Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn DevOps in 2023

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn DevOps in 2023

In today's fast-paced world, DevOps is no longer a buzzword but has become a boon for businesses worldwide. DevOps has transformed the way software development, deployment, as well as management functions. They have become a crucial part of modern enterprises and, as a result, see rising demand in multiple industries.

Market Snapshot- DevOps

DevOps market size has already crossed USD 8 billion in 2022 and is projected to surge a 20 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2032.



As DevOps is a rapidly growing field, there is high demand for professionals who can help organizations adopt DevOps practices and improve their software delivery processes. By pursuing a career in DevOps, you can position yourself as a precious asset to your potential employers or organization.

But do all Companies need DevOps?

Success stories:

  • According to Mark Holt, chief technology officer (CTO) of Trainline (a leading retailer of online train & bus tickets). “Our business has experienced exponential growth after implementing DevOps, and an average downtime reduce by 60 percent since we started our DevOps journey."  
  •  “All enterprises necessitate this cutting-edge technology, it is not just hype”. Quoted by Fin Goulding, CIO, Aviva.

Forbes mentioned, if you are a DevOps specialist with just a high school degree then also the standard perk for you will be relatively USD 106,734. So the apprehension ‘Is DevOps a better career?’

The answer is “Yes”. Several big giants counting Subway, Lloyds Banking Group, Expedia, The Economist Group, and AT&T, are all on the hunt for DevOps specialists and engineers.

However, if you're considering enrolling in a DevOps certification training course, it's important to understand the benefits of learning DevOps. Here are some potential reasons for learning DevOps for your career boost:

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10 Reasons to Learn DevOps

1. Become a Key Asset To The Business

Organizations are always on the hunt for connoisseurs with exceptional skill sets. One of the crucial benefits of learning DevOps is it makes you a valuable and main asset to the business. You gain knowledge of multiple technologies and tools. All such innovative technologies are a boon for development, testing, and implementation. Most prominently, the insights of DevOps never go outdated and assist you to stand out in the crowd.

2. Exposure to Trending Tools and Advanced Technology

Learning DevOps tools and technologies can be rewarding personal growth, helping you develop advanced skills and gain an in-depth understanding of the software development practice and the technology landscape. This can assist you stay upgraded with the modern industry trends and state-of-the-art technologies, and advance your career.

These chief DevOps tools are Docker, Nagios, Git, Chef, Selenium, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Puppet, Creature, and more.

You will also get a chance to will learn how to develop, design, deploy, and maintain an application or software with the assistance of these tools. In addition, gaining experience in using DevOps software and tools can increase your chances of being recruited by major companies in the technology industry.

3. Speedy Career Growth

Nowadays, upskilling oneself is imperative. Failure to keep up with the evolving trends can result in IT specialists being left behind in their careers. To remain valuable to the organization, one must continually enhance their skills, and DevOps can significantly aid in this regard. You can become an Automation Architect, Project Manager, Release Manager, or even a DevOps Evangelist.

4. Boost Your Professional Credibility

By enrolling in a DevOps certification, you can enhance your professional credibility. Further, the certification will help you grab sufficient skills in: 

  • Monitoring applications or software performance.
  • Writing & coding several scripts for better software customizations.
  • Providing better IT hardware.
  • Improving the software’s security factor.
  • Troubleshooting different issues.
  • Connecting databases, software, libraries, and others to keep them functioning efficiently. 

5. Businesses get a Boost with Enhance Collaboration

DevOps practices promote better collaboration between operations, development, as well as other teams engaged in the software development process. Whatever glitches are or need attention, get addressed at an accelerated rate with perfect collaboration.

The team could have more focus on production so that they can rapidly launch the product in the marketplace. In fact, due to this speed and agility, there is a guarantee of achieving the business objectives. This increases trust between teams, helps break down silos, improves communication, and results in a more effective and cohesive software development process.

6. Boost Efficiency and Reduce Manual Effort

By using automation and restructuring processes, DevOps can decrease manual effort and eliminate waste, enabling QA teams to work more competently and focus on high-value tasks. This can help save resources and time and enhance overall productivity.

7. Become a part of the Growing DevOps industry

The DevOps industry is growing rapidly, and current studies indicate that there is an increasing demand for specialists with DevOps skills. According to a survey, approx. 42% of companies seeking candidates with DevOps expertise.

Therefore, if you wish to become a part of the growing DevOps job market, now is the perfect time to start your DevOps training and certifications. By acquiring DevOps experience and skills, you can position yourself as a valuable asset to companies and improve their software delivery processes.

8. Lucrative Perks and Bonuses

DevOps experts are extremely high-paid employees across all geographies. The graph below gives a quick look at the average salary:

DevOps Salary Trend


DevOps expert’s net income in the USA is more or less $100,000 annually, and this can go certainly higher depending on years of experience.

In addition to receiving a salary, many job offers come with attractive benefits such as relocation packages. These benefits can provide a sense of stability and comfort for both you and your family, enabling you to achieve your personal goals more quickly.

9. Job Stability and Better Career Prospects

As various companies are keen to adopt DevOps practices, the demand for expert DevOps specialists mainly proficient in tools like Docker and Kubernetes in high demand. This rising demand is likely to continue in the near future, creating job stability for DevOps experts.

By learning DevOps, you can secure your job and increase your career prospects. The role of DevOps is a continuous process that has huge potential, i.e., from maintaining of infrastructure, integrating new technologies, and regular upgrading to new versions. DevOps specialists’ work is always on the go.

10. Stand Yourself Out of the Crowd

By having a solid understanding of DevOps approaches and methodologies, you can offer a different and valuable skillset to any business. In fact, DevOps skills are highly transferable, meaning that you can apply them to an extensive range of roles and industries. This versatility can make you stand out from the crowd and maintain you as a valuable asset to any team. This can also give you a competitive advantage over other candidates during the interview or hiring process.

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What is the Standard DevOps Engineer’s Salary?

  • DevOps Engineer is $134,500 projected total pay annually in the zone of United States, with a normal salary of $104,917 every single year. The projected extra pay is USD 29,583 per year. Additional pay could include commission, cash bonus, tips, & profit sharing. (according to Glassdoor)

  • DevOps Engineer’s average package is USD 133,333 in the USA. Besides, the extra compensation for a DevOps Engineer in the USA is USD 16,860. A DevOps Engineer’s average total compensation in the USA is USD 149,993. (mentioned by Built In)

  • The normal DevOps engineer package in the US is $96,239 annually. Paycheck for this role range from $65k every year and goes up to $139k per year. Additional bonuses for this role start from $2,000 to $18,000, and the shared wages can go up to $15,000. 

DevOps Salary

Image Source


In a nutshell, the future looks very promising and bright for the DevOps industry and an increasing number of businesses maintain that it has had a great impact on their productivity. That being said, DevOps is one of those careers that offers rapid career advancement. 

So, ready to launch a DevOps Career? If you are passionate about your career growth, getting a DevOps certification to complement your experience is a great way to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing industry. Pursuing a career in DevOps can help you leverage automation capabilities to increase productivity and provide better support for operations.

Once you get certified, you can enhance your skills and knowledge and turn out as a valuable asset to any team. By combining your practical experience with cutting-edge practices, you can build a successful career and stay ahead of the competition.

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