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CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training

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Course Price : $3000 Per Participant

Course Description

CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training is an advanced technical course that requires three days for completion. It updates you on the usage of advanced commands for proper configuration and troubleshooting the Check Point Security systems. Microtek Learning interactive training course's prime objectives include Advanced Database Management, Kernel Mode and User Mode Troubleshooting, Smart console and Policy Management, VPN Troubleshooting, and advanced network address translation. Other purposes of this technical training are troubleshooting access control policies, optimization, and tuning, troubleshooting threat prevention policies, advanced clustering, and IPv6. CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training course is undoubtedly useful in gaining corporate success for Security Engineers, System Administrators, and Network Engineers. This course can also help R80 CCSEs who are looking to get certification for R77 CCSMs. Any other aspirants who wants to learn advanced skills for troubleshooting and configuration of Check Point Security Gateway with Management Software Blades can also enroll in this course. It is a perfect training program for those who desire to get a know-how of advanced skills and manage virtual security under high-end networks and techniques for security optimization.
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What you will learn

  • green-tick Tuning and Optimizing.
  • green-tick Troubleshooting User Mode and Kernel Mode.
  • green-tick Threat Prevention Policies.
  • green-tick Acceleration Debugging & Advanced Clustering.
  • green-tick VPN Troubleshooting & IPv6.
  • green-tick Policy Management & SmartConsole.
  • green-tick Network Address Translation & other advancements.

Who should attend this course?

The primary audience for this course are System Administrators, R80 CCSEs and Security Engineers. Additionally, partners and customers who are seeking to learn advanced troubleshoots can enrol in this training. Professionals who are skilled in management software blades can sign up for this Master training.


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  • Obtain a deeper knowledge of the Security Management Architecture.
  • Understand how the Security Management Server uses key processes and debugs.
  • Review how objects are represented in the database.
  • Understand how GuiDBedit operates.
  • Understand how to use fw monitor to capture packets.
  • Discuss how to enable and use core dumps when a User mode process crashes.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot and debug SmartConsole issues.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot and debug NAT issues using Gaia commands.
  • Understand Client Side and Server Side NAT.
  • Describe how to configure port mapping services.
  • Recognize how to debug VPN-related issues.
  • Understand how to debug HTTPS Inspection related issues.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot and debug Content Awareness issues.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot Anti-Bot and Antivirus issues.
  • Discuss how to use IPS Bypass to manage performance issues.
  • Understand how to configure IPS to reduce false positives.
  • Understand how to evaluate hardware configurations for optimal performance.
  • Discover additional tools to assist in monitoring CPU utilization.
  • Understand how to monitor cluster status and work with critical devices.
  • Recognize how to use fwaccel and sim to enable and disable accelerated traffic.
  • Understand how to configure CoreXL to enhance Security Gateway performance.
  • Understand how to deploy IPv6 in a local environment
  • Lab Exercises Include:

  • Perform Solr database queries and review the results.
  • Use debug files to troubleshoot SmartConsole.
  • Use debug commands to explore common management issues.
  • Demonstrate how to troubleshoot two methods of Automatic NAT.
  • Demonstrate how to manually configure NAT.
  • Configure port mapping of services as an alternative to performing NAT.
  • Use vpn debug tools to identify issues that may have occurred during encryption
  • Manipulate IPS settings to enhance performance and reduce false positives.
  • Evaluate network security conditions using the Check Point CheckMe tool.
  • Use policy settings to improve performance of Security Gateways.
  • Tune the Security Policy for improved Security Gateway performance
  • Evaluate the Security Gateway cluster conditions by examining the debug files.
  • Demonstrate how to manage connections in a clustered environment.
  • Demonstrate how to debug Security Management Server synchronization
  • Demonstrate how to identify the cause of acceleration related issues.
  • Demonstrate how to configure advanced CoreXL settings
  • Define and test communication in an IPv6 environment
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      Duration: 3 Days

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