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CompTIA Network+ Certification


This CompTIA Network+ certification authenticates the crucial fundamental skills and knowledge which are required to manage, configure, design, and troubleshoot wireless and wired networks. However, this CompTIA Network+ certification is basically a non-product and non-vendor certification program that allows you to have the knowledge as network specialists. The certification also determines wide-spread range of skills needed in network environments.

The examination also covers management, configuration and troubleshooting communal wireless/wired network devices. You will also learn about developing technologies such as mobile, virtualization technologies, cloud, and unified communications. Hence, the CompTIA Network+ certification is the first step if you are seeking to achieve higher certifications.

Exams and recommended training

Required Exams Recommended Training
N10-007  CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) | Duration: 5 Days | Price: $ 3395

The CompTIA Network+ certification is best for three years when started from the beginning day of exam.

You can also take part in multiple training programs and activities covering higher certification programs so as to renew CompTIA Network+ certification. You can also collect 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in almost three years and upload them directly into your certification account which would allow the Network+ certification will be automatically renewed.


The Network+ Certification is intended for IT technicians who are looking for a challenging career in the support and administration of complicated internetworking environment. So, if you want to learn about the fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP and Networking you can sign up for this certification.

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