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10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server Course Overview

Get Hands on guideline and work on controlling Active Directory advances in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in this 5-day Microsoft Official Course. You will take in the aptitudes you have to better oversee and ensure information get to and data, disentangle arrangement and administration of your character foundation, and give more secure access to information. You will figure out how to arrange a portion of the key elements in Active Directory, for example, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, Dynamic Access Control (DAC), Work Folders, Work Place Join, Certificate Services, Rights Management Services (RMS), Federation Services, and in addition coordinating your on start condition with cloud based innovations, for example, Windows Azure Active Directory. As a major aspect of the learning background, you will perform hands-on practices in a virtual lab condition. 

10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server Audience Profile 

10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server course is planned for Information Technology (IT) Professionals who have Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) encounter and are looking to for a solitary course that will additionally create learning and aptitudes utilizing Access and Information Protection innovations in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. This would ordinarily include: 

  • Advertisement DS Administrators who are hoping to additionally create abilities in the most recent Access and Information Protection innovations with Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. 
  • Framework or Infrastructure managers with general AD DS experience and information who are lookig to expand upon that center learning and broadly educate into cutting edge Active Directory advances in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. 
  • IT Professionals who have taken the 10967A: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure course and are hoping to expand upon that Active index learning. 

10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server At Course Completion

In the wake of finishing 10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Comprehend accessible answers for personality administration and have the capacity to address situations with fitting arrangements. 
  • Send and manage AD DS in Windows Server 2012. 
  • Secure AD DS arrangement. 
  • Actualize AD DS locales, design and oversee replication 
  • Actualize and oversee Group Policy 
  • Oversee client settings with Group Policy 
  • Actualize confirmation expert (CA) chain of command with AD CS and how to oversee CAs. 
  • Actualize, convey and oversee authentications. 
  • Actualize and oversee AD RMS. 
  • Actualize and manage AD FS. 
  • Secure and arrangement information get to utilizing innovations, for example, Dynamic Access Control, Work Folders and Workplace Join 
  • Screen, investigate and build up business coherence for AD DS administrations. 
  • Actualize Windows Azure Active Directory. 
  • Actualize and regulate Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS). 


10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server Course Outline

1 - Overview of Access and Information Protection 

  • Prologue to Access and Information Protection Solutions in Business 
  • Review of AIP Solutions in Windows Server 2012 
  • Review of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 
  • Lab : Choosing an Appropriate Access and Information Protection Management Solution 

2 - Advanced Deployment and Administration of AD DS 

  • Sending AD DS 
  • Sending and Cloning Virtual Domain Controllers 
  • Sending Domain Controllers in Windows Azure 
  • Managing AD DS 
  • Lab : Deploying and Administering AD DS 

3 - Securing Active Directory Domain Services 

  • Securing Domain Controllers 
  • Actualizing Password and Lockout Policies 
  • Review Authentication 
  • Lab : Securing Active Directory Domain Services 

4 - Monitoring, Managing, and Recovering AD DS 

  • Checking AD DS 
  • Dealing with the AD DS Database 
  • Advertisement DS Backup and Recovery Options for AD°DS and Other Identity and Access Solutions 
  • Lab : Monitoring AD DS 
  • Lab : Recovering Objects in AD DS 

5 - Implementing and Administering AD DS Sites and Replication 

  • Review of AD DS Replication 
  • Arranging AD DS Sites 
  • Arranging and Monitoring AD DS Replication 
  • Lab : Implementing AD DS Sites and Replication 

6 - Implementing Group Policy 

  • Presenting Group Policy 
  • Actualizing and Administering GPOs 
  • Gathering Policy Scope and Group Policy Processing 
  • Investigating the Application of GPOs 
  • Lab : Implementing and Troubleshooting a Group Policy Infrastructure 

7 - Managing User Settings with Group Policy 

  • Actualizing Administrative Templates 
  • Arranging Folder Redirection and Scripts 
  • Arranging Group Policy Preferences 
  • Lab : Managing User Desktops with Group Policy 

8 - Implementing Secure Shared File Access 

  • Review of DAC 
  • Actualizing DAC Components 
  • Actualizing DAC for Access Control 
  • Actualizing Access Denied Assistance 
  • Executing and Managing Work Folders 
  • Executing Workplace Join 
  • Lab : Implementing Secure File Access 

9 - Deploying and Managing Active Directory Certificate Services 

  • Conveying CAs 
  • Overseeing CAs 
  • Investigating, Maintaining, and Monitoring CAs 
  • Lab : Deploying and Configuring a Two-Tier CA Hierarchy 

10 - Deploying and Managing Certificates 

  • Conveying and Managing Certificate Templates 
  • Overseeing Certificates Deployment, Revocation and Recovery 
  • Utilizing Certificates in a Business Environment 
  • Executing and Managing Smart Cards 
  • Lab : Deploying and Using Certificates 

11 - Implementing and Administering Active Directory Rights Management Services 

  • Diagram of AD RMS 
  • Conveying and Managing an AD RMS Infrastructure 
  • Designing AD RMS Content Protection 
  • Designing External Access to AD RMS 
  • Lab : Implementing AD RMS Infrastructure 

12 - Implementing and Administering AD FS 

  • Diagram of AD FS 
  • Conveying AD FS 
  • Executing AD FS for a Single Organization 
  • Conveying AD FS in a Business to Business Federation Scenario 
  • Stretching out AD FS to External Clients 
  • Lab : Implementing AD FS 

13 - Implementing Windows Azure Active Directory 

  • Diagram of Windows Azure Active Directory 
  • Overseeing Windows Azure Active Directory 
  • Lab : Implementing Azure AD 

14 - Implementing and Administering AD LDS 

  • Diagram of AD LDS 
  • Conveying AD LDS 
  • Designing AD LDS Instances and Partitions 
  • Designing AD LDS Replication 
  • Lab : Implementing and Administering AD LDS

10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server Course Prerequisites

Before going to 10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server course, understudies must have: 

  • Experience working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) 
  • Experience working in a Windows Server Infrastructure undertaking condition 
  • Experience working with and investigating center systems administration foundation advances, for example, name determination, IP Addressing, Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 
  • Experience working with Hyper-V and Server Virtualization ideas 
  • A mindfulness and comprehension of general security best practices 
  • Experience working hands on with Windows customer working frameworks, for example, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

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