What is Microsoft Power BI & How to Build a Career with it?

Microsoft Power BI

The rapid increase in demand for business intelligence is no surprise; therefore, organizations try to do their best to analyze, acquire, and leverage the data as much as possible. The advanced tools of Business Intelligence make collecting critical information from raw data a simple process. Microsoft Power BI dominates the IT market with several tools that have materialized. Power BI is the most in-demand in businesses because even non-technical professionals can use it.

An Overview of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is not just a Business Intelligence (BI) tool; instead, it is a combination of tools that comes together to help organizations analyze data. Apps included as data connectors and software services that work together to provide the hoped outcomes. Microsoft Power BI Platforms:

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Mobile 
  • Power BI Service (SaaS)

Businesses using Power BI can combine data from many sources into one dataset. These sources can be excel files, big data, local, cloud-based, or hybrid. Microsoft Power BI is very versatile with cloud and on-premises deployment. Once the data is consolidated, the user can utilize this BI suite to evaluate, visualize and analyze. Power BI helps convert data into simple reports and makes them easy to read.

Features of Power BI

The success of Power BI is because of its unique features. It helps businesses stand out from their opponents due to its diverse perks, such as comprehensiveness, speed, and ease of use. Following are the key features of Power BI:

Features Of Microsoft Power BI

Detailed Reports

The most promising thing about Microsoft Power BI reports is their in-depth detailed nature. These reports are easy to read and very well structured and informative. Usually, these are a mixture of dashboards with distinct visualizations of the analyzed data. Users can also read these reports and understand them without difficulties because power BI makes it that easy. They can also share their reports with others.

Customize Visualizations

Microsoft Power BI provides detailed visualizations that give us useful insights. The Power BI suite begins with the defaulting standard for the visualizations. Regardless, every organization has its own needs and way of doing things.
So, how does Power BI help organizations to meet their needs?
The Power BI virtualizations are customizable, and businesses can make adjustments according to their requirements. The Visualizations are very customizable and easy.

Reliable Security

Security is the main concern for businesses that have a large amount of data and BI – business intelligence. However, Microsoft has designed a platform, i.e., Microsoft Power BI Platform, and it’s a fully secure platform to protect organization data. When a business uses Power BI, the team can give access to the end-users in a regulated way by setting functions.

Affordable Costs

Despite its popularity and the best data visualization tools, Microsoft Power BI is cheaper than its main competitors, and power BI is a budget-friendly and appealing option. Even its free version comes with many useful features that any small organization can use without any cost.

Mobile App Compatibility

The Microsoft Power BI is also available in a mobile version that makes it very convenient for the customers to access the information anytime and from anywhere. They can share the report on mobile using the Power BI App. This is most helpful in remote conditions, where a user may not have access to the desktop.

Easy to Implement

Power BI is the most used and popular amongst the organizations mainly because of its unique features, and one of them is easy implementation. It doesn’t require many IT persons or engineering to implement a solution of Power BI. The process is very simple and easy to use, especially if the organization uses Office 365.

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How to Learn and Build a Skill with Power BI?

Regarding all the unique features of Power BI and the rage that this suite has achieved, it does not seem like it will go away anytime soon. Every organization embraces the suite for better data management, which will create a demand for the job role, i.e., Power BI data analysts. It is a great opportunity for IT professionals already working with data.

If you are thinking about how you can develop a Power BI skill and become a data analyst?

The best solution for this is to complete this PL-300T00 Power BI Data Analyst Training Course. This course covers the following topics:

  • Utilizing Microsoft Power BI to create reports
  • Analyze and perform report analytics
  • Providing performance satisfaction and stability by model data
  • Cleaning, Ingesting, and modelling data
  • Sharing and managing report assets
  • Creating and designing reports for data analytics

This complete course helps you enhance your knowledge and capabilities with Power BI. After completing Microsoft Power BI Certification, you will be better at implement and manage data, security standards, and deploy reports.

Power BI Data Analyst Training Course is for?

This Power BI course is progressive, and it mainly targets data and BI professionals, with others who want to learn how to develop and analyze reports for data visualizations. This course has some prerequisites that candidates must meet before pursuing a data analyst course. Prerequisites are:

This course is worth choosing and opens up numerous career options for you. 
Enroll Now, and if you have any questions! Please drop us a query, and our consultant will get back to you.

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