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CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training





Course Description

CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training is an advanced technical course that requires three days for completion. It updates you on the usage of advanced commands for proper configuration and troubleshooting the Check Point Security systems. Microtek Learning interactive training course's prime objectives include Advanced Database Management, Kernel Mode and User Mode Troubleshooting, Smart console and Policy Management, VPN Troubleshooting, and advanced network address translation. Other purposes of this technical training are troubleshooting access control policies, optimization, and tuning, troubleshooting threat prevention policies, advanced clustering, and IPv6.

CCSM R80.20 Check Point Security Master Training course is undoubtedly useful in gaining corporate success for Security Engineers, System Administrators, and Network Engineers. This course can also help R80 CCSEs who are looking to get certification for R77 CCSMs. Any other aspirants who wants to learn advanced skills for troubleshooting and configuration of Check Point Security Gateway with Management Software Blades can also enroll in this course. It is a perfect training program for those who desire to get a know-how of advanced skills and manage virtual security under high-end networks and techniques for security optimization.

  • Tuning and Optimizing.
  • Troubleshooting User Mode and Kernel Mode.
  • Threat Prevention Policies.
  • Acceleration Debugging & Advanced Clustering.
  • VPN Troubleshooting & IPv6.
  • Policy Management & SmartConsole.
  • Network Address Translation & other advancements.
Who Should Attend?

The primary audience for this course are System Administrators, R80 CCSEs and Security Engineers. Additionally, partners and customers who are seeking to learn advanced troubleshoots can enrol in this training. Professionals who are skilled in management software blades can sign up for this Master training.

Course Details
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1628
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