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10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure Course Overview

Take in the major learning and abilities that you have to assemble a Windows Server foundation with Windows Server 2012. 

10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure five day course gives the systems administration, security, and framework organization data that you have to execute a Windows Server foundation. It covers the rudiments of establishment and setup, stockpiling, arrange foundation, organize parts, arrange conventions, server parts, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, IT security, server security, arrange security, security programming, observing server execution, and keeping up a Windows Server. 

10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course incorporates the foundational level learning to get ready understudies to begin a vocation or broadly educate in Microsoft Windows Server advances. 

10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure Audience Profile 

Understudies for 10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course are quite recently beginning their Information Technology (IT) professions or need to change vocations into Windows Server advancements. This central learning and aptitudes can be utilized by home PC clients, entrepreneurs, scholastic understudies, data laborers, specialized supervisors, help work area experts, or understudies who need to broadly educate from another innovation. 

10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course is an initial phase in planning for a vocation in IT or as essential preparing before you begin the Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) preparing and affirmation way. 

10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure At Course Completion

Subsequent to finishing 10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Play out a neighborhood media-based establishment of Windows Server 2012. 
  • Select fitting stockpiling advances and design stockpiling on a Windows Server. 
  • Depict principal arrange segments and wording so you can choose a fitting system segment. 
  • Execute a system by choosing system equipment parts and innovations and decide the fitting system equipment and wiring segments for a given circumstance. 
  • Depict the conventions and administrations inside the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite of conventions and actualize IPv4 inside a Windows Server condition. 
  • Portray and execute server parts. 
  • Actualize and design an Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) timberland. 
  • Portray the idea of barrier top to bottom and decide how to actualize this approach with Windows Server. 
  • Recognize the security highlights in Windows Server that assistance to give barrier inside and out. 
  • Recognize the system related security includes in Windows Server to alleviate security dangers to your system. 
  • Distinguish and execute extra programming parts to improve your association's security. 
  • Screen a server to decide the execution level. 
  • Distinguish the Windows Server instruments accessible to keep up and investigate Windows Server. 


10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure Course Outline

1 - Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 

  • Introducing Windows Server. 
  • Designing Services. 
  • Designing Peripherals and Devices. 
  • Lab : Installing Windows Server 

2 - Implementing Storage in Windows Server 

  • Distinguishing Storage Technologies. 
  • Overseeing Disks and Volumes. 
  • Adaptation to non-critical failure. 
  • Lab : Implementing Storage in Windows Server 

3 - Understanding Network Infrastructure 

  • System Architecture Standards. 
  • Neighborhood. 
  • Wide Area Networking. 
  • Remote Networking. 
  • Associating with the Internet. 
  • Remote Access. 
  • Lab : Selecting Network Infrastructure Components 

4 - Connecting Network Components 

  • Understanding the OSI Model. 
  • Understanding Media Types. 
  • Understanding Adapters, Hubs, and Switches. 
  • Understanding Routing. 
  • Lab : Connecting Network Components 

5 - Implementing TCP/IP 

  • Outline of TCP/IP. 
  • Understanding IPv4 Addressing. 
  • Arranging IPv4. 
  • Understanding IPv6. 
  • Name Resolution. 
  • Lab : Implementing TCP/IP 

6 - Implementing Windows Server Roles 

  • Part Based Deployment. 
  • Sending Role-Specific Services. 
  • Virtualizing Windows Server Roles. 
  • Best Practices for administration of Windows Server Roles. 
  • Lab : Implementing Server Roles 
  • Lab : Implementing Virtualization 

7 - Implementing Active Directory Domain Services 

  • Presenting AD DS. 
  • Actualizing AD DS. 
  • Overseeing Users, Groups, and Computers. 
  • Actualizing Organizational Units. 
  • Actualizing Group Policy. 
  • Lab : Implementing AD DS 

8 - Implementing IT Security Layers 

  • Outline of Defense-in-Depth. 
  • Physical Security. 
  • Web Security. 
  • Lab : Implementing IT Security Layers 

9 - Implementing Windows Server Security 

  • Outline of Windows Security. 
  • Securing Files and Folders. 
  • Actualizing Encryption. 
  • Lab : Implementing Windows Security 

10 - Implementing Network Security 

  • Outline of Network Security. 
  • Executing Firewalls. 
  • Lab : Implementing Network Security 

11 - Implementing Security Software 

  • Customer Protection Features. 
  • Email Protection. 
  • Server Protection. 
  • Lab : Implementing Security Software 

12 - Monitoring Server Performance 

  • Windows Logs. 
  • Execution Monitoring. 
  • Lab : Monitoring Server Performance 

13 - Maintaining Windows Server 

  • Investigating Windows Server Startup. 
  • Server Availability and Data Recovery. 
  • Applying Updates to Windows Server. 
  • Investigating Windows Server. 
  • Lab : Maintaining Windows Server


10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure Course Prerequisites

Before going to 10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course, understudies must have: 

  • An essential learning of general figuring ideas. 
  • Some experience working with Windows Client working frameworks, for example, Windows 7 or Windows 8

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