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20332: Advanced Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Course 

This five-day course looks at how to design, arrange, and deal with a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 condition. Exceptional territories of center incorporate executing high accessibility, fiasco recuperation, benefit application design, Business Connectivity Services, social processing components, profitability and joint effort stages and elements, business knowledge arrangements, venture content administration, web content administration foundation, arrangements, and applications. The course likewise looks at how to upgrade the Search involvement, how to create and actualize an administration design. what's more, how to play out a redesign or relocation to SharePoint Server 2013. 

20332: Advanced Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Audience Profile 

The course track is focused at experienced IT Professionals inspired by figuring out how to introduce, arrange, convey and oversee SharePoint Server 2013 establishments in either the server farm or cloud. Furthermore, Business Application Administrators (BAAs) who are occupied with the directing line-of-business (LOB) extends in conjunction with inner business clients would profit by comprehension of overseeing SharePoint Server 2013. 

The preparation tends to three gatherings of people: 

  • Existing SharePoint 2010 clients and accomplices who need to comprehend the significant changes in SharePoint 2013. Moreover there have been different changes in instruments and approachs. 
  • Client who are new to SharePoint. SharePoint showcase measure is developing fundamentally and is required to keep on growing, so there are numerous new clients with no past experience. 
  • Clients running a past variant of (SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007) which did not move up to SharePoint 2010, so are not acquainted with the design of SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Server 2013. 

20332: Advanced Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 At course finish 

Subsequent to finishing this course, understudies will have the capacity to: 

  • Depict the center components of SharePoint 2013 
  • Plan and outline a SharePoint 2013 condition to meet prerequisites for high accessibility and debacle recuperation 
  • Plan and actualize an administration application design for a SharePoint 2013 organization 
  • Arrange and oversee Business Connectivity Services highlights in a SharePoint 2013 organization 
  • Plan and design social processing highlights 
  • Plan and design efficiency and cooperation stages and components 
  • Plan and design Business Intelligence arrangements 
  • Improve the look involvement for an endeavor domain 
  • Plan and arrange venture content administration in a SharePoint 2013 organization 
  • Plan and arrange a web content administration framework to meet business prerequisites 
  • Oversee arrangements in a SharePoint 2013 sending 
  • Design and oversee applications in a SharePoint Server 2013 condition 
  • Create and actualize an administration get ready for SharePoint Server 2013 
  • Play out an update or relocation to SharePoint Server 2013 

20332: Advanced Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Course Outline

1. Design in SharePoint Server 2013 

  • Center parts of the SharePoint 2013 engineering 
  • New elements 
  • SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online Editions 

2. Outlining for Business Continuity Management 

  • Outlining information base topologies for high accessibility and catastrophe recuperation 
  • Outlining SharePoint framework for high accessibility 
  • Getting ready for catastrophe recuperation 

3. Testing the Backup and Restore Process 

  • Arranging administration applications and designing Service Application Federation 
  • Outlining and arranging an administration application topology 

4. Designing and Managing Business Connectivity Services 

  • Arranging and designing business network administrations 
  • Designing the protected store benefit 
  • Overseeing business information availability models 

5. Associating People 

  • Oversee client profiles 
  • Empowering social association and building groups 

6. Empowering Productivity and Collaboration 

  • Totaling undertakings 
  • Arranging and designing joint effort components and composites 

7. Arranging and Configuring Business Intelligence 

  • Arranging, conveying, and overseeing business knowledge administrations 
  • Arranging and designing propelled examination apparatuses 

8. Arranging and Configuring Enterprise Search 

  • Designing Search for an undertaking situation 
  • Designing the Search involvement 
  • Improving Search 

9. Arranging and Configuring Enterprise Content Management 

  • Arranging substance and records administration 
  • Arranging and designing eDiscovery 

10. Arranging and Configuring Web Content Management 

  • Arranging and actualizing a web content administration foundation 
  • Designing oversaw route and list locales 
  • Supporting different dialects, regions, and versatile clients 
  • Empowering outline and customization 

11. Overseeing Solutions in SharePoint Server 2013 

  • SharePoint Solution Architecture 
  • Overseeing sandbox arrangements 

12. Overseeing Apps for SharePoint Server 2013 

  • SharePoint App Architecture 
  • Provisioning and overseeing applications and application indexes 

13. Building up a Governance Plan 

  • Components of administration arranging 
  • Arranging and executing administration in SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint 2013 

14. Updating and Migrating to SharePoint Server 2013 

  • Setting up the update or movement condition 
  • Playing out the update procedure and oversee site gathering overhaul 
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Before going to this course, understudies must have: 

  • Finished Course 20331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, effective culmination of Exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, or proportional abilities. 
  • No less than one year's understanding of mapping business necessities to sensible and physical specialized plan. 
  • Working information of system configuration, including system security. 
  • Experience overseeing programming in a Windows 2008 R2 undertaking server or Windows Server 2012 condition. 
  • Sent and oversaw applications locally, basically, and in the cloud. 
  • Managed Internet Information Services (IIS). 
  • Designed Active Directory for use in validation, approval and as a client store. 
  • Dealt with an application remotely utilizing Windows PowerShell 2.0. 
  • Associated applications to Microsoft SQL Server. 
  • Executed Claims-based security.