and software. Even students of management and strategic planning should be aware of common hazards so they can use their knowledge when developing risk-management strategies.

5. To specialize and advance in your career

Employers recognize and compensate their workers who consistently show their knowledge and contribution to the company. Entry-level applicants often have a basic knowledge of their field. Both new hires and long-term employees may benefit from being proficient in ethical hacking in terms of development and advancement.

If you’re interested in a career in IT, software, or development, this might be something to consider. It would be a rare skill that only a select few people would possess. The development of the proper cybersecurity strategies, tools, and attitudes will be aided by this information. Additionally, it will educate the reader on the finest safety measures employed by the security industry.

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What Limits Ethical Hacking?

Even while ethical hacking can be a very helpful technique, there are some restrictions to take into account. It’s important to remember that even ethical hacking has its limits. Hacking is dangerous, even when done with the best of intentions. The second is the potential expense and time commitment of ethical hacking. Employing a security specialist or ethical hacker may be expensive, and performing an ethical hack may take a long time. Ethics-based hacking is not always acceptable. In some cases, continuing forward requires receiving the target organization’s approval. In other cases, this might be challenging or even impossible.

Despite all of these drawbacks, ethical hacking can still be a useful tool for businesses, if not a necessity. When utilized properly, it can assist in finding security flaws and fixing them before bad actors take use of them. Consider carefully weighing the risks and rewards before using ethical hacking in your company to be sure it is the best choice for you.

Get Trained to Advance Your Career

For the most demanding technological careers today, a bachelor’s degree alone won’t cut it. It’s more crucial than ever to keep your skills up to date if you want to master the most recent ethical hacking abilities, tools, and tactics and use them to launch a fulfilling and demanding profession. With the help of Microtek Learning’s distinctive applied learning methodology, students—including working professionals—have access to a trusted platform where they can engage with peers, learn from the best, work on projects that are relevant to their industries, and graduate career-ready. Visit our CEH (v12) – Certified Ethical Hacker Course to find out more about how you may become a certified ethical hacker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is choosing a profession in ethical hacking a wise move?

If you want a job where things are constantly changing and are interesting, ethical hacking is a great option. You want to safeguard yourself from cyberattacks or work in a field that matters.

2. How much do ethical hackers make?

According to PayScale, a beginner ethical hacker may expect to make about $67,000 annually.  An individual with 1-4 years of experience might make about $81,000 per year. After working for 5 to 9 years, ethical hackers in the middle of their careers make an average of $100,000 annually.

3. Is there demand for ethical hacking?

The desire for ethical hacking is real. despite the fact that just 32% of people are employed in the ethical hacking sector. The demand for fresh employees is growing. The number of ethical hackers will increase by 20% from last year by the end of 2023. Therefore, this number will continue to rise in the next years.

4. What subjects are covered in the ethical hacking course?

The course on ethical hacking covers a variety of subjects, including information gathering, Google database hacking, software technologies, penetration testing, and countermeasures.

5. What career prospects are available after taking ethical hacking courses?

IT businesses are the primary employers. Government defense organizations, law enforcement, forensic labs, detective agencies, the CBI, and national security organizations all seek out cyber specialists or ethical hackers.

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