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10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations Course Overview

10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations three-day teacher drove course is gone for database experts who oversee Business Intelligence (BI) operations. This course takes a gander at different choices that give the capacity of business clients to examine information and offer their discoveries, beginning with oversaw BI information sources and growing to individual and outside/open information sources. 

10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations Audience Profile

The essential gathering of people for 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations course are business knowledge experts. 

The auxiliary gatherings of people for 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations course are in fact capable business clients. 

10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations At Course Completion 

Subsequent to finishing 10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Depict key components of a self-benefit BI arrangement 
  • Depict the key capacities of SQL Server BI in a SharePoint situation 
  • Depict basic Analysis Services operational errands 
  • Depict PowerPivot for SharePoint server 
  • Portray Power Query 
  • Portray Windows Azure HDInsight 


10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations Course Outline 

1 - Introduction to Operational Management in BI Solutions 

  • Method of reasoning for BI Operations 
  • Parts in BI Operations 
  • Advances Used in BI Operations 
  • Condition and Operational Standards 

2 - Configuring BI Components 

  • The Importance of Standardized Builds 
  • Design Considerations for BI Technologies 
  • BI Architectures 
  • SharePoint BI Environment 

3 - Managing Business Intelligence Security 

  • Security Approach to BI Solutions 
  • Security Components 
  • Security Approach for BI Components 
  • The Security Approach in Different BI Environments 

4 - Deploying BI Solutions 

  • Application Life Cycle Management for BI Solution 
  • Remain solitary Deployments 
  • Group Based Deployments 

5 - Logging and Monitoring in BI Operations 

  • The Need for Logging and Monitoring 
  • Logging Options 
  • Observing Options 
  • Setting Up Alerts 

6 - Troubleshooting BI Solutions 

  • Investigate Failed BI Solutions 
  • Investigating the Data Warehouse 
  • Investigating SQL Server Analysis Services 
  • Investigating SQL Server Reporting Services 

7 - Performance Tuning BI Queries 

  • The Need for Performance Tuning 
  • BI Queries to Performance Tune 
  • Devices for Performance Tuning 
  • Remediating Performance Issues


10988: Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations Course Prerequisites

Notwithstanding their expert experience, understudies who go to this preparation should as of now have the accompanying specialized information: 

  • Some fundamental learning of information distribution center composition topology (counting star and snowflake constructions) 
  • Some presentation to fundamental programming develops, (for example, circling and expanding) 
  • A familiarity with key business needs, for example, income, benefit, and budgetary bookkeeping is attractive. 
  • Recognition with SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office applications – especially Excel


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