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Cisco AWS Integration (CISAWS)
Date: January,27 2020
5 Days USD 4495 View details
Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND v1.1 )
5 Days USD 4095 View details


Cisco Cloud Certifications Training Course Online


The Cisco Cloud certification is designed to make you an expert in cloud applications and architecture. The Cloud engineers need the skills to work with private, public and hybrid cloud models and leverage inter-cloud solutions.

The Cisco Cloud certification is a lab-based training and certification program that targets Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Designers, and architects working in data centers.

The Cisco Cloud program delivers the knowledge and skills necessary to design, provision, automate and manage Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments. This certification consists of a structured learning path designed by leading industry experts.

With Cisco Cloud certification, you will obtain the skills to perform entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud solutions.

We at Microtek Learning, provide training on the latest version of Cisco Cloud with complete theoretical and practical training on the course. We deliver classes by multiple methods like In-classroom training, Virtual live training, On-demand training, Corporate group training, GTR and weekend training.

Become a certified Cisco Cloud by enrolling in Microtek Learning, where we will help you to become an expert.