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 By: Shormistha Chatterjee   Nov/26/2020 

Why getting AWS Certification is Significant?

Why getting AWS Certification is Significant?


Cloud computing has emerged as the most trending topic in the world of Information Technology. Cloud technologies are quickly becoming the future for organizations in many sectors of business. The emergence of leading-edge technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving a push to cloud-based technology.  New cloud service models are coming on the sight continuously and organizations (small or large) are undoubtedly moving their infrastructure as well as applications over to the cloud. As per IDC, expense on public cloud services and infrastructure collectively around the globe will hit by 23.8- % from 2018, reaching a total spend of USD 210-billion in 2019. The projected 5yrs CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2017 to 2022 is forecasted to be 22.5-% to reach USD370 billion.

When it comes to cloud computing, Amazon Web Services or AWS presently leads and continues to grow. Amazon Web Services undoubtedly is a sole leader of cloud computing space because of its compliance with cloud computing models such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The supremacy of Amazon Web Services can be observed from the reality that it holds 30% of cloud market share, which is three times to its close player Microsoft Azure standing at 9%. Forward-looking enterprises are drawn to these next-gen clouds for three prime reasons:

  1. To improve agility: 70 % of IT decision-makers consider cloud makes them more agile
  2. To get online fast: 49 % of organizations see a faster time to operate as a major reason for shifting to a modern cloud
  3. To increase time to market: Enterprises that adopt cloud services experience a 20.6 % average enhancement in time to market
  4. To keep everything secure: Amazon Web Services is much more secure because currently Amazon Web Services have many data centers that are strictly maintained and monitored frequently, and they tried to keep their database and record centers as hidden as possible.

Amazon Web Services has the lion’s share in the current cloud computing services market.

Why AWS Cloud Such a Game Changer?

Statistics Overview

  • Wikibon estimations stated AWS income should top USD 43 billion by 2022. AWS is followed closely by Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.
  • According to Statista, AWS (Amazon Web Services) accounted for 55 percent of the company’s operating revenue in Q2, 2018, in spite of contributing only 12 percent to the organization’s net sales. In Q1, 2018 services accounted for 40 percent of Amazon’s income, up from 26 percent 3 yrs earlier.

Amazon's quarterly operating profit

  • Statista also stated that 80 percent of companies are both running applications on or experimenting with AWS (Amazon Web Services) as their favourite and most preferred cloud platform. Whereas, just 67 percent of enterprises are running applications on (45%) and trying-out on (22%) the MS Azure platform. 

Statistic of cloud platform usage worldwide 2018

  • As per Statista, in the year 2013, AWS earned incomes of just over 3 billion USD, a number which has since jumped and sits at over 35 billion USD as of 2019. Among enterprises, both AWS and Azure acceptance rates increased to some extent among enterprises over the past few years. Among enterprises, reaching around 91 % adoption of AWS as compared to 90 % in the past year 2019.

              Cloud adoption statistics

  • As per Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, “80 percent of all company (and mission-critical) workloads will shift to the cloud by 2025”. 
  • CNBC News Update- Lyft said it commits to spend at least $300 million on Amazon Web Services over three years — from the beginning of 2019 through 2021. 


As the most mature provider and market leader in the cloud computing world,  Amazon Web Services is considered a point of reference and thought leader for all of its competitors. According to Gartner In 2020, Amazon Web Services continues to lead in public cloud adoption and it presently offers 12 certifications that cover both specialty and foundational cloud computing topics.


Why is having the right AWS certification so useful?

One of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises these days when it comes to cloud adoption is the shortage of professionals certified with AWS. As a result, cloud computing professionals are in high demand. Hence, If you are an AWS certified professional, it demonstrates that you have the most profitable and in-demand expertise of the industry. Your knowledge and skills have been validated by the most famous and renowned entity in cloud computing. In the enterprise, certification demonstrates a shared knowledge of a platform, shared terms, and a definite level of cloud expertise that can accelerate time to value for cloud projects. For organizations looking for even new recruits, AWS accreditations adoption validate a candidate’s expertise, familiarity, and understanding of best practices in cloud management, security, and architecture.

Is Amazon Web Services certification worth it?

These days, from Omni-cloud to multi-cloud strategies are adopted by organizations. That does not mean AWS certification is now less worth it. In reality, it is rather contradictory. Amazon Web Services remains to be the dominant provider of public cloud computing, with a big majority of small-medium businesses and enterprises running its apps. Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud computing player with a 33 % share of the market and a 49 % acceleration in growth rate. Optimum performance over the years and the introduction of a series of new services and constant expansion to diverse locations signifies that AWS is here to stay for long. So, presently, Amazon Web Services certification is worth it!

Here is an insight into the Google trends that symbolize the rising demand for the AWS certification:

Rising demand for AWS certification

Image source-Google Trends

How long does it take to achieve AWS certification?

With full-time work as well as other commitments, spending 80 hrs of study generally takes 2 months. However, if you are completely new to AWS, you should spend approx 120 hours or 3 months to plan and prepare. Start with the fundamentals training courses at Microtek Learning, and then shift to the Solutions Architect – Associate Learning Path.

5 Major benefits of getting an AWS certification

  1. Offers Career Flexibility

Getting certified with the newest certifications now keeps you ahead of the competition in a fast-paced market. AWS certifications are essential while pursuing a career in cloud computing as it provides flexible career choices. AWS certifications help assure credible roles and positions. Amazon controls approximately 33 % share of the cloud computing market, which is three times more than one of their top competitors, Microsoft. Besides, AWS is currently achieving year-on-year growth of 43 %, which demonstrates that they are likely to control the cloud computing market even further in the upcoming future. With these shares and number in mind, there is no denying fact that certified AWS experts are in great demand.

Cloud computing brings numerous benefits to enterprises and mainly businesses are shifting their workloads to cloud technology. With any AWS certification, you can find yourself an expert to manage, develop, and execute cloud services in varied verticals such as retail, finance, healthcare, government, banking, or insurance. Nowadays, cloud professionals who are certified in AWS fill positions across the globe— including remote positions in the U.S., Asia, Europe (Germany, UK, and France) and other countries.

  1. Better Jobs and Better Paychecks

IT certifications can pave the means of fulfilling a lucrative IT careerAmong present IT certifications, AWS certifications rank top on the list of the best payable certifications. According to the study, ranking of the certifications in the Information Technology field, the Certified AWS Developer - Associate ranks fourth number on the list of the top-paying certifications. The salary ranges vary in different areas and distinct regions of the globe. As per the newest Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification has increased the salaries for the average certified respondents by as much as 25.9 percent. Certified IT professionals reported average annual earnings of around USD 113,932 USD annually, while those who did not have such certification on average get around USD 90,512 USD per year. As an AWS (Amazon Web Services) certified professional, your credential signifies the skill set you have. With the great demand for cloud professionals, you earn good compensation packages across the globe as compared to other IT fields.  

  1. Better Recognition and Career Development

If you are in the IT job field or considering a change, certifications can give you an added benefit during the recruitment process and assist you to be prominent in a competitive market. A recent survey from HR.com mentioned that all participants (enterprises) agreed that they favour candidates with industry certifications like AWS certification during the employment process. Currently, most businesses are adopting AWS cloud services and the demand for AWS certified professionals is increasing. Hence, AWS experts are in high demand.

Besides, Amazon controls 33 percent share of the cloud computing market, which is three times more than one of their biggest competitors, Microsoft. AWS is at present accomplishing year-on-year growth of 43 percent, which reveals that they are likely to take over the cloud computing market even more in the upcoming years. With such distinct share figures, and numbers mind, there is no denying that AWS experts with certifications are in great demand.

  1. Showcase your Dedication to the Industry

Get an AWS certification and demonstrate your level of commitment to the industry and the best practices that form its foundations. It takes a considerable amount of hard work, dedication, time, effort as well as dedication for receiving industry certifications such as AWS certification. Such dedication to the professional is always inspiring, mainly to the employers. If you are seeking for employment or want some change in your career, AWS certifications offer you rewards with a competitive edge over others. It is a real fact that companies usually favour applicants who have IT certifications.

  1. Cloud is the Future

The demand curve for Cloud Computing continues to thrive and grow. There is nothing in tech space that cannot be done on the cloud. At present, AWS is used in 190 countries or more by over 100,000 users. Since its introduction in 2004, Amazon Web Services has helped enterprises replace extra infrastructure costs with low variable costs. As a cloud giant, Amazon Web Services provides everything starting from hosting a small site to running a complete data center. It allows businesses to rapidly access 1000s of virtual servers through the cloud within minutes. It controls the cost of planning and success IT infrastructure like servers in advance.  It is forecasted that by 2020 cloud computing would be a default model and businesses with non-cloud infrastructure won’t exist in the market. By the year 2020 Amazon Web Services is expected to augment its market share to 52%. So, from a professional’s point of view, earning AWS certifications is the must-have certification in the industry. 

Demand curve for AWS, Microsoft and Google to hold in 2020

Image- Market share by 2020

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Amazon Web Services is one of the notable names and future of cloud technology. So, preparing for future trends in the cloud job market can offer you reasonable benefits. Besides, we need to take a glance at promising prospects for access to more jobs and a raise in salary. Getting AWS certified now keeps you ahead in the crowd and a fast-growing market. This certification not just establishes the credential of the AWS candidates but also gives the opportunity to broaden the professional network. Other than these rewards, AWS certification also makes sure professional development and continuous learning. So, with so many benefits in store, you should check out our AWS certification training courses now and get ahead towards a brighter future!

If you’re interested to learn more about how to become AWS certified, Microtek Learning offers loads of Training options. You can choose certification ranging from AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification, to AWS Certified Solutions Architect. AWS Role-based certification program allows you to get certification examinations as the role in Cloud Developer, Architect, Practitioner, and Operations roles.

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