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10987: Performance Tuning And Optimizing SQL Databases Course Overview

This four-day educator drove course gives understudies who oversee and keep up SQL Server databases with the learning and abilities to execution tune and streamline their databases. 

10987: Performance Tuning And Optimizing SQL Databases Audience Profile 

The essential gathering of people for this course is people who control and keep up SQL Server databases and are in charge of ideal execution of SQL Server occasions that they oversee. These people likewise compose inquiries against information and need to guarantee ideal execution of the workloads. 

The optional groups of onlookers for this course are people who create applications that convey content from SQL Server databases. 

10987: Performance Tuning And Optimizing SQL Databases At Course Completion

In the wake of finishing this course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Portray the abnormal state compositional diagram of SQL Server and its different segments. 
  • Portray the SQL Server execution model, holds up and lines. 
  • Depict center I/O ideas, Storage Area Networks and execution testing. 
  • Depict building ideas and best practices identified with information records for client databases and TempDB. 
  • Depict design ideas and best practices identified with Concurrency, Transactions, Isolation Levels and Locking. 
  • Depict compositional ideas of the Optimizer and how to distinguish and settle inquiry design issues. 
  • Portray engineering ideas, investigating situations and best practices identified with Plan Cache. 
  • Depict design ideas, investigating technique and use situations for Extended Events. 
  • Clarify information accumulation system and methods to break down gathered information. 
  • Comprehend systems to distinguish and analyze bottlenecks to enhance general execution. 

10987: Performance Tuning And Optimizing SQL Databases Course Outline 

1 SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits 

  • SQL Server Components and SQL OS 
  • Windows Scheduling versus SQL Scheduling 
  • Holds up and Queues 
  • Lab : SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits 

2 SQL Server I/O 

  • Center Concepts 
  • Capacity Solutions 
  • I/O Setup and Testing 
  • Lab : Testing Storage Performance 

3 Database Structures 

  • Database Structure Internals 
  • Information File Internals 
  • TempDB Internals 
  • Lab : Database Structures 

4 SQL Server Memory 

  • Windows Memory 
  • SQL Server Memory 
  • In-Memory OLTP 
  • Lab : SQL Server Memory 

5 SQL Server Concurrency 

  • Simultaneousness and Transactions 
  • Locking Internals 
  • Lab : SQL Server Concurrency 

6 Statistics and Index Internals 

  • Insights Internals and Cardinality Estimation 
  • Record Internals 
  • Columnstore Indexes 
  • Lab : Statistics and record Internals 

7 Query Execution and Query Plan Analysis 

  • Question execution and analyzer internals 
  • Question execution designs 
  • Examining question execution designs 
  • Lab : Query execution and question design investigation 

8 Plan Caching and Recompilation 

  • Plan reserve internals 
  • Investigating design reserve issues 
  • Inquiry store 
  • Lab : Plan reserving and recompilation 

9 Extended Events 

  • Expanded occasions center ideas 
  • Working with expanded occasions 
  • Lab : Extended occasions 

10 Monitoring, Tracing, and Baselining 

  • Checking and following 
  • Baselining and benchmarking 
  • Lab : Monitoring, Tracing and Baselining

Notwithstanding their expert experience, understudies who go to this preparation should as of now have the accompanying specialized learning: 

  • Essential learning of the Microsoft Windows working framework and its center usefulness. 
  • Working learning of database organization and upkeep 
  • Working learning of Transact-SQL.