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About the Course 

10958: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applicationsfive-day teacher drove course gives the learning and abilities to create web applications by utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio and WebMatrix 2. 

The course presents the Microsoft web stack and demonstrates to utilize WebMatrix 2 to create web applications. The course will enable understudies to see how begin with essential web improvement ideas, and how to utilize existing applications from the Application Gallery. The course will depict fundamental web advancement, including CSS, modules, scripting, essential information get to, and application facilitating. The course will likewise depict how to utilize Windows Azure for application facilitating, and how to move past WebMatrix 2 into Visual Studio. 

Audience Profile 

10958: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications course is proposed for web engineers who are learners and have some information of HTML. These web engineers make locales for a scope of various client and organizations, frequently by watching and re-purposing existing HTML pages, styles, and contents. They work principally with static site pages and in-line arranging. They don't regularly work in a group and utilize an ISV to have the greater part of their clients' locales. 

  • Normally, these web designers: 
  • Make a site for a little organization or willful association. 
  • Add different static site pages to a site. 

At Course Completion

Subsequent to finishing 10958: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Depict the parts of Microsoft web advances that engineers can use to have sites, have information, run code, and create code. 
  • Portray how a site is created, including the arranging, improvement, testing, emphasis and discharge stages and how to utilize WebMatrix 2 in each stage. 
  • Make a site by utilizing WebMatrix 2 and add dynamic site pages to empower client communication. 
  • Portray how to store information in a database and show it on a WebMatrix 2 website to make a dynamic web application. 
  • Coordinate pictures, sound records, video documents, and other media into a web application for various programs. 
  • Apply a predictable visual style and easy to understand route chain of importance to a site. 
  • Depict conceivable areas for facilitating a creation site and send a finished site to a picked facilitating supplier. 
  • Depict the basic wellsprings of site blunders and utilize WebMatrix 2 apparatuses and coding strategies to analyze issues and right code. 
  • Coordinate data provided from web administrations, information bolsters, RESTful administrations, and different sources into a web application. 
  • Peruse the bundles accessible in the NuGet apparatus, select a bundle that matches a practical prerequisite, add it to a web application, and compose code that uses the elements of the bundle. 
  • Guarantee a site is secure against noxious assaults and distinguish clients before conceding them access to delicate substance. 
  • Depict how customer side coding systems quicken reactions to clients and lessen arrange movement for a site, and utilize normal customer side coding strategies. 
  • Dissect the client activity on an open site and enhance the site to seem near the highest point of web crawler comes about. 
  • Make a completely utilitarian site by starting with an application from the WebMatrix 2 application exhibition and adding elements to meet abnormal or novel client necessities. 
  • Depict the components of Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web Forms that empower designers to make all the more intense web applications. 

1 - Overview of Microsoft Web Technologies 

  • Prologue to Web Fundamentals 
  • Prologue to the Microsoft Web Stack 
  • Prologue to the Open Source Application Gallery 
  • Lab : Creating a Website in Windows Azure 

2 - Exploring WebMatrix 2 

  • The Project Life Cycle 
  • Prologue to Microsoft WebMatrix 2 
  • Lab : Exploring WebMatrix 2 

3 - Building Simple Websites in WebMatrix 2 

  • Building Webpages in WebMatrix 2 
  • Utilizing Razor Syntax to Build Dynamic Pages 
  • Lab : Building Simple Websites in WebMatrix 2 

4 - Building Data-Driven Websites in WebMatrix 2 

  • Prologue to Databases 
  • Making a Database in WebMatrix 2 
  • Showing Data 
  • Lab : Building Data-Driven Websites in WebMatrix 2 

5 - Adding Rich Content to WebMatrix 2 Websites 

  • Including Media Content 
  • Utilizing HTML5 in a Website 
  • Lab : Adding Rich Content to WebMatrix 2 Websites 

6 - Designing the WebMatrix 2 Website 

  • Organizing a Website 
  • Applying Template Views 
  • Applying Styles to a Website 
  • Adjusting a Site for Mobile Browsers 
  • Lab : Designing the WebMatrix 2 Website 

7 - Deploying a WebMatrix 2 Web Applications 

  • Facilitating Web Applications 
  • Facilitating Databases 
  • Sending to your Chosen Locations 
  • Lab : Deploying a WebMatrix 2 Web Application 

8 - Troubleshooting WebMatrix 2 Websites 

  • Wellsprings of Errors 
  • Utilizing the Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Tools 
  • Investigating Problems 
  • Lab : Troubleshooting WebMatrix 2 Websites 

9 - Consuming Services and Data from the Web 

  • Calling Web Services from a Web Application 
  • Open Data Sources 
  • Lab : Consuming Data and Services from the Web 

10 - Enriching a WebMatrix 2 Web Application by Using Open Source Components 

  • Review of Open Source Packages in NuGet 
  • Perusing, Installing, and Using Packages 
  • Lab : Enriching a WebMatrix 2 Website by Using Open Source Components 

11 - Securing a WebMatrix 2 Website 

  • Why Use Client-side Scripts? 
  • The jQuery Script Libraries 
  • Utilizing AJAX and Partial Page Updates 
  • Enhancing Caches to Improve Performance 
  • Lab : Building Responsive Pages 

12 - Driving Traffic to a WebMatrix 2 Website 

  • Growing a Website 
  • Dissecting a WebMatrix 2 Application 
  • Enhancing a WebMatrix 2 Application for Search Engines 
  • Showcasing an Application 
  • Lab : Driving Traffic to a WebMatrix 2 Website 

13 - Customizing an Application from the WebMatrix 2 Gallery 

  • Investigating the Application Gallery 
  • Changing an Existing Application 
  • Lab : Customizing an Application from the WebMatrix 2 Gallery 

14 - Transitioning from WebMatrix 2 to Visual Studio 

  • Creating Websites in Visual Studio 
  • Moving Between WebMatrix 2 and Visual Studio 
  • Lab : Transitioning from WebMatrix 2 to Visual Studio

Before going to 10958: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications course, understudies must have: 

  • Information of HTML or DHTML, including: 
  • Tables 
  • Pictures 
  • Structures 
  • Programming knowledge including the accompanying ideas: 
  • Pronouncing factors 
  • Utilizing circles 
  • Utilizing restrictive articulations