Why Choose Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft Certification

What is IT Certification?

  • A certification is a designation that proves that you have professional competency in a particular aspect of technology.
  • You may have knowledge and experience in a technology that is used in your daily routine. But with a certificate in hand, it proves your expertise in the field.
  • A Certification resembles that you know a certain technology and supports your work experience. 
  • Many people debate on whether a Certification is worth it or not. It is a personal choice to get a certification, but it has proved that a certified professional has better opportunities.
  • According to Robert Half’s 2021 salary report, the individuals with certification have a chance of about 5% to 10% better compensation rate than others.
  • There are different vendors for various technologies out there. All you need to do is get trained and certified for technology that interests you.

Why Microsoft?

  • Microsoft is the leading multinational Technology Company.
  • It has computers, Windows operating system, hardware, cloud services, web subscriptions services, MS office 365, and MS Dynamic 365 suites.
  • Whether the company is multinational or small scale, there are numerous aspects where Microsoft plays a vital role on which businesses depend.
  • Microsoft Azure training has now become an essential part of the organizations, as it provides excellent cloud services which are scalable and pocket friendly.
  • Microsoft 365 training and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training provide an environment where multiple tasks are performed without hassle. By keeping security a crucial part of the system.

Microsoft Certification

  • Microsoft training validates your abilities as an IT professional. It analyzes and proves the technical and developer skills by rigorous training with the industry-recognized exam.
  • Individuals, as per their job requirements and interests can choose a path for their career.
  • Microsoft has many products and services from which we can select a stream to get certified.
  • It is important to understand that a Microsoft Certification will help you to upgrade your knowledge and get much better compensation, confidence, and job satisfaction.
  • Microsoft certification provides globally recognized and industry-endorsed evidence of mastering technical skills.
  • They demonstrate a willingness to embrace new technologies and simplify talent identification aligned to the job role that meets present and future industry and market needs.
  • Microsoft certification validates the skills and capabilities required to be successful.
  • According to research, about 67% of tech professionals say certifications build confidence.

41% are happier with their jobs, and 35% say certification makes them more excited and optimistic about their career.

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Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Benefits of Microsoft Certification
  • Microsoft technologies are updating by the minute and there is a quick product release. We need to keep up with that pace and changes in the industry.
  • Microsoft certifications make sure that we stand out in the crowd and have knowledge about the technologies.
  • A certification will showcase the expertise that the candidate has. Hence the recruiters do not need in-depth study about the candidate. It represents what knowledge and experience the candidate possesses.
  • Certifications give a sense of confidence to an individual.
  • Microsoft holds up to 17% of the cloud market, and getting a role-based certification will open great cloud-based career opportunities.
  • Companies can evaluate employees’ skills effortlessly. 
  • The certification is a demonstration of the skill. It shows that the candidate has a drive and takes initiative to learn new things.
  • With acquiring a global certification you connect with a community of professionals sharing similar ideas and views.

What certification should you choose?

The candidate needs to choose what career path they are interested in or want to excel in their skills in the present technology.

Microsoft has four technological sections that provide the Role-Based certifications in:

  1. Apps and Infrastructure
  2. Data and AI
  3. Modern Workplace
  4. Business Applications.

Under each section, you have the Fundamental level, Associate level, and Expert level.

Visit Microsoft Training for more details about the paths and information for the right course for you.

Why Choose Microtek Learning?

  • Microtek Learning portal provides you with 500+ courses to choose from.
  • It gives you a complete idea about what course you need to register for as per your experience and interests.
  • We have trained professionals to help you through the course.
  • Along with Microsoft, they have other industry-driven technologies as well.
  • We have trending courses and government-approved DoD training programs.

Acquire certification in your field of interest and enhance your value in the IT industry.

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