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Last Date To Enroll For the Citrix Recertification Program: September 30, 2020. Learn More 
 By: Shormistha Chatterjee   Aug/25/2020 

Why getting a Citrix Certification is Significant for Your Career?


In the ever-expanding IT industry, Citrix certifications crucially boost your professional credibility and allowing for tremendous opportunities, especially in data and technological innovation sectors. Today, Citrix certifications have been widely acknowledged by companies and IT professionals to meet client requirements and avoid skills gaps. Also, being Citrix certifications accepted significant credentials; these certifications proven great in offering competitive and effective solutions.

Citrix Certifications have turned out to be the benchmark for marketability, productiveness, effectiveness, and competitiveness among companies and for a flourishing career among the aspiring techies. So, the requirement to pursue certifications is observed in high demand among IT professionals. Apparently, many companies are demanding for citrix expert professionals, hence, at this point of time; taking up a career in Citrix is a great preference.

What is Citrix Certification? Know More About It

Citrix Systems, Inc. is a multinational software company founded in the year 1989 by Ed lacobucci, and headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Citrix has its subsidiary operations in Massachusetts and California. Besides, it has sub-division centers in India, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At present, it has services at 330,000 enterprises globally.

Systems offer people-centric services that give an edge to work remotely by offering secured data and apps on any digital premises, device, or network. They render cloud computing technologies, the application, servers, desktop, and virtualization, and software as a service (SaaS), networking. They offer significant certifications in an array of Citrix fields.

Citrix certifications are critically solutions-based revealing the requirements of both IT professionals and organizations. The three core Citrix certification topic area counts Networking, Enterprise Mobility Management, plus Desktop Virtualization. Citrix also proffers credentials for enterprise file sync and share (also called Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing and EFSS) that allows enterprises to safely and securely share and synchronize significant files, videos, photos, and docs from many devices with external customers, partners, and existing employees.

Citrix Education Statistics

  • According to TechValidate Statistics
  • 86 percent of surveyed IT companies realized importance from their Citrix Training within three to six months or less.
  • 91 percent of customers pursued certifications agree that specialized Citrix training has made them noticeably more dynamic in their job prospects and role.
  • 94 percent of Citrix Education customers have the same opinion that formal training is a noteworthy element of deploying the latest software solution.
  • 64 percent of Citrix customers accepted that they would be slow at deploying & adopting this cutting-edge Citrix technology if they did not pursue formal Citrix training.
  • Additionally, 97 percent of surveyed IT companies have the same opinion, “If given the chance, they would take an added Citrix training course.”
  • 94 percent of surveyed IT enterprises are of the same opinion, “With Citrix training, they were able to extract better value from their Citrix products.”
  • IT Jobs Watch provides a concise and accurate analysis of demand trends in the IT job market revealed

Image source- IT Jobs Watch- Job Market Insights and Trends, Fig shows- Citrix Certification Salary Trend- 3-month moving average salary quoted in jobs citing Citrix Certification.

Importance of Citrix Certification

The reliable studies and surveys in the IT industry clearly demonstrated that Citrix Certified allows professionals to gain handsome payment. Citrix certifications show that –

  • Competency level is undeniably at superior pace
  • Candidates with Citrix certification credential possesses the essential skills and capabilities
  • With the significant citric certification, your credibility for getting employed with great remuneration is high

Businesses or enterprises utilize Citrix software services to employ acquired applications and virtual desktops. The certifications are available for several products presented. The Citrix certification program is arranged into some role-based certification levels: Architect, Engineer, and Administrator.

Citrix products are majorly ShareFile, XenDesktop, XenMobile, NetScaler, and XenApp. Nearly 100 million users use Citrix products internationally. Citrix certifications by eminent certification providers demonstrate your experience in installing, operating, and configuring, relevant Citrix Networking products or Digital Workplace in complex networking environments and enterprise cloud. Such Technology Company provides certification solutions for cloud platforms virtualization and moreover, allows Citrix customers to operate on an array of devices.  

Citrix Duties are made to reveal the demands of certified IT experts and associations. There is a great demand and requirement of IT employees in every vertical who can run these gadgets. These beginners to advanced certification levels are supreme for new IT professionals and experienced IT employees who manage Cloud Connectors, Director, Delivery Controllers, VMware Virtual Apps/Desktops, Citrix Workspace app, StoreFront, Studio, and Profile Management.

Citrix Certification Program Overview

Microtek Learning is acknowledged for offering a series of amazing certifications. One can grab all the benefits of international-claimed work by pursuing such certification and expectantly learn some fresh unique skills! After all, Citrix is industry-leading and renowned and produces professionals that work all globally in various tech niches.

Whether it’s one exam or many, you’ll find everything about Citrix certifications on Microtek Learning, thus you can smartly start your journey to a rewarding career. However, certification consumes extra money and cash, so you have to pick the right certification that has real-world value.

There is several Citrix certification offered by Microtek learning counting beginner to advanced levels of certifications ideal for new IT professionals. Check out the list of the role-based current Citrix certifications:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Integration with Microsoft Azure Certified (CC-VAD-MA) Certification

         Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Skilled IT Professionals familiar with XenDesktop 7.x and XenApp. Potential candidates include engineers, administrators, and architects designing or deploying XenDesktop & XenApp workloads on MS Azure. 

  • Citrix Endpoint Management Certified (CC-CEM) Certification

         Prerequisites (Who Should Attend) - Potential candidates comprises IT Professionals, Specialists, Implementer, and Administrators.

  • Citrix Certified Expert - Networking (CCE-N) Certification

  Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Citrix Certified Expert and Experienced IT Professionals.

  • Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V) Certification

 Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Potential candidates count engineers and consultants, need to install, configure and roll out common XenDesktop solutions.       

  • Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V) Certification

 Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)-  Skilled and Expert IT designers, like consultants, engineers, and architects.

  • Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA-N) Certification

        Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Network engineers, Gateway architects, and administrators.

  • Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP-N) Certification

Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Designed for Network Engineers.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on Citrix Cloud Certified (CC-VAD-CC) Certification

Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- Skilled IT Professionals specifically engineers or administrators who want to be familiar with Desktops 7 and Citrix Virtual Applications in an on-premises environment.

  • Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization (CCA-V) Certification

Prerequisites (Who Should Attend)- CCA - IT operators and admin experts willing to perk up their skills need to scrutinize, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot XenDesktop solutions.


Career Benefits of Citrix Certifications

1. Obtain Advanced Knowledge and Skills 

Citrix certification ensures that you own the most comprehensive and significant skills and knowledge to carry out your job efficiently. Citrix certifications offered by Microtek Learning qualify candidates to provide competent output in the citric apps & delivery platform. With an essential Citrix certification, professionals get the first preference for employment in IT fields.

2. Valuable Certifications

Citrix certification credential holders can achieve great career boost with the new virtualization technology. This is primarily because certified IT professionals can gain comprehensive technical proficiency in critical fields like desktop, app, and server virtualization and cloud computing. On the flip hand, such professionals can handle various projects instantaneously and directly.

Countless companies immensely prefer professionals with credential like Citrix certifications as it may involve the training costs to the organization in future. This type of certifications is valid all around the globe. Therefore, besides acquiring opportunities, potential applicants can easily get hired irrespective of the place in the world.

3. Eye-popping Career Opportunities

The scale of opportunities for the aspirants and existing professionals has also increased to a large scale. Citrix certifications are some of the great paying certifications in the IT sector. Besides obtaining an average salary of around $80,000-$95,000, such certifications also raise the prospects of getting outstanding job opportunities. Furthermore, the certification is evidence that the certified candidates have obtained the skills, knowledge, and expertise, and they deserve quality pay.

4. Confirm a Level of Proficiency

All the Citrix certifications in cloud technology and virtualization have been designed knowing the evolving requirements of the companies and the IT professionals. The certification is a guarantee to administrators, resellers, business enterprise partners, and individual consultants that you have accomplished the entire skills essential to do the job. It counts the proficiency in product or service about the internationally acclaimed Citrix Platform. By demonstrating the experience and accomplishment, Citrix certified aspirer and IT experts receive benefits and incentives from the company as a form of recognition and motivation.

5. Broaden Job Variety

Standing out from the crowd and higher competition can be hard — unless you encompass a Citrix certification. Obtaining the Citrix certification validates that you have all the technical expertise and practical knowledge to launch an unbeaten career in the field of IT. The certification training method is also a great guide to work on varied platforms for networking, virtualization, and cloud computing, and so on.

In addition, Citrix certifications allow people to focus and specialize in a precise field. Some of these fields involve becoming a Citrix Reseller, an independent consultant, as an administrator, as a business associate in Citrix, etc.

In a nutshell, besides providing an extraordinary job opportunity, the certifications awarded by Citrix assists aids to fill up the skill gap for IT professionals and make them competent to keep pace with the increasing IT demands.

Citrix Certification- Organizational Value

Citrix is becoming famous across the globe for their assurance to the quality of its products. This is why companies desperately required employees who are expert to implement, install, and troubleshoot Citrix products. Decision-makers reported that Citrix certified candidates can incredibly troubleshoot issues and complete projects rapidly. Certifications also help companies avoid skills gaps and meet client requirements.  This is why; there is a high demand for persons who are Citrix certified to solve any queries concerning Citrix products.

As a result, there is countless job opportunities opened up for Citrix-certified employees, and companies started investing in certifications to improve the skills of IT professionals and realize their goals.

Pick Out the Best Citrix Course and Program

Overall, Citrix certification can be the better option to fill your skills gaps. It also improves job satisfaction. Check out our Citrix courses, pick the one that is best for you, land a dream job and stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, whichever certification you opt for, you can be assured of enormous benefits company-wide. Your selection should be based on your future company goals and current individual requirements.

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