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10979 Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Certification Course 

‘Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals’ training course provides the in-depth knowledge of principles of cloud computing to individuals using Microsoft Azure in the capacity of administrators, developers, or database administrators. During the course, you learn to implement the core Azure infrastructure consisting of virtual networks and storage.

10979F: Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals is an intermediate level certification course training spanned followers two days. The latest course content was published on 14 December 2018; therefore, it is the latest credential for the IT Professionals willing to accelerate their career development. After passing 10979F exam students will be able to develop and manage the most common Azure services including Azure SQL Database, Azure Virtual Machines and Web Apps. The two days 10979F course training makes you familiar with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) also. 

Learning Scope of Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Training: 

After completing Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals certification training, also known, you will be able to: 

  • Create & configure virtual machines in Azure and manage their disks. 
  • Use Azure PowerShell, Azure Software Development Kit (SDK), Azure command-line interface (CLI) to manage all the Azure subscriptions.
  • Describe Azure, Azure subscriptions and cloud computing.
  • Develop and manage Azure AD.
  • Configure Azure virtual networks.
  • Deploy Azure platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services.
  • Use Azure SQL Database to develop, configure & manage SQL databases.

Target Audience for 10979F Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Exam: 

The course is designed for the individuals interested to evaluate deploying, configuring, and administering the virtual machines (VMs) and services by using Azure. Microsoft 10979F is a highly beneficial certification course for the developers interested to evaluate and creating Azure solutions. Windows Server administrators, interested to evaluate the migration of on-premises Active Directory roles and services to the cloud, must opt 10979F training. Database administrators get the certified expertise to evaluate the use of Azure to host SQL databases.

Growth Prospects after 10979F Certification Course:

Introduction to Microsoft Azure course is designed as the powerful career propeller for IT Professionals interested to use Azure technology in diverse job roles. The two days 10979F Azure Fundamentals training delivers numbers of career oriented benefits like: 

  • Unmatched crossover capacity
  • More opportunities in job market  
  • Microsoft Azure certification receives up to 20 percent salary increase.
  • MS Azure is used by more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Microsoft Azure is officially accredited by the UK government.
  • More over 1,000 new users sign up to Azure daily.


10979 Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Certification Exam Course Outline

As being the leading accredited training partner for Microsoft, our highly experienced certified Azure trainers follow the latest course outline for ‘Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals’ certification training: 

Module 1: Getting started with Microsoft Azure

  • What is cloud computing?
  • What is Azure?
  • Managing Azure
  • Subscription management, support, and billing

Lab: Using the Azure portals

Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools

  • What is Azure PowerShell?
  • Azure SDK and Azure CLI

Lab: Using Microsoft Azure management tools

Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

  • Creating and configuring Azure VMs
  • Configuring Azure VM storage

Lab: Creating a VM in Azure

Module 4: Azure Web Apps

  • Creating and configuring Azure web apps
  • Deploying and monitoring Azure web apps

Lab: Creating and managing Azure web apps

Module 5: Implementing Azure networking

  • Getting started with Azure networking
  • Getting started with Azure Load Balancer

Lab:Creating and configuring virtual networks

Module 6: Introduction Azure Storage and Data Services

  • Understanding Azure Storage options
  • Creating and managing storage
  • Understanding options for relational database deployments
  • Creating and connecting to Azure SQL databases

Lab:Configuring Azure Storage and Creating a SQL Database in Azure

Module 7: Introduction to containers and server-less computing in Azure

  • Implementing Windows and Linux containers in Azure
  • Introduction to Azure serverless computing

Lab: Implementing containers on Azure VMs

Module 8: Configuring and managing Azure AD

  • Overview of Azure AD
  • Manage Azure AD authentication and authorization

Lab:Create and manage Azure Active Directo


10979 Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals Certification Exam Course Prerequisites

  • Understanding to deploy websites
  • Understanding of virtualization
  • Understanding of Active Directory concepts including users, domain controllers


FAQs about 10979F: Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals

Q: What will I learn during lab exercise named as ‘Create and manage Azure Active Directory’? 

Under this lab course, you will learn to: 

  • Create and manage Azure AD tenants, domains, and users.
  • Manage Azure AD authentication and authorization. 

Q: What is the practical scope of “Implementing containers on Azure VMs”? 

After completing this lab exercise, you will be able to:

  • Describe the server-less technologies available in Azure.
  • Describe the options for implementing containers in Azure.

Q: How much salary benefits can I expect after passing 10979F exam? 

You can expect at least 20% salary hike because of globally accepted importance of Microsoft Azure certification.

Q: Is ‘Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals: 10979F ‘certification over the career path to become Azure certified professional? 

Yes, it will help you pass ‘20532D: Developing Microsoft Azure Solution’ and ‘20533D: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions’ certification courses as the prerequisite


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