Top 10 IT Jobs with the Fastest-Growing Salaries

IT Jobs with Salaries

The IT jobs experiencing the highest salary growth in the past few years. These IT jobs help the organizations process and analyzing data, digitize and innovate their ideas and product offerings, and assure that their organizations endured efficient, profitable, and perhaps most importantly, safe, and secure during the pandemic. According to the latest Dice Salary Report, that we conclude about technologist compensation.

Due to the lockdown and adoption of remote work, many employees working with their own laptops and phones. This may lead to increase vulnerabilities, giving hackers unprecedented opportunities to attack and breach protection. With all this happening, the demand for a skilled technologist to recognize and plug these security holes saw Cybersecurity Analyst experience the largest growth in the salary of any profession, increasing from $88,663 in 2019 to $103,106 in 2020.

The senior-level Cybersecurity Engineer, which expanded by 4.3 per cent, the deficiency in cybersecurity have led employers to increase their offers to junior-level technologists.

The prevalence of remote work likely also impacted Technical Support Engineer salaries, which increased from $63,420 in 2019 to $68,651 in 2020, around 8.2 per cent. As everything is changing so fast, the requirement to develop and implement long-term strategies has profited anyone working as a Business Analyst increased by 5.3 per cent, from $92,760 in 2019 to $97,633 in 2020.

Tech Jobs with Fastest-Growing Salaries (2019-2020 % Change)

Tech Jobs with Fastest-Growing Salaries (2019-2020 % Change)

The Web Developer saw an average salary increase from $77,753 to $81,550 year-over-year, around 4.9 per cent growth. Similarly, the ubiquitous tech role of Software Developer saw an increase of 1.9 per cent, from $109,198 in 2019 to $111, 297 in 2020. Salaries for DevOps Engineer roles also grew 12.2 per cent, from $102,606 to $115,125; companies asking for lower costs and faster product delivery have gravitated toward hiring DevOps specialists who can support teams innovate faster and become more productive via DevOps best practices.

Salaries for Systems Architect roles increased by 1.7 per cent, giving $140,658. Many businesses have frequently relied on these technologists to reduce by designing more modern platforms that allow innovation. Not far behind, Cloud Engineer roles increased 6.3 per cent from 2019 to an average salary of $136,479, marking the increasing importance and pervasion of the cloud. 

Overall, average technologist salaries in the U.S. increased 3.6 per cent between 2019 and 2020, scoring $97,859.

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