Top 10 benefits of AWS certification

Benefits of AWS certification

Cloud computing has created a revolutionary trend in the managerial landscape of information technology. Organizations all over the world are transferring their legacy systems, infrastructure, and applications to the cloud. Consequently, professionals who have an expertise in cloud computing are in high demand. After introducing their first certification in 2013, AWS (Amazon Web Services) have created a benchmark in the industry. They offer most robust cloud services which you can learn, get a grasp of and get validated in.

What is Amazon Web Services aka AWS? 

A subsidiary of, AWS enables you to utilize the web services to build sophisticated and scalable applications that will give your organization some features like management and development tools, storage services, computing, messaging services, analytical services, payments services, app services, and mobile networking, among others. If you are looking for in-demand cloud computing services for personal or professional use, AWS is the key.

The ultimate cloud computing guru- AWS

It is not hidden from anyone about Amazon’s ability to change according to the retail market by providing fast, better, and cheap services to its customers. The cloud computing solutions by AWS are following the same pattern that is economical and rapid and also better than the others.

The three significant features of AWS are:

  • Economical to organizations all over the world.
  • Its services are different for different organizations. It is available for small, large, and even startup businesses; therefore, AWS is scalable.
  • AWS is secure. It has many data centers that are continuously strictly maintained and monitored.

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Top ten benefits of the AWS certifications

1. The future lies in the cloud technology

Cloud computing is the technology everyone wants because it is fast, advanced, economical and has better features as compared to the conventional technology. The emergence of various other technologies like the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is creating a push towards the cloud technology. Since AWS is a cloud giant and offers various cutting-edge services and features, it is gaining popularity. Freshers and graduates are recommended to gain expertise in cloud computing since there is going to be a great demand for such individuals in the near future.

2. Within reach and reasonable

AWS certifications cost less as compared to other vendors who provide cloud computing certifications. The AWS certifications require you to have basic knowledge of certain skills and areas, in order to pass the exam. Unlike other certifications, AWS certifications can be acquired by continuing your job. This way, you can brush up your skills and get promoted in your job simultaneously.

3. Feather in your cap

With an ever-increasing expansion in the cloud industry, professionals who have expertise in AWS technology would be required to meet the escalating demand. Getting certified right now will keep you ahead of your peers in this rapidly growing market. The employer would have a positive impression of you if you have these certifications. Though, these certifications do not guarantee you a job, but, having them would surely be beneficial since most of the companies offering AWS services require only AWS certified professionals.

4. Who doesn’t want to earn more money?

A pay rise is what we all seek. AWS is largely recognized in terms of salary. With a certification endorsed by AWS, you can witness a significant boost in the salary. Additionally, it will also give you an edge over other colleagues in your firm who do not have this. For instance, a professional with AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification can make as much as $121,292 per annum. But it is pertinent to note that, after having the certification, you cannot expect a better salary. A hike should be anticipated only if you have a good understanding of technical skills and AWS.

5. Showcase your commitment levels

AWS certifications are full-fledged proofs of your commitment to your career. Those appearing for the AWS certification exams tend to invest a lot of time and endeavors. Since getting a certification is not easy, your constant efforts to clear the exam, show your dedication. Individuals who are successful in obtaining the certificate are validated as certified professionals. The certification is also a proof of their perseverance and commitment to their professional lives.

6. AWS tops the charts in the game

According to a report by Gartner, the growth rate of AWS is ten times higher than its potential competitors who have a renowned name in the industry like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM SoftLayer, and Joyent, etc. AWS is expanding at a rapid pace and many big organizations are working on the AWS. The dominance of AWS can be proven with the fact that it has a 30% share in the cloud market which is nearly three times more than its competitor, MS Azure with a 9% share. AWS’s revenue is more than the combined revenue of IBM, Google, and MS Azure. Well, these statistics prove that you are investigating your time, money, and efforts at the right place.

7. Extensive opportunities

Do you want to get recognition? Invest your resources in AWS certifications! Once you get your hands on the AWS certifications, you can then join the AWS Certified Global Community. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and expand your network. This will open numerous roads to conferences, workshops, meet-ups, and other professional gatherings. Consequently, you will meet eminent people from your professional area, and this will expand your horizons, which would have been impossible otherwise. You will also enter the world of the AWS community where you will also earn an “Amazon Certified Logo” and a digital batch that will validate your expertise.

8. Boom your freelance career

Yes, you read that right.  AWS certifications training will surely land more projects in your lap. Since AWS is a trademark, your clients will show more trust in you while handing over the projects. As mentioned earlier, these certifications will give you Amazon endorsed digital badges. When used on digital signatures and social media, these badges serve as a promising marketing factor. They increase the credibility and authenticity of any freelancer. You can market yourself to various clients who are looking for resources online.

9. How can you miss the opportunity to become a Subject Matter Expert?

One of the most important benefits of the AWS certifications is the fact that you will be eligible for the SEM (Subject Matter Expert) program. With this program, you can have a deeper knowledge of the feature sets and the AWS platform. Furthermore, you can also be a part of the exam development process and even other workshops and conferences as a Subject Matter Expert. This will surely be the highlight of your resume since it is a benchmark certification when it comes to cloud computing.

10. Not only you but also your employer would be benefitted

Last but surely not least, AWS certifications would also benefit your employer. Organizations that have professionals with AWS certifications can be a part of the APN (AWS Partner Network). This means that organizations would be eligible to apply for the different tiers in the APN program. In other words, APN is the certification for an organization/business that will enable them to gain the confidence of clients for getting more AWS-related projects. After becoming an AWS partner, the organization/business can have access to a lot of resources and solutions.

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AWS certifications are worth spending your precious time and money on. You will be benefitted from them as an individual or even as an employee. Being certified shows your earnestness towards the AWS technology. You will be familiar with the latest trends in the industry. So, don’t wait anymore, get the certification that you think you need the most and be part of this dynamic industry.

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