Why Should I Get a CHFI Certification?

CHFI Certification

Computer forensics is a subset of IT security that examines a cyberattack and gathers data to be used as evidence in court. The foundation for a fruitful head start in this area is laid through CHFI certification, an exciting yet challenging career option. An upper-level EC council certification called CHFI, or Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, trains candidates to become cyber fighters who track down and prosecute online criminals. It is the most in-demand certification in the area of computer forensics.

Why CHFI certification?

Hackers or hostile intruders who target sensitive, business-critical data are a common threat to all organizations today, regardless of size. Businesses find a crucial need to protect their data, which they aggressively endeavor to fulfill—the need for talented people who are knowledgeable about hacking and internet security.

CHFI-certified computer forensics investigators examine and collect digital evidence for prosecution. Holders of the CHFI certification have the knowledge and abilities to look at highly complex cyber evidence to identify and apprehend some of the most dangerous cyber offenders.

All industries and verticals are seeing an increase in demand for CHFI. Law enforcement agencies, the military and legal practises, defence industries, banking and insurance, enterprise IT, and IT security companies all use people with CHFI credentials.

Computer hacking forensic investigator salary: $96,000

via Payscale.com (USA)

CHFI Certification

You must receive instruction from an EC-Council-accredited training partner to pass the certification exam. Microtek Learning provides a thorough education on CHFI certification and is a reputable and approved training partner of the EC Council. Moreover, Microtek Learning received the EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award and was named the year’s best EC-Council Approved Training Center. Join today at Microtek Learning to guarantee a CHFI exam pass rate of 100%.

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