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Last Date To Enroll For the Citrix Recertification Program: September 30, 2020. Learn More 

Citrix Certifications

Recertification Program*

Citrix’s Recertification Program offers you the flexibility to maintain your certification in two ways:

Option 1: Attend a Microtek Learning Training course. By taking the associated course, you will not be required to take or pass the exam. OR

Option 2: Take and pass the required exam.

If you have an expiring certification, maintain your Citrix certified status, and continue to gain industry recognition and competitive differentiation in the marketplace by training with Microtek Learning. This program applies to all current Citrix certifications.

From now until September 30, 2020, if you have an expired Citrix certification listed on this page, you are eligible to participate in the recertification program. This is a temporary expansion of the recertification program and the normal program rules will resume in October 2020. Contact Microtek Learning today to schedule your training and take advantage of this special program!