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By using cloud storage like Microsoft Azure, there is no need for you to store information on your own hard drive, instead you can access it from any location and then if needed, you can download it on any device, including laptops, tablets and even smartphones. All of this, and you can edit files, like Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, with other users also simultaneously, that makes it too much easier to work away from office. 

Cloud computing greatly impacts your mobility and increases it for good, as you have complete access to your documents on any device and in whatever part of the world. For businesses it proves to be very beneficial, it increases productivity of employees as well as faster exchange of information, as they can work from home or on business trips, eliminating the need to carry the documents around.

Unlike previous times when you used to store information on USB drives because of lack of space/storage, Cloud computing by Microsoft provides the user increased storage, so gone are the days when you used to worry about running out of space on your hard drive.

It is very easy to set up cloud, you just need to adjust your individual settings, setting up passwords, setting up devices, etc. Microsoft Azure being a public cloud has all hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure being owned and managed by the cloud provider. So, when you access these services and manage your account, you can do it using a web browser. 

Azure is the ever-expanding set of cloud services by Microsoft to help your organisation meet your business challenges. Microsoft Azure certification training gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a huge, global network making use of your favourite tools and frameworks.

Azure is the right choice because of the following reasons:

Super Productive: It helps you to reduce time to market by delivering features at a faster rate with over 100 end-to-end services.

Consistently Hybrid: With Azure you get to deploy and develop wherever you want, it is the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market.

Very Intelligent: You can create intelligent applications using powerful data and artificial intelligence services on Azure.

Trust Factor: The trust makes many start-ups, government offices, and 90 percent of Fortune 500 business run with Microsoft Cloud.

If you want to reap the golden rewards of cloud technology, then it is the best time for you to move to Microsoft Azure. So, if you are deploying new virtual machines or moving some workload, or even migrating your data centres as a part of your hybrid cloud strategy, with Microsoft Azure you get big savings as you make your move to the cloud.

Our online instructors and Azure training experts guide you to have the best certification out of the following according to your professional needs and career growth plans:

  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification
  2. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500
  3. AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  4. Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-103)
  5. Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

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