Why is Microsoft Modern Workplace in demand?

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Why Microsoft Modern Workplace in demand

Many organizations are trying to adapt to a system with a workplace that would be convenient, easy to manage, and secure.

The working methods in the current world are changed and have made employees work from any part of the world. Employees now prefer to work as per their choice without affecting the productivity of their work.

Not only remotely but, the companies need a new work strategy to complete their business needs without impacting their security, productivity, collaboration, communication, and employee satisfaction.

To overcome these issues, organizations have adapted to the Microsoft Modern Workplace. It is also known as the upgraded version of Office 365.

MS Modern Workplace provides the extra security layer for end-to-end Communication and multiple services. It gives a better work experience for the employees. 

Why is Microsoft Modern Workplace in demand?

 Why is Microsoft Modern Workplace in demand?

  • Office 365 training has always been in use for ages. But after the pandemic hit, many employees were forced to stay at home and work remotely.  
  • Working remotely and having to exchange data online has led to many cybercrimes. A lot of sensitive information is shared online. Hackers can use the multi-tenant platform to gain access to such sensitive information. 
  • But as nowadays, almost all applications use cloud-based services, it becomes easy for the hacker to take advantage of such data. 
  • Hence with the improved version, Microsoft Modern Workplace provides a secure network. With seamless connection and collaboration around the world.
  • Microsoft 365 training provides encryption for applications like Exchange, OneDrive, Skype, SharePoint, Teams, and improvements like Azure Active Directory and multiple security technologies.
  • With the improved security services in MS 365, remote workers can now access organizational data on multiple devices, including their personal devices. The services sync the business information with the employee's device or the device that they choose from the organization.
  • Employees working from any part of the world can have a secure environment to connect with their organization. Without worrying about losing any sensitive data to the attackers while improving productivity and work experience.

Modern Workplace Plans as per your requirements

Modern Workplace Plans as per your requirements

It depends on the individual or the organization, the type of Workplace they need depending on the Microsoft plan they choose.

There are two types, Business, and Enterprise.

You can visit the MS 365 site for more details on the subscription plan.

The change brought in by MS 365 is having subscription plans. Unlike the older versions, it is not a one-time purchase plan. You pay for the subscriptions as per your requirements and even customize them. 

With MS 365, you get updates of all the latest features with the subscriptions.

What does Modern Workplace include?

The Modern Workplace operates on the technologies provided by MS 365 training and uses cloud services for improved productivity.

It includes:

What does Modern Workplace include?

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Applications such as Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and Power BI
  • SharePoint
  • Azure

Collaborate easily with Modern Workspace

Collaborate easily with Modern Workspace

  • For the smooth running of the organization, many issues need to be resolved and looked after. To work on these issues, organizations do not have a single team. But multiple teams work together to resolve it.
  • Sometimes intervention of a third-party expert is also required for the smooth functioning of the business. We need to have proper communication and collaboration between teams. 
  • MS 365 provides a seamless experience for the collaboration between various teams. It fills up the communication gap between teams and employees who work remotely. So they do not have to worry about the breach of information.
  • Microsoft Modern Workspace applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams for Education, O 365, and SharePoint help the organization collaborate with various teams. It enables the employees to work without interruption irrespective of their time or place.

Employees can communicate with the team and also connect to their devices remotely.

Security Measures with Modern Workspace

Security Measures with Modern Workspace

Security is always considered a crucial aspect in any scenario.

  • MS Modern Workspace has given cyber security special attention due to the increased cyber breaches.
  • MS Modern Workspace helps to connect with remote employees, it helps to collaborate with multiple teams, and it enables to connect to a third-party team outside organizations.

But how secure is this? How is the data protected?

  • Microsoft Modern Workspace understands the need for secure connection as there is the increased use of mobiles and personal devices with the work from a home pattern.
  • MS 365 has prioritized cyber security and has developed various tools to secure it.

It makes sure that it provides a secure environment for the organization and a set of technologies which includes: 

  • Office 365 Threat Protection
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Azure Security center
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection

With such advanced features and a secure environment, Microsoft Modern Workspace has high demand within organizations. With a proper MS Modern Workspace setup, you can avail all the benefits required for you and your organization. 

But to be in a better position, you can always learn more and understand the techniques used in Modern Workspace for your advancement.

Microsoft Modern Workspace is an advanced technology and with a lot of benefits to organizations. Hence, they need people to set this up and look after their businesses. 

Being a certified expert in such technology is always to be beneficial for your career growth. 

You can get an overview and also details about the Microsoft 365 certification at Microtek Learning.

Certification that Microsoft Modern Workspace provides

These three levels are in which you get to MS Modern Workspace certification.

  1. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: It teaches and trains you with the basics of MS 365 for a better foundation.
  2. Associate level: After completing the basics in the fundamental course you can choose a stream in which you want to go further and learn about it.

                They are:

  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator
  • Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator
  • Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator 
  1. Expert level: You can get certified as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator.

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