Why getting AWS Certification is Significant?

AWS Certification

Cloud technologies are rapidly becoming the upcoming future for companies in different sectors of business. The advanced cloud solution models are coming on view constantly and companies both Medium and Large Enterprises are coming on view constantly and organizations (SMEs) are undeniably moving their apps and infrastructure over to the cloud. According to IDC, expenditure on public cloud solutions and infrastructure jointly across the world will reach 23.8 percent from 2018, reaching an overall expense of USD 210-billion in the year 2019.

When we talk about cloud, AWS, or Amazon web services at present is the most demanded cloud solution leading and continues to grow.  AWS certainly is an exclusive leader in the cloud computing arena due to its compliance with cloud models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The dominance of AWS can be noticed from the actuality that it takes hold cloud market share of 30 percent, which is 3 times to its other competent player MS Azure holding at 9 percent. Growing enterprises are move ahead to these next-generation clouds for some core reasons:

  1. Managing and keeping things secure: AWS is highly secure as at present Amazon Web Services have several data centers that are sternly and frequently monitored and managed, and they attempted to maintain their database & record centers as secreted as possible.
  2. Get online quick: Forty-nine percent of companies see a quicker time to function as a chief reason to shift to a modern cloud
  3. Improve agility: Around 70 percent of IT decision-taker consider cloud-based platform makes them more agile
  4. Expedite Time to market: Companies that adopt cloud solutions encounter a 20.6 percent average improvement in time to market

Why Amazon Web Services Cloud Such a True Game Changer?

At present, AWS has the lion’s portion of share in the present cloud services market. As one of the most mature providers as well as the leading provider in the cloud world  thought leader for the competitors. Gartner in 2020 reports, AWS continues to be in the higher position in public cloud adoption and it at present provides 12 important certifications that cover both basic and specialty cloud computing topics.

What Statistics Scenario Say:

  • As per Statista approximately 80 % of enterprises are both running apps on or experimenting with Amazon Web Services as their most preferred cloud-based platform. Whilst, merely 67 % of companies are running apps on (45%) and trying-out on (22%) the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. 
  • Statista, also stated in the year 2013, AWS earned revenues of over three billion USD, jumped and hit 35 billion USD by 2019. Among companies, both MS Azure and AWS acceptance rates mounted to great extent among organizations over the past few decades. Amongst companies, hit around 91% AWS adoption in contrast to 90 percent in 2019.
  • Wikibon projections revealed that AWS returns should top $ 43 billion by the year 2022. AWS is followed strongly by the Google Cloud Platform and Azure.
  • Oracle’s Cloud Predictions report stated that “around 80 % of all enterprise (and mission-crucial) workloads will move to the cloud by the year 2025”. 

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What are the major benefits of getting an AWS certification?

1. Dream Jobs and Good Paychecks

Amongst current IT accreditations, AWS ranks top on the record of highest paying certifications. As per the new study, If you start comparing the ranking of the certifications in the IT sector, the Certified AWS Developer – Associate ranks 4th on the listing of the highest-paying certifications. The package ranging varies from distinct regions and different areas of the world. According to some survey AWS, the average salary of certified respondents is around $ 113,932 per annum, while those who haven’t obtain certification on average get approx $ 90,512 every year. As an AWS certified staff, your credential signifies the great expertise you have. With the immense demand for cloud staff, you earn great compensation packages worldwide in contrast to other IT jobs. 

2. Good Recognition and Career Boost

The AWS certifications can also give you an additional advantage at the time of employment procedure and aid you to be the top player in the competitive market. The current survey from HR.com revealed that all members (enterprises) agreed that they demand and favor candidates with IT certifications such as AWS certification during the recruitment procedure. The majority of companies are moving to AWS cloud solutions and the demand for AWS certified personnel is increasing. Therefore, AWS specialists are in high demand.

In addition, Amazon controls the cloud market’s 33 % share, which is around third times more than one of their topmost competitors, Microsoft Azure. AWS is at this time achieving year-on-year growth of 43 %, which disclosed that they are likely to take the cloud market even more in the coming decades. With such varied share numbers and figures, undeniably AWS specialists with certifications are in immense demand.

3. Reveal your Dedication to the Industry

Getting an AWS certification can also demonstrate your commitment level to the particular industry and the great practices that form its foundations. It mainly counts a substantial quantity of effort, dedication, time, hard work, plus the dedication to obtain industry certifications like AWS certification. Such devotion and commitment is forever inspirational, mostly to the business owners. Thus, in case if you are seeking service or want to move ahead in your career ladder, AWS certifications offer you benefits with a competitive-edge.

4. Cloud is the Our Future

The demand curve for Cloud continues to rise. Currently, AWS is used in 190 nations or more by over 100,000 customers. AWS has assisted numerous enterprises in replacing additional infrastructure expenses with the lower variable costs. As a cloud leader, AWS provides every single thing ranging from web-hosting for the website to running an entire data center. It lets enterprises to access 1000s of virtual servers instantly through the cloud within a min. It manages the cost of planning and successful installation of IT companies like servers.  It is projected that by 2020-21 cloud would be a default model and companies with non-cloud infrastructure would not exist in the business market. Hence, from this point of view, gaining AWS certifications is the must-have accreditations in the industry. 


In a nutshell, getting AWS certified can easily keep you ahead in the rapidly growing market. This accreditation not just establishes the AWS candidates’ credentials but also gives the prospect to widen the professional group. Thus, with so many rewards in store, you should explore our AWS certification training courses and get ahead towards a great future!

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